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Retro Gamer CD (RGCD)
RGCD newlogo small.png
Years active5
CategoryGame Makers, Disc Mags
Founder(s)Heavy Stylus
Product(s)Games, DiscMags
Affiliated Group(s)
Website(s)RGCD Website

Brief history

RGCD (Retro Gamer CD) initially started as a retro-gaming CD-based discmag that I first published pretty much single-handedly back in 2006. Growing as a collective (and in popularity), over the next few years we released a further four issues before real-life finally caught up with me and I unfortunately no longer had the time to compile and edit the magazine in 2009/10.

Although the magazine side is still very much something I'd like to return to in the future (although perhaps in a different format), since 2009 RGCD has evolved into a games development team, concentrating on the Atari STE, PC and C64 platforms.

I recently started this blog due to the frustration of not being able to easily edit the out-of-date RGCD website. Over the coming months (or perhaps years), I'll be posting news on our projects and recommended indie and homebrew releases here (hopefully together with some of the old RGCD crew) whilst our web guru completely revamps the old site.


RGCD Game Development
James Monkman / Heavy Stylus (Project Leader/Design/Code)
Jason Kelk / TMR (Design/C64 Code)
Fabian / Vierbit (Design/Pixel Art)
Nicolas Flandin / Tomchi (Design/Atari STE Code)

RGCD Discmag
James Monkman / Heavy Stylus (Editor)
Elliot Taylor (Web Design)
Andy Jenkinson / Uglifruit (Writer)
Flemming Dupont (Writer)
Jason Kelk / TMR (Writer)
John Dennis (Writer)
Ruari O'Toole (Writer)
Sven Ruthner / ptoing (Writer)

(More members will be added when I get confirmation that they are still active).