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FastCopy Pro
Fastcopy screenshot
Fastcopy screenshot

Author:Martin Backschat
Developer:Martin Backschat
Initial release:
Latest release: {{#if:| / }}
Preview release: /
Platform:Atari ST/STE
Available language(s):
Use: Copier




FastCopy runs as a program and as an accessory. To start it from the Desktop, call it >>FCOPY_3.PRG<<. To make TOS recognize it as an accessory call it >>FCOPY_3.ACC<< and put it on the boot-disk (A: for drives and C: for harddisks).

How to use

You find a brief Survey of all functions FastCopy offers you in main menu under >>Help<<. But to exhaust the variety of all functions you need the manual. For 50 Deutsch-Mark (30 US $ respectively) I'll send you an printed english manual and the latest version of FastCopy on disk. In addition to that you'll be registered in the update-list, that means you'll always get a new version immediately. The disk also contains a demonstration program. To load it, click on the file >>fcpydemo.prg<< (runs in any resolution; I recommend low-res!). After a moment the outstanding title picture appears on screen and again after a short time an outstanding digital sound will come out of your monitor (extracts of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana). To quit the demo make a reset.

How to copy

A) FastCopy is Freeware. That means everbody is allowed to copy and use it for free. PD-/Freeware-mailing services should consider of acting fair against me and of making a special donation to the hard working author. B) You are only allowed to copy FastCopy as a package. This package has to contain the following files:

  • FCOPY_3.PRG - The copy program itself


  • FCOPY_3.DOC - Text in German (Wordplus)
  • FCOPY_3.TXT - Text in German (ASCII)
  • FCOPY_3.EDC - Text in English (Wordplus)
  • FCOPY_3.ETX - Text in English (ASCII)

Please notice

When using the function "New Conf." and converting a bigger format into a smaller one while needing two or more reading-acts (Insert...) you really have to use two diskettes as source and destination. This happens for example if you want to convert a 890 KByte-Disk into a 720 KByte one and only have less than 890 KByte free. But when using the function properly, that means converting a smaller format (e.g. 9 sectors per track) into a bigger one (e.g. 11 sectors per track), this problem doesn't appear.

What to do in case of...

For all not having read the manual, here some useful hints:

What to do in case of...

  • ...the format function doesn't work, too many damaged tracks?
    • Some drives, especially older 5¬-inch ones, may have problems with the Fast-Format. In this case I recommend to switch to the saver regular format mode "Format Dest." by . The same problem may appear if you are using processor speeders like Hyper-Cache a.s.o. In this case use the regular format mode, too.
  • ...copying a strange disk format (e.g. Spectre-128, Minix)?
    • In case of formats uncompatible to TOS (and MS-DOS) always switch off the automatic configurations recognition ("Read Disk Conf.") by <r>. Read the manual of the emulator (e.g. Spectre, Minix) and install the format they use in the field titled "Set Disk Configuration".
  • ...copying only the used sectors (Get Sectors: used) doesn't work?
    • This problem can result from several reasons:
      • A. The Disk has a strange format, in this case have a look on the hint above...
      • B. The FAT of the disk is damaged, the table containing the information which sectors are free, used or damaged is unreadable. In this case switch off to the "Get Sector: all"-mode by <g>. In this mode FastCopy ignores the FAT.
  • ...the step rate is always set to 3 ms?
    • The step rate is installed with help of TOS. FastCopy only supports the official versions 1.0, 1.2 (Blitter-TOS), 1.4, 1.6 (STE) and later. Different (inofficial) versions may cause problems. In this case you can't set up the step rate. Solution: Boot an official TOS.

Origins of documentation

This document was originally written by Martin Backschat in 1990 and was bundled with the Fastcopy 3 application but has since been reworked.

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