Imaging using Winimage 6.1

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This program wasn't coded in order to image Atari disks. But since .ST and .IMA are similar formats, it works.

ST files are recognized by all emulators: Steem, SainT, WinSTon, Stew, PaCifiST, Echo...

  1. Here is how to use Winimage 6.10: run the program under Windows
  2. insert an atari ST disk
  3. click on 'Disk' and select 'Read disk'
  4. store the image as .IMA format
  5. rename the .IMA file into .ST
  6. you finished!

Please note 1: PC drives can't read disks with 11 sectors. But it most of the atari floppies were formatted with 9 or 10 sectors, so Winimage is useful most of the time. If you have disks formatted with 11 sectors, contact me (see adress at the bottom of the page).

Please note 2: you won't have better results with Winimage than Makedisk. So, Winimage should be considered as an average choice.

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