Imaging using FloImg on XP

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Unfortunatelly in newer Windows version occured some changes, which affect work with floppies. Therefore developing of new imaging tools was necessary. FloImg ( get it at: ) is new tool, and uses special floppy driver instead Windowses. It reads floppies into image files of formats: ST, MSA, DSK and STT. First 2 is most used with Atari ST emulators. Usage is quite simple: Put floppy in drive A, and click floppy icon with letter A. Program will show main parameters (geometry of floppy) if it is regular, non-protected. After it click on 'Floppy to image' button, select filetype and name, OK, and it will save image on hard disk. With 'Floppy to STT' is possible saving some non-regular formats, even some protected disks. 'Scan floppy' button serves for determining disk parameters if boot sector is non-standard or non-readable - but it requires some knowledge about floppies.

Of course, user my write images to floppies, and even convert ST to MSA or vice-versa.

But it is not just imaging program - there is option to extract files from floppies or images. User may select multiple files and directories at once - it will save all, with all files in all subdirectories into selected destination dir.