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PaCifiST Dragon 1.25 R3

PaCifiST Dragon is a Windows95-frontend for PaCifiST, the best Atari ST
emulator you can get. You don't have to bother with the ini-file anymore,
but can change any option with a few mouse-clicks.

This program is freeware.

Some features:
- creates ini-file with all options (up to ver0.49beta)
- you can choose between 2 different PaCifiST-versions to run
- launches VESA-Driver first if you wish (read notes!)
- database for all your images
- support for MakeDisk 1.3
- built in msa->st and st->msa conversion
- choose a VBE-mode
- you can download an additional extensive help-file with big lists of all
  menu-disks (automation, pompey pirates, ...) and an alphabetic index

PaCifiST creates a file called "vbemodes.lst" if you start the emulator with
the switch "vbemode=?" ("Test valid modes" in the launcher sets this switch). 
PaCifiST Dragon imports this file and let you choose any mode that is valid 
for your computer. To obtain the modes it searches for the string "0x". If 
one is found the whole line will be examined and added to the listbox. If 
you have problems make sure that there aren't any useless lines in this file 
that contain "0x".

The format is very simple: two fields in one line, separated by a TAB. The
first field contains the description, the second one the exact location of
the image-file. You can edit "game.dbs" with every texteditor or even import
the file into any database (choose ASCII-import with TAB as separator) or 

MakeDisk (1.3)
With MakeDisk you can
a) create an image of an Atari-diskette
b) transfer an image back to diskette
c) create an empty image (very usefull)
d) clean (repair) the bootsector of an image

If you want to read or write a diskette you should e.g. check the
AUTO-checkbox so MakeDisk tries to determine the right values for the
diskette (tracks, sides, sectors) from the bootsector. If you want to create
an empty image uncheck the AUTO-checkbox and enter some values, in brackets
you see some defaults but you can enter (almost) everything. Read the
documentation that comes with the program, it gives you an overview of 
what's possible.

If you want to run a VESA-Driver you MUST add the following to your
autoexec.bat: SET COMSPEC=c:\dos\ It must point to your (or, of course. I thought Windows95 always sets this
environment-variable, but it doesn't.

If you need help with some ini-switches
1) look in my helpfile
2) read the documentation for additional information or
3) send an e-mail.

Send any bugs and comments to:
My Homepage (Geocities):

Frederic Gidouin        - for his ingenious program.

Rich and his            - His webside has provided the big
Little Green Desktop      gamelists.

Darren Birks            - the maker of MakeDisk

Robert Fischer          - for testing and support.

1.25 R3
- added Logo
- new colors are only used if more than 256 colors can be displayed
- Makedisk-Tab: of course, a diskette has e.g. 9/10 sectors and 
  78-82 tracks - corrected

1.25 R2
- finally found a way to change the text of the buttons "Ok" and "Cancel"
  into "Start!" and "Quit", sounds trivial but it wasn't...
- made "Add"-Button in Database-Tab the default pushbutton, now you can
  press ENTER to add the games to the list, PaCifiST won't be launched
- support for 2 harddrives (Hi Rich!)
- changed the background color, send a mail if you want the old color back
  (changing the look of the launcher will be done soon)
- corrected a spelling mistake ("seriell" -> "serial")
- changed some compiler-options and made exe 34k smaller 

- support for new PaCifiST 0.48 switches, mainly VBE-settings
- help is supported for every option, press F1
- supports all switches of MakeDisk 1.3
- some cosmetic changes

1.22 Release 2
- minor update to support new switches of MakeDisk 1.1

- built in st->msa conversion (1 hour implementation, many hours bugtesting...)
- database-bug finally found: (stupid) problem with the path

- Bug: database was sometimes not visible. Probably removed. If it doesn't
  show up, simply restart the launcher.

- added database

- built in msa->st conversion
- added new PaCifiST 0.47 options
- you can now switch between 2 different PaCifiST-versions
- cosmetic changes

1.0 - first release

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