Medway Boys

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Compacted disk listing

(download here and here)
Disk No Contents
001 Fire Zone, Munster, Tracksuit Manager.
002 Sorcerer Lord, Teenage Queen.
003 Ultima III, Ultima IV.
004 Advanced Rugby Simulator, Billiards Simulator, Captain Fizz, Computer Maniacs Diary, Game Cracker, Virus Demon II.
005 Andes Attack, Batman Part I, Batman Part II, Thunder Wing.
006 Custodian, FOFT, I Ludicrus, Pool, Skulldiggery.
007 Chuckie Egg II, Raffles, Roadblasters, Titan.
008 Action Fighter, Strike, Ultimate Arkanoid.
009 Cybernoid II, Gridrunner, Operation Hormuz, Robocop, Total Eclipse.
010 3D Pool, Darkside, RVF Honda, Savage, Skulldiggery.
011 Pool, Red Heat, Stunt Team.
012 Last Trooper, Navy Moves, Star Trek.
013A Dugger, Hell Raisers.
013B Hawkeye, Licence To Kill, Wicked.
014 Jaws, Phobia.
015 Better Dead Than Alien, Murders In Venice.
016 Megaroids, Myth, Plutos, Time Scanner.
017 Chessmaster 2000, Thundercats, Vulcan.
018 Castle Warrior, Driller, Mandelbrot (Demo).
019 Dungeon Master - Help, Hawkeye, Wicked.
020 Battle For The Throne, Weird Dreams.
021 Football Director, Kenny Daglish's Football Manager, Licence To Kill, Ripcord.
022 Leviathan, Spherical.
023 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, Gilbert - Escape From Drill, Pantominoes.
024 Money Spinner, Paladin, Quest.
025 Falcon Extra Missions Vol 1.
026 Empire, Red Lightning.
027 Astaroth, Space Invaders.
028 Rick Dangerous, Rodeo Games (I & II).
029 Gilbert - Escape From Drill, Rodeo Games (III).
030 Balance Of Power 1990, Indiana Jones, Rick Dangerous.
031 Legend Of Djell.
032 Monopoly, Populous, Tank Attack.
033 Aargh!
034 Armageddon Man, Xenon.
035 Battletech, Waterloo.
036 F16 Combat Pilot.
037 Pirates!
038 Bloodwych, Game Cracker III, Indiana Jones (Old From US Gold), Macadam Bumper, Postman Pat.
039 Conflict Europe.
040 Xenon II - Megablast - with Mega-Trainer.
041A Oil Imperium.
041B Dynamite Dux, Fast Lane.
042 Altered Beast.
043 Annals Of Rome, Fast Lane, Saint and Greavsie, Stuntcar Racer.
044 Knife ST, Verminator.
045 Chess Game 2150, Game Cracker III, Genesis, Grand Prix Master, Super League Soccer.
046 Ferrari Formula 1.
047 Super Wonderboy.
048 Grid Iron, Quartz, Rookie.
049 Kelly X, Kings' Quest IV Hints, Pictionary, Toobin'+.
050 DMON, Hard Drivin', Kenny Daglish - Soccer Player, Pipe Dream, Terrys Big Adventure.
051 Fighting Soccer (1 Meg), Interphase, Prince.
052 Onslaught, Rock 'N' Roll.
053 Asterix, Mindbender.
054 Austerlitz, Gladiators.
055 Bloodwych Data Disk I, Footballer Of The Year II, Outrun USA, Treasure Island.
056 Bellum, Day Of The Viper, F-16 Editor, Sol Negro, Tempest.
057 Chase HQ, Sidewinder II, Slumlord.
058 Archipelagos, Fast Copy v3.0, Mouth Trap, Trophy Soccer.
059 Hellraider, Spy vs. Spy II, X-Out, Medway Boys Antivirus II.
060 Clown 'O' Mania, Conqueror, Shanghai, Triton III.
061 Run The Gauntlet.
062 New Zeland Story (1 Meg), Italy 1990 (1 Meg).
063 Wayne Gretzky's Ice Hockey, Ten Pin Bowling, Virus Protector.
064 Midwinter.
065 Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Crossbow, SAS Combat.
066 Spy vs. Spy III, Warhead.
067 Gravity.
068 Soldier 2000, A Protec Demo, C64 Emulator, Space Invaders.
069 Ultimate Golf, Impossamole, Animal Kingdom.
070 Cyberball, Castle Master II.
071 Italy '90, Count Duckula, Atomix.
072 Blockout, Football Manager: World Cup Edition, Klax, Piece, Pub Trivia Quiz, Sim City.
073 Damocles, Emlyn Hughe's Treble Champions.
074 Resolution 101, Grimblood with Docs, Pro Tennis, Locksmith III, Sample Converter.
075 Dynasty Wars, Kick Off II.
076 Flood, Gazza's Soccer, Music Files.
077 Rorkes Drift, Tusker.
078 Starblade, Thunderstrike.
079 Combo Racer, The Punisher.
080 Iron Lord.
081 Magic Lines, Pyramax, Web Of Terror.
082 Pro Powerboat Simulator, Prison, Monst v2.5.
083 Do! Run Run, Nitro Boost Challenge, Yogi Bear, Get Dexter II, Rogot II, The Ultimate Game Cracker.
084 Back To The Future Part II, Mad Professor Mariarti, Game Cracker IV.
085 World Soccer, Scary School, Guardian Angel, Neochrome v2.0.
086 Rupe & Reddy, Subbuteo, Plotting, Turn It.
087 Shadow Of The Beast.
088A Cadaver (Disk A), Magic Fly, Helter Skelter.
088B Cadaver (Disk B).
089 Blinky, Flip It, Magnose, Game Cracker V4.2.
090 Turrican, Blitzkrieg.
091 Fruit Machine Simulator, Paradroid '90.
092 Falcon Mission Disk II, May 1940, Take Two.
093 Microprose Soccer II, Rick Dangerous II, Virus Protector III.
094 Monty Python, Conflict, Snowstrike, Noisetracker, Gamecracker v4.2, Viruskiller III.
095 Torvak The Warrior.
096 Team Yankee, Curse Of Ra.
097 Captive.
098 Lotus Turbo Esprit, James Pond.
099A Mean Streets (Disk A) with Docs, Murder.
099B Mean Streets (Disk B).
100 Super Off-Road Racer, Cabal, Pro Soccer 2000.
101 Advanced Tactical Fighter II, Final Conflict, Vaxine.
102 Badlands, Strider II.
103 Puzznic, Tournament Golf.
104 Battle Command, Fast Food.
105 Multiplayer Football Manager, Xiphos.
106A Crime Wave (Disk A), European Soccer Challenge.
106B Crime Wave (Disk B).
107 Chips Challenge, Kamikaze, Turn 'N' Burn.
108 International Ice Hockey, Little Puff In Dragonland, Revelation, Warlock The Avenger.
109 Kick Off - The Final Whistle, The Famous Five, Yogi Bear.
110 Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz, Super Monaco GP.
111 Navy Seals, Skulls, Crossbones.
112 Armalyte , CJ's Elephant Antics.

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