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ST Displays

The ST range supports three video modes:

  • Low has a resolution of 320x200 with 16 colours @ 15kHZ
  • Medium has a resolution of 640x200 with 4 colours @ 15kHz
  • High has a resolution of 640x400 in monochrome @ 31.5kHz

Low and medium resolution are displayable via a standard TV RF cable, RGB SCART cable (See note 1) or VGA cable (See note 2).

High resolution is not displayable through a standard TV RF cable or RGB SCART cable and therefore requires a monitor or TV with VGA connection.

  • Note 1: Not all SCART capable TVs and monitors support the Atari ST RGB SCART signal
  • Note 2: Not all VGA capable TVs and monitors can display low and medium 15kHz frequency

CRT Displays - Old style monitors and TVs (usually manufactured before year 2000)

Flat Panel Displays - New style monitors and TVs (usually manufactured after year 2000)

Falcon Displays


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