Rainbow Islands

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Rainbow Islands - Ocean

If you collect the seven crystals - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet - then you gain an extra life. If you manage to do this on each island, you can amass scores in excess of 2,000,000! Collect the crystals in the above order and a silver door appears when you reach the end-of-level monster. Go through the door and collect the treasures.

When the "hurry" message appears, you still have 10 seconds before the water starts to rise - more that enough time to reach the top of the level.

Each time you kill three creatures, a special items appears:

  • 1st item: Trainers which give you speed.
  • 2nd item: A red pot which gives you an extra rainbow (3 MAX)
  • 3rd item: A yellow pot which increases the speed of your rainbows.

Other items make the game easier to play. Rings enable you to shoot explosive stars when you jump. Thunder gives you a cup which kills everything on screen. A clock which stops the creature's movement for a few seconds. Magic wands make your rainbows turn into apples, cherries, peaches, or chocolates which protect you from the creatures.

End-of-level monsters:

  • 1 - Spider
  • 2 - Helicopter
  • 3 - Dracula
  • 4 - Teddy Bear
  • 5 - Arkanoid Creature
  • 6 - Robot
  • 7 - Dragon

How to kill the end-of-level monsters:

Level one:

The spider is easy to kill. Wait for it to pounce in your direction and toss a rainbow. Move along the ground so that he doesn't pounce on you and keep throwing rainbows.

Level two:

This can be a bitch! The helicopter throws bombs at you. When it reaches the bottom of the screen, use your rainbows to climb upwards. When it passes, jump on the rainbows and keep throwing them. You may need to repeat this process.

Level three:

This is the easiest one to kill. Go into a corner and bombard him with rainbows, remembering to jump up on them.

Level four:

The teddy bear bounces around the edges of the screen. It's easy to predict where he is going to jump, so just keep throwing rainbows and stay out of his way. Beware of the four smaller teddy bears which mirror the big one's movement.

Level five:

This Arkanoid-style creature fires tiles at you, but they're easy to avoid. Jump up, throw a rainbow and then quickly break it. If you die, lose your invincibility when you come back again to take away some of his energy. The invincibility lasts 5 seconds.

Level six:

Go to the top of the screen and throw rainbows at the robot. Then drop to the bottom of the screen. As the robot comes down, climb to the top of the screen and continue to fire rainbows, dodging whatever he shoots at you.

Level seven:

The dragon breaths deadly blasts of fire so keep out of his way and (guess what?) bombard him with rainbows.


Five credits:

Press 4 at the one or two player selection screen.

Cheat code:

Enter one of the following codes at the start of the game to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
BLRBJSBJ Fast shoes
RJSBJSBR Double rainbows
SSSLLRRS Fast rainbows
BJBJBJRS First hint
LJLSLBLS Second hint
LBSJRLJL Continue function (after 5th island)
RRLLBBJS Hidden food becomes money
RRRRSBSJ Combination of the above two
SRBJSLSB 100 million points

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