Floppy Disk Drives

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The beginnings of a list of floppy drives available for the TOS range.

Atari SF354 External Drive - SS/DD 360KB 3.5" Drive

Atari SF314 External Drive - DS/DD 720KB 3.5" Drive

Atari PC554 External Drive - DS/DD 5.25" Drive - Designed for the Atari PC range, it was also compatible with the ST range with a software modification

ST Xformer Cable - Allows you to connect Atari 8bit Disk Drive to Atari ST

Gt-1000 - Indus - 5.25" Floppy Drive for Atari ST

GTS-100 - Indus - 720KB 3.5" Floppy Drive

Cumana CSA354 - 720KB 3.5" Drive

The external floppy drives are connected to ST via special 14-pin connector:

Image: 200 pixels

Pin Name Description
1 RD Read Data
2 SIDE0 Side 0 Select
3 GND Ground
4 INDEX Index
5 SEL0 Drive 0 Select
6 SEL1 Drive 1 Select
7 GND Ground
8 MOTOR Motor On
9 DIR Direction In
10 STEP Step
11 WD Write Data
12 WG Write Gate (write enable)
13 TRK00 Track 00
14 WP Write Protect

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