Grandad II - In Search of Sandwiches

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Grandad 2 - In Search of Sandwiches - Ian Scott

A Walkthrough by RetroGamerUK

The following solution is not strictly the only way to complete the game, some of the tasks can be completed in a different order, and there are many other amusing things to find and conversations to have, there are also plenty of dead ends to look out for.. I have used left, right, up, down as directions instead of north, south, east, west etc to avoid confusion, it will become clear as to why soon enough.

Anyway, here we go with the complete route to the sandwiches:

The Park

Outside the gents' toilets. Drive to the top of the brown hedge to the left and search it, take the Pound Coin that you find under the hedge.

> Left 1

Pretty area of the park. Search the bushes to the right of the flowerbed to find the Trowel.

> Up 1

Park entrance. Ask the fat bloke reading his paper if you can have the Mug ,he is not in a kind mood, so wait until his newspaper is open and he can't see you then nick the Mug.

> Up 1

Pagoda. Talk to the tourists and agree to take a picture of them, you are handed the Camera, do not take any pictures of them.

> Down 2

Pretty area of the Park. Search the bushes to the lower left until you find the dead cat, use the Trowel on it to discover that it is crawling with maggots, use the Mug to collect the maggots, you now have the Mug of Maggots.

> Right 2

Outside the ladies' toilets.

> Enter the ladies' toilets.

Ladies' toilets. The tourists will no longer chase you. Examine the wash basins and take the Bottle of Perfume.

> Exit the ladies' toilets then Right 1, Up 1

Quiet area. Give the Bottle of Perfume to the tramp sat on the bench, in return he will hand you the Uniform Mag.

> Up 1

Funland entrance. Drive to the lower right of the screen and search, you will find the Secateurs, take them.

> Left 1

Lake. Search the bank of the Lake to the right near the bushes, find and take the Litter Stick. Give the Mug of maggots to the fisherman to receive the Can of Beer.

> Left 1

Fountain. Give the Uniform mag to the Police officer, who then disappears. Search his motorbike to find the Handcuffs, take them.

> Left 1, Down 1

Park Entrance. Use the Litter Stick on the Gum which sticks to it creating the Litter Stick + Gum.

> Down 1, Right 2

Outside the ladies toilets. Use the Handcuffs on the cement mixer to bugger it up so that the caretaker vanishes. You can now help yourself to the Small Key in the pocket of the jacket that he has kindly left hanging on the shovel.

> Right 1, Up 1

Quiet area. Give the Can of Beer to the tramp and he will gladly give you the Metal Orb. Work your way through the second gap in the bushes on the left, then down to behind the bush with the yellow flowers, use the Secateurs at this point to clear the way through the bushes.

> Proceed left through the bushes.

Dark Area. Use the Camera to take a picture of the couple playing hide the sausage. Search behind the tree that they are propping up to find the Log. Leave the dark area by moving right back through the bushes.

Quiet area.

> Up 1, Left 2

Fountain. Search the left front part of the Fountain until the 10p piece piece can be seen, use the Litter Stick + Gum to collect the 10p piece.

> Left 1, Down 1

Park entrance. Give the assistant the Camera and he will instantly develop and hand over the Photographs and take the Pound Coin and 10p piece as payment.

> Down 1, Right 3

Ice Cream Van. Ask the ice cream man if you can owe him the money being a poor pensioner, he will ask you to find his daughter in return for an Ice Cream. Give the ice cream man the Photographs and receive the Ice Cream as a reward.

> Left 2, and enter the Gents' Toilets.

Gents' Toilets. Give "Quentin Shinyring" the Ice Cream and he will give you the Pagoda Key.

> Exit the Gents' Toilets then > Left 1, U2

Pagoda. Use the Key to unlock the door, enter the Pagoda.

Inside the Pagoda. Use the Metal Orb on the banister at the bottom of the spiral staircase to open the secret door.

> Left 1

Secret Office. Search the back right-hand side of the desk to find a drawer, use the Small Key to unlock it, you will find the Free Pass to Funland inside.

> Leave the Pagoda and continue right until you reach the Entrance to Funland.

You are now ready to enter Funland


After heading up through the Funland gates, you start off in the Olde Worlde Area which has nothing of any use just yet, so:

> Right 1, Up 1, Left 1

Forest Zone. Examine the plastic Natives to find the Blowpipe and Dart.

> Up 1

Caribbean Zone. Examine the skeleton to find the Skeleton Key.

> Right 1

Aztec Zone. Position yourself in front of the skull on the Pyramid as far right and up as is possible, then tap the keys so that you inch your way down 4 times then left 6 times, this should position you in the lower left of the right-hand sand patch, use the Trowel to dig up the Gold Medallion, if you cannot find it at first then try inching back to the right and keep trying with the Trowel, the pic below shows exactly where the Gold Medallion is buried:


> Right 1

Future Zone

> Enter the spaceship.

Spaceship. Use the Secateurs to cut the wire to the Raygun case which will open, giving you the Raygun. Use the Dart on the yellow liquid; you now have the Poisoned Dart.

> Exit the spaceship then go Down 1

Volcanic Zone. Examine the crack in the volcano to the left to find the Pumice-Stone.

> Right 1

Prehistoric Zone. Examine the disguised door on the right-hand wall, use the Pumice-Stone to remove the grime, the door should now read: Maintenance Tunnel 2971.

> Left 2, Down 1

Main Street

> Enter the Gift Shop.

Gift Shop Give the shop assistant the Raygun to receive the Top Hat.

> Exit the Gift Shop then go Left 2

Olde Worlde Area. Give the Gold Medallion to the security guard, he will ask you to feed his Lion, giving you the Silver Key and the Steak.

> Right 1, then enter the Circus Tent.

Circus Tent Give the Top Hat to the ringmaster who will promptly bugger off out of the way, making it possible for you:

> Go through to Behind the Circus Tent.

Behind the Circus Tent. Use the Log on the barrel of oil next to the caravan, creating the Oily Log. Use the Blowpipe to put the Lion to sleep, then use the Silver Key to unlock the Lion's cage (very important to do it in this order). Examine the straw in the back of the cage to find the Remote Control.

> Go back down and exit the Circus Tent, then Right 1, Up 1

Picnic Area.Use the Oily Log then the Steak on the barbecue, you now have the Cooked Steak.

> Down 1, Left 1, enter the Bearded Rat-Woman House.

Bearded Rat-Woman House. Give the Cooked Steak to the triple-breasted bearded rat-woman, she will give you the Cloakroom Key, use it to unlock the Cloakroom door to the left.

> Enter the Cloakroom.

Cloakroom. Search the coats hanging on the wall near the door to find the Staff Badge, exit the Cloakroom and Bearded Rat-Woman house.

> Up 1, to the Main Street then Up 1, Right 1, Up 1, Right 1

Underwater Zone. Use the Remote Control to release the Spanner from the robot.

> Left3, Up 1

Desert. Use the Spanner to remove the metal plate from the tank.

> Left 1

Boiler Room. Use the Skeleton Key to unlock the cabinet, you now have the Hammer and Smart Card, exit the Boiler Room.

> Down 2, Right 1

Picnic Area. Slip behind the bush on the left to get behind the spider tank. Use the Hammer to smash the glass to reach the Bird Spider.

> Right 1, Down 1

Main Street. Give the dancing girl the Bird Spider, she will run off screaming leaving behind the Thin Key.

> Left 1, enter the Cloakroom of the Bearded Rat-Woman house.

Cloakroom Unlock the locker using the Thin Key, look inside the locker to find the important information UC-4993.

> Go back to Main Street then go Up 1, Left 1, Up 1, Right 1

Aztec Zone. Use the Smart Card to open the door.

> Enter the Pyramid.

Funland Control Room. The guy sat to the left will soon disappear, look at the central computer. Input user code: 4993 and command code 2971, the Maintenance Tunnel Door in the Prehistoric Zone is now open.

> Exit the Funland Control Room then Right 1, Down 1, Right 1

Prehistoric Zone.

> Enter the Maintenance tunnel and follow it around into the Ark.

Ark. Examine the chest, pinned to the Wall is a note with the first of the trail of 9 clues which must all be followed to reach the final goal

The Trail of Clues

(1) Step near Ursus. - Ursus is a Genus of Bear, check the step of the caravan near the bear cage Behind the Circus Tent.

(2) Percy Bysshe's Wife's creation. - Frankenstein, check the painting in the Cloakroom of the Bearded Rat-Woman house.

(3) A receiver at the end of the line. - Check the telephone near the Pagoda.

(4) A short fanatic. - The extract fan in the Secret Office of the Pagoda.

(5) Bollards. - Talk to the fisherman at the Lake.

(6) Steatopygous Hottentot. - The plastic native woman in the Forest Zone.

(7) Beneath the Bowsprit and Jibstays, on a reliquary it lays. - The half buried treasure chest in the Caribbean Zone.

(8) Parry the foil to the west. - The fence to the right of the Pyramid in the Aztec Zone.

(9) Edible bivalve. - The giant clam in the Underwater Zone.

The Gold Key that you find on the Giant Clam will open the chest in the Ark, inside you will find the Sandwiches!!

Final Score: 600/600.

The End.

--RetroGamerUK 16:30, 20 Jun 2006 (EDT)

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