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Rings of Medusa - Starbyte

Once the game is loaded and you have typed in your name type DESOXYRIBONUKLEINSAEURE (DNA in German).

Now pressing the Help key will bring up a cheat menu.

Game playing tips

First from the Thalion Yahoo Group:

First: this is not a Thalion game, although the soundtrack is from Jochen Hippel.

Second: There's not much to know... You've got to trade to get money, to hire soldiers, especially scouts to spot and avoid enemy caravans, later to build mines - you can detect ore veins with your scouts. To build a mine you require a machine, available in the warehouse. BTW: Wizards are protecting at least 50 soldiers from the effect of "magical forests" and something else(???)...

You can also order ships which are required to reach the 3 islands, trade with them or conquer the cities.

Your money on the bank is safe, but you've got to take enough with you to pay your army.

At least the goal is to fight and defeat the army of Medusa. For this you need seven rings, which could be found like ore veins by your scouts. For this you've got to conquer up to 3 cities on one screen, in the temple then you will get coordinates where to search for a "treasure". These coordinates are forming a triangle, in the middle of which the treasure lies. The treasure than can be a ring.

Four are on the continent, three on the islands. Rings can be placed in a circle of a temple. Perhaps the rings also have had some bonus effects... The last ring calls Medusa - be sure to have a tough army at hand...

The castles are necessary for the training of your soliders; increasing their combat abilities. The cities are giving you taxes; so you should leave a powerful army in each town. City defenders don't need payment.

Everything else could be found out on your own.

Cheats: you may only deal with horses and wagons first - if you cross a caravan, they won't take you anything if you have your money on the bank.

If you save and load before searching a treasure you'll find once a ring. The savefiles of the Atari ST were rather simple - you'd be able to change the pay of soldiers (negative value) that you are even gaining money per month.

More tips by gryhrstr (Idaho, USA)

Strategy: Buy machines low sell high. Usually I would scour the mainland for machines then sail over to Portown and sell. Doesn't take long to build a substantial bank account this way. Keep most of your money in the bank. Large sums of money build a lot of interest. Conquer the cities and collect the taxes. Garrison large armies in every city.

Learn the mechanics of warfare at sea. Once had 100 million dollars but forgot how to shoot at the enemy. Got sunk at sea. Laughing Which brings me to the final point. "Save often!!!" Can't keep track of how many times I made good advances in the game but got lazy saving, then got my butt kicked by an opposing army when the screen switches to another part of the map and I'm running around with a little army of scouts. Only once in a while did I ever successfully bribe my way out of it.

And some more by RetrogamerUK

In the past few quiet weeks I have been playing R.O.M. 1 again and have actually managed to complete the game this time Cool

The last time I tried I ended up (having taken over all of the Cities) short by one ring, and so I gave up.

However this time I tried sailing my fleet out to see, lo and behold, there are actually 3 other islands with cities on them away from the mainland and that small island to the SE. One of them is literally a big pile of precious minerals...

All of the years I have played this game I never realised that. List of cheats