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Welcome to the Atari Forum Wiki @

This page will be set-up to allow everyone from the Atari Forum (and the Atari scene in general) to help spread their knowledge around the world on their favourite subjects within the Atari ST/STE/TT/Mega/Mega STE and Falcon range.

Post any comments about this Wiki inside the Atari Forum thread which has been created for this purpose.

Do not use 'txt spk' as not everyone who visits now (and in the future) can understand the English used in mobile text messaging.

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As of 14:13 on 21.10.2014, we have 948 articles on this Wiki.

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  • The Atari ST FAQ and other Atari related FAQ from external sources
    (, Notator etc)


(Hacks, Cheats, Level Codes and Walkthroughs)

Xenon II on Atari ST

Atari 16/32 bits Hardware

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The ST Book


Atari 16/32 bits Operating Systems

Diskmags / Cover Disks

How to's & other information

Compacted Disks - Games

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Compacted Disks - Non-Games


Magazine Scans

The Atari ST magazine preservation project A new FTP site with tons of scans!!


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Calamus DTP

Need some more info here!


Other Wikis

Other Atari related Forums


Yeap, relive the good old days of the BBS era



History / Stories of Atari