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Conflict - Hints & Tips by Grunaki

Anyone played this? I was addicted to it back in the day, but I always found that the game followed a set pattern.

The first time you play, Syria is agressive, Egypt is friendly. Egypt conquers Libya within the first 2 or 3 turns.

Jordan usually has Iraq in the first 10 turns - sometimes it's longer.

Lebanon & Jordan both tend to be friendly at first, but Lebanon starts to get aggressive a little way in.

Easy win

Easiest way I found to win - only deal with the private weapons trader, get ready to attack Syria from the get-go as you know they're gunning for you. Match their troop deployments. Develop nukes ASAP.

Once you have the nuclear bomb and you're warring with Syria, nuke Damascus - the world cuts you off but you're still mates with the private trader and you're not left in a prolonged war with Syria which severely weakens you.

Befriend Jordan and Egypt, but don't get too matey with Jordan. Keep it around 'Satisfactory'.

Keep giving aid to Egypt and be dismissive to their enemies - Egypt will become friendly towards you. Be as friendly as possible towards them. Eventually they will broker a deal with you to create a Palestinian homeland along their border - take it - the Palestinian problem in the West Bank goes away.

After Syria falls, be aggressive to Lebanon, send troops to the border and invade. If your weapon stockpiles are good enough, you should kick them in 2 or 3 turns.

Note: Only use the nuke once though - doing it again tends to start WWIII and ends the game.

If Jordan and Iraq are having a prolonged war, attack Jordan on another front (this is why you shouldn't be too matey with them) - you just storm in and win.

The non-Israel bordering countries are largely inconsequential and don't really affect the outcome too much - you can trade with them for more money and use them to take over bordering countries (e.g. if Iraq is fighting Jordan or Syria, you can storm them on a second front and win pretty easily.)

After that, it's just you and Egypt. Stop giving aid to their Government and maintain the same relations. Support the insurgency in Egypt until it's 'Ready for Action!' and keep supporting it until their Government becomes Fragile. Then either assassinate the leader or start a coup and the Government falls, leaving them in a state of chaos.


(Ok, so you're a bit of a bastard, but you achieved your ends.. :P)


I find if you play again, then Egypt is the aggressor and Syria is sympathetic to you.. I've seen variations, but it seems like the variables in each game are somewhat predetermined rather than random.

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