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Impact (IMP)
Helrizer impact3.gif
Years active6
CategoryCrackers, Demo Makers, Disk Menu
Founder(s)Dad ST
Product(s)Intro, Menu, Demo, Compilation, Cracktro and BootSector
Affiliated Group(s)The Guild
Website(s)Impact Website

Brief history

Impact lived from 1989 to about 1995. We were a group of friends. We had fun working with Atari ST computers.

Our main activities were : making cracked software compilation disks (up to ~93 menus), software swapping and spreading, making Amiga modules disks menus, games cracking (under different group names), demos making.

Most of members were physically located in the south west of France.


  • Axiom
  • Ayoros
  • Dad ST
  • Earthquake
  • Helrizer
  • IronSide
  • Kaiser
  • Nazgul
  • Psychopate
  • Sunset
  • Toxic
  • Trasher
  • X Factor