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News for version 1.0c
The error message "Floppy head has NOT reached Track 0" is fixed with 
better timing.

In disk analyse, the Protect and Analyse function only works on drive 
A and B.

Streamer/Restore now writes files with the length 0 bytes coorectly 
back to disk.

Safer partitions initilaizing on end of streamer/restore. if 
directory window display nonsence, just reset.

Streamer/restore no longer use the disks serial number for disk 
recognition, instead it is using the binare disk number in the 
bootsector, from, offset $C0.
The disks are still FCopy III compatible.  This solution fixes the 
NEW DISK errormessage.(?)

The accessory memory managment is now Ataris 

The Streamer/Restore function now works correct (without crashing) HD 
driver V.2.07 delivered with Diskud harddrives (CCD) 

News for verion 1.0

Changes made after the manual was printed:

Music while you work with the TITLESNG.PRG (sampled instruments)
The backup folder does not contain the INSTALL.PRG

the progran now supports the 10-mzh-FDC switch(?). the 12 and 13 
sektor format has been tested.  set the drive configuration to HD 3.5 
or HD 5.25.  Regard the "High density recognition".  To format a 
hyperdensity disk set density to HD and choose a format with up to 13 
sectors per track.

When formatting 10 sectors per track and the following settings, 
(Fast format OFF and Fast headers ON)   FCopy use a new 
spiraltechnique that is 10% faster than the konventional technique.

A few HD drives are too slow for this technique. the accesstime will 
be slower instead of faster.  You will ercognize it when scanning 
such a disk.  The reading will not be a s smooth as normal.

Following is a table showing the accesstime with the old and new 

Alte technik = old technique
Neue technik = new technique
Neue technik auf zu langsame laufwerken = new technique on too slow 

Laden = load / read
Speicher = save / write

If using FSELECT by M.Patzel, please choose Redraw Mode when working 
together with FCopy.
FCopy use the fileselector only for Image Copy, Save COnfig., Inspect 
You should have no problems if you use the original file selector, or 
the one supplied with Turbo C.

The function More Options can be reached with the Space or the O-key.

If you use a HD drive with steprate 6ms, please switch to this in the 
More Options dialog.

The help program HYDSEL (Hyper Density Selection) to recognize hyper 
density disks should not be uset parallell to FCopy.

When making a streamer backup of a partition, please set Get Sectors 
to USED.  Using ALL is only adviceable when the FAT is corrupted, or 
you want to get a backup of deleted files.

try to have at least 750kB to 1mB of free memory when making backups.


The backupdata is stored sector by sector, not file by file.   The 
program does not read the files, just the sectors of the choosen 
partition.  Choose either GET ALL sectors or GET USED.

If you use the ASLL function on a 10mB partition, FCopy will backup 
all the 10 megabytes, even if only maybe 2mB was used.  

FCopy was not intended used for the daily backup of just a few files, 
but the program is fast and comfortable for backups of complete 
partitions/harddisks.  This is useful when you are going to copy a 
harddisk to another one, or, which you should do at least twice every 
year, make a backup of it.  With the function Optimize partition when 
writing back will collect all the files in the beginning of the 
partition, speeding up the read and write operations.

Fcopys backupdisks are TOS compatible. They have a bootsector, two 
complete FATs and a directory.  You will find one file in the 
directory, which gives info about the the backup.  the name starts 
with PART_, then comes a letter corresponding to the partition (C, D, 
E, F etc...).  As exstention Fcopy use the disks number in the 
backup, f.ex. #12 for the 12. disk used.  The first one is #1.  The 
file's date is the date of the backup.  A file could look like this:

PART_E  .#01 13-04-91 23:42



Call up the STREAMER function.  You'll get up a dialogbox asking 
wether you want to read (make a backup) or write (restore a 
partition).  Finally you have to choose a source partition (from 
which you want to make the backup), and a destination partition (to 
write the backup to).  See pic. 15.

>If you click on Directory, FCopy will display the content of the 
choosen partition/drive.    Click OK to start the backup, or Abort to 

when you start, Fcopy will read as many sectors from the source 
partition as your memory will permit.  Then the program will ask you 
to insert the first destination disk.  The it will continue reading 
sektors and asking for new disks until the backup is completed.  If 
you choose the datacompression, Fcopy will show you the 

When you make a backup, Fcopy will treat the settings in the main 
menu as with multiple copy.  It is recommended to use Verify 
Destination, Get Used sectors and Smart Formatting to make a backup 
as quick and safe as possible.  The desierd format is choosen in the 
disk configuration part of the main screen.  See V1.3 about choosing 
the correct sector format.

If you want Fcopy to compress the backup data, please indicate this 
in the More Options dialog box.  Please notice the following:
It is much safer not to compress the backup dta.  If you should et an 
disk error while restoring a partition, you have the possibility to 
choose either Cont. or Best Match.  You will only loose the data on 
the bad sector.  If the backup is compressed you can loose much more 
data, as with compression each byte is depending on the previous 
ones.  FCopy does this a little safer, as it is dividing the data in 
blocks, and compresses each block independantly.  A block is normally 
128 kByte.  Thus you will "only" loose 128 kB if you get an error.

If you get an error while writing the backup to floppy disks, don't 
press CONT.  Instead you should chose NEW DISK.  With CONT you are 
almost shure to loose the data not aleready written.  With NEW DISK 
you simply replace the faulty disk with a new one and write what was 
already written to the faluty disk to the new one.  

V.4.3  Restoring 
o write a backup back to a partition you just hae to call up 
Streamer, click on the Write button, select destination and source 
path and click OK.

the destination partition may be any partition (in princip). Just 
take care of the following:

The sectorsize (in bytes) must be the same as on the source 
partition.  For partitions up to 16mB the sector size is normally 
512byte.  With partitions on 16-32mB it is 1024 bytes.  If you don't 
have any partition bigger than 16 mB you can just forget about this 

To find out about the sector size, you can use your harddisk 
software, or the FCopy function Inspect Disk. (V.1.7)

If the destination partition is smaller than the source partition, 
you must at least have enough space for all the used sectors.  If so, 
Fcopy automatically switches on the function Optimize partition when 
writing back.

Backups made with Fcopy III are compatible with FCopy Pro. You can 
even use the Optimize Partition--- function.

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