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ST Recover can read Atari ST floppy disks on a PC under Windows (95 to 8 or later), including special formats as 800 or 900 KB and damaged or desynchronized disks, and produces standard .ST disk image files. Then the image files can be read in ST emulators as WinSTon or Steem.

Download the most recent version here

ST Recover takes advantage of a special floppy driver, but it is optional.

The advanced floppy driver

For an advanced use (desynchronized disks, unusual formats, surface analysis), you will need:

  • An internal floppy drive in your PC.
  • A third-party floppy driver for Windows.

It is free, and it can be downloaded here

You will need administrator rights to install it in Windows (except for Win9X, if anyone still use these old versions).


  1. Extract the Zip archive.
  2. Run ST_Recover.exe .

There is no installer, so it is portable.


  1. Run ST Recover.
  2. Insert an ST disk in the PC drive.
  3. If necessary, select the right drive (A or B).
  4. Click on "Read disk and save image file".
  5. Select the location and the name of the image file to be created.
  6. Wait.  ;)

The second main possibility is to do a surface analysis. That is useful to detect problems on a disk. You will need the special driver already installed. Then just click on “Analyse surface” on the main panel of ST Recover.

The is a manual in the Zip archive, and a copy on this web site.


--Chrisb 15:18, 23 March 2012 (GMT)

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