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Here is the latest version of Pack-Ice (2.40).

There have only been little changes:
- The files that are packed executable are now 6 bytes smaller. Wow.
  Isn't that great. This might save up to 1 kB on your disk. If the
  file was 1030 bytes before and now it is 1024, then you gained 1kB
  of disk space...
- The program is compatible to more programs. Try the programs that
  never worked when they were packed with any packer. It might work
  now. (No promises made...)
- You can tell the program what to do with use of the command line.
  If you have the new TT or whatever Tos, then you can drag all
  executable files on Pack-Ice and they will be packed. I can't try
  this myself, because I have a smelly old 1040 with old Tos.
  Hey! My ST is not THAT bad. It is one of the few limited machines
  on which Nick of TCB has coded. I even have a document to prove
  that! Now, isn't that a tremendous gain of value? Ok, yes. Still
  the above mentioned feature does not work on my ST.
  Anyway, you can install a certain extension to be packed by the
  packer. You can find out how this is done if you look through your
  Atari ST owners manual where you can also find out how to format 
  disks and to copy disks only after you formatted them and the like.
- Chaos Inc. (and all others how need such a thing) can now type a 
  command line that has a "$" in the beginning, followed by those 
  characters that are equivalent to the keypresses made when using
  the packer.
  Example "$1yPICTURE.PI1" will pack the file PICTURE.PI1 as picture
- You can also select the path using the text input!!! You don't need
  to use the alert boxes. This will also work with correct pathes.
- This is the first new Pack-Ice version after a break of about 
  half a year. But now, I got some motivation from other people who 
  (I couldn't believe it) ARE still interested in new versions.... 
  So, here is the first one. 
  I didn't take much time to do this one, but wait what comes next.
  I probably would have done another version if not that beta test
  version had spread out without me wanting it. But after everybody
  had it, I didn't feel too much like making a newer version.
  Anyway, it did not happen on purpose, so there is nobody to blame.

                      ~-~-~-~-~-~ Axe/Superior ~-~-~-~-~-~

ICE packer source code + executable (version 3.0) More at:

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