Grandad and the Quest for the Holey vest

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Grandad and the Quest for the Holey vest - Ian Scott

A Walkthrough by RetroGamerUK.

This takes you through the game without meeting any of the amusing sticky ends, some of which are well worth seeing, I suggest trying to complete the game on your own and only use this when you get stuck, anyway, here goes:

Ground Floor

Entrance Hall. Look at the painting, Take the Dusty Key, use it to unlock the door in the North wall.

> S.

Front Garden. Look at the climbing plant to the left of the doorway, take the Twisted Wire, approach the left-rear of the shrub and look at it, take the Trowel, Talk to (look at) the boy leaning over the fence to the right, he will ask for his ball back, tell him to "Bugger Off" and you get to keep the Tennis Ball.

> N.

Entrance Hall. Use the Twisted wire on the damaged wall to the left to release the Shiny Key. Use the Shiny Key to open the West door.

> W.

Main Hall. Use the Tennis Ball on the red pipe sculpture to receive the Tarnished Key.

> Follow the Hall around the Corner.

End of the Main Hall. Look at the curtains, take the Small Key.

> E.

Main Hall. Unlock the door to the North with the Tarnished Key.

> N.

Kitchen. Take the Underpants from the washing machine and the Butter from the fridge. Unlock the Eastern door with the Small Key.

> E.

Larder. Look in the box and take the Hairpin, look behind the door and take the Rusty key.

> W, S.

Main Hall. Pick the lock of the door the the West with the Hairpin.

> W.

Lounge. Take the Large Key from the settee, take the Lighter from the ash tray.

> E, N.

Kitchen. Unlock the North door with the Large key.

> N, E.

Back Garden. Talk to (Look at) the buxom woman, let her have the Butter. Drive up to the gnome called "Eve", then inch to the left 3 times and use the Trowel, you should find a Dirty Key. (See screen shot below for help). Use the Dirty Key to open the Shed door.


> N.

Garden Shed. Take the Bucket from the Wall.

> S, W, S2, follow the Hall West.

End of the Main Hall. Fill the Bucket at the tap, then empty it into the barrel, do this twice until the tap dries up.

> E, N2, E.

Back Garden. Ask the Woman to fill your Bucket with water.

> W, S2, follow the Hall West.

End of the Main Hall. Drive onto the lift, empty the Bucket into the barrel.

Cellar. Enter 473728 into the combination lock, the grate opens.

The Catacombs

Of the 13 barrels in the Catacombs, only 5 need to be found, the rest are empty.

When you first enter the catacombs it is dark, use the Lighter to light the way.

Use the map below to find your way around.


Since your Lighter won't last very long the first thing to do is find is the Barrel containing the Torch. Soon after collecting the Torch your Lighter will run out and you will find it very dark all of a sudden, don't panic, use the Torch.

Secondly collect the Spare Battery (for your wheelchair), there is no need to use it now as when your chair runs out of power the Spare Battery will be automatically fitted, fitting it before your existing Battery runs out would be a waste of power and could leave you stranded later.

Next collect the Knife and Plyers, then on your way back to the Cellar pick up the Hand Drill.

Cellar. Cut the sacks with the Knife, the lift will fall, drive onto the lift and Drill the barrel with the Hand Drill, the lift will rise.

Ground Floor (again)

End of the Main Hall.

> E2, N.

Electricity Cupboard. Take the Spare Fuse out of the box on the table, use the Plyers on the fuseboard (to remove the blown fuse), fit the Spare Fuse into the fuse board.

> S, W, follow the Hall West.

End of the Main Hall. Enter the lift which should now be open.


Landing. Examine the loose floorboards in the Southeast corner of the room to find the Old Key.

> S, E.

Main Hall. Use the Old Key to unlock the door.

> N.

Your Bedroom. Take the Crusty Tissue out of the bin, move around the far side of the bed and search it until you find the XXX Magazines. Look at the East Door, read the clue "WITHOUT THE DEFINITE ARTICLE, INITIAL JUMBLED POSTERS HOLD THE KEY". The initials of the posters in the Landing are S H A R O N. Use the knife to open the picture of your long lost Daughter "Sharon" on the drawers to find the Grey Key, use it to unlock the East Door.

> E.

Bedroom Cupboard. Examine the green dressing gown and take the Glasses, use the Rusty Key to unlock the chest (which slams shut), use the Twisted Wire on the chest (it stays open), take the Black Key.

> W, S, E2, N.

End of the Main Hall. Use the Black Key to unlock the East Door.

> E.

Shower Room. Take the Bar of Soap from the sink, the Screwdriver from the shower and the Fluffy Towel from the rail.

> S2.

Main Hall. Use the XXX Magazines on the East Door (one is pushed under), use the Screwdriver to push the key out of the door, you now have the Yellow Key, use it to open the door.

> E.

Spare Bedroom. Use the Glasses to focus the sunlight to burn the rope, the box falls. Inside it is the Dull Key.


Main Hall. Use the Dull Key to open the door.


The Bog. Talk to (look at) the Nurse, apologise for locking her in, talk to her again and ask "have you seen my vest", she will give you the White Key. Take the Sticky Tape from the basket.

> S, E2.

Spare Bedroom. Use the White Key to open the North door.

> N.

Another Cupboard. Examine the clothes rack to find the Plug Spanner, use the Sticky Tape on the light switch.

> S, W, N.

End of the Main Hall. Use the Soap and then the Plug Spanner on the small hole in the West wall panels, a secret door in the West wall opens.

> W.

Secret Room. Examine the note on the wall, this is the first of the clues in the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt.

Clue 1: "Snap Jeremy Beadles spine". Go to the Lounge, use the Knife on Jeremy's book at the far end of the shelf to reveal the second clue.

Clue 2: "The central one of seven wonders build by King Nebuchadnezzar". (The Hanging Gardens). Go to the Conservatory and examine the middle hanging basket to find the third clue.

Clue 3: "I am not on the ground outside but if it rains I will get wet". Examine the drainpipe in the Front Garden for the fourth clue.

Clue 4: "Amongst the Narcissus Pseudonarcissus". Use the trowel to dig the daffodils in the Back Garden near the tree to find clue No. 5.

Clue 5: "Ewer and Pitcher". Look at the painting on the west end of the upstairs Main Hall for the sixth clue.

Clue 6: "Under Milk Wood". Check the rubber plant at the east end of the upstairs Main Hall to find the Gold Key.

Go back to the Secret Room and unlock the chest with the Gold Key, inside is the Holey Vest!

Final Score 500/500.

The End.

--RetroGamerUK 16:03, 10 Jul 2006 (EDT)

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