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Ripped Off Menues (Contents)

The list was copied from No Fragments CD2.

Ripped-Off Demo CD 1v2 Stick 24/12/1990 Bootsector
Batcomix 1 Meg
Blondie & Dagwood 1 Meg
Tiny Mix 
Corporation Demo Corporation 
Demon Demo Dynamic Duo 
Twist Visualisers 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 2v2 Bilbo-??/??/?? Problems on STe
Iron Maiden Sample Tony Lechworth 
A tribute to Hackers & Friends Lensman 
Edelweise Sample ?? 
TBC Demo compil 5 Ice & C 
Megablast Mad Vision
Ripped-Off Demo CD3v2
Karma Sutra
What the Butler saw
Ripped-Off Demo CD 4v2 Bilbo 10/02/1990 
Lonely Scroll FTB 
Level16 fullscreen Level16 
Unknown crack intro 42 Crew 
Typhoon Thompson crack intro Blade 
Super Scramble Sim crack intro Delight 
Dive Bomber crack intro Delta Force 
Slap Fight crack intro Delta Force 
Testdrive crack intro Chaos Inc 
Ripped-Off Intro Ripped-Off 
MUG UK Intro compil1 intro MUG UK 
Circus Attraction crack intro Replicants 
Elemental crack intro Replicants 
Barbarian2 crack intro Replicants 
Streetfighter crack intro A Team 
Freedom crack intro STCS 
Bubble Bobble crack intro TEX 
Obliterator crack intro TEX 
Virus crack intro TEX 
Ripped-Off Demo CD5v2 Bilbo-??/??/??  
UFO Sample demo The Zone Troopers 
ASS Wipe The Spiders from Mars 
The Globe XXX International 
Lost in Space ?? 
Rage Demo Vill MC-Ripped-Off 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 6v2 Bilbo 25/02/1990 Problems on STe
Die Fickinger ?? 1 Meg-Not STe
Teenage Queen ?? 
Sabrina Intro RPS
Ripped-Off Demo CD 7v2 Bilbo 24/02/1991 
Star Wars Rap FTB 
Golden Child Sample The Skunk 
Magic Eye Chris Lloyd Not STe
XXX International Demo XXX International Problems on STe
Humanoid Mix Tufty Not STe
Channel4 The J Brothers  
Ripped-Off Demo CD 8v2 Bilbo 26/02/1991 Problems on STe
Transylvania Demo The Lost Boys Problems on STe
STNG sound demo PCM 
Gen4 Compo screen HMD 
First Demo The Crusaders 
Goldfish Don Farmer 
Popcorn Huskey & Mangus 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 9v2 Stick 22/11/1990 
4th Rendevous sample Sammy Joe & Spaz 
Stingray sample Poltergeist & Skunk 
Powerbass Slaytanic Cult 
Gruesel Eckhard Kruse 
Ferrari GCC 
Relayer Demo Aenigmatica 
First ST demo SCC
Ripped-Off Demo CD 10 Mick 
Acid Mix Formation Crew 1 Meg
1 on 2 ?? 1 Meg
Karate Kid Animation ?? 
Merry Xmas ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 11 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Rebel without a pause Mo 1 Meg
Come&Get it ?? 
Spheres animation Xanth 
Bouncing Balls ?? 
Fuiji Boink ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 12v2 Stick 
3D Woman Shai Peri 
Laser Demo Zzapp games & CCK Problems on  STe
Oxygene4 sample Tufty 
Exhaust Port Compware Problems on STe
Megabang The Lost Boys 
Rob's Supersound 1 42 Crew 
The Juggler animation Trivision  
Ripped-Off Demo CD 13 Bilbo 
Robomix Radical Systems 
Captain Scarlet Sample Skunk 1 Meg
The Wizard soundemo The Wizard 
Colorshock HCC Problems on STe
Many Boink Ralph Russel 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 14v2 Bilbo 15/08/1990 
Death of the left Border ?? Problems on some ST's
Dolls animation SCAT BBS 
V8 Music sySTem V8 
The Introduction Demo NASA 
Gen4 Comp screen JCP 
Red Fox Sound demo Red Fox of Exocet
Ripped-Off Demo CD 15 Bilbo 12/01/1990 
Animations Disk1
11 cyber sequences
Ripped-Off Demo CD 16 Mick 
Kraftwerk ?? Problems on STe
Enterprise now & the future J Turner 1 Meg
Colorshock HCC Problems on STe 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 17 Bilbo 27/01/1990 
S.U.C.C.E.S.S The Lost Boys 
New Year Intro The Replicants 
The Bit Demo Positive X 
Just Say No!! SCC Problems on
Unknown SCC Intro SCC Problems on STe
MancheSTer Computer Club into SCC Problems on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 18 Mick ??/??/???? 
Space Ace GCC Not STe
Power Demo The Lost Boys 
The Junk Demo The Carebears 
Iron Lord crack intro The Bladerunners 
Title Designer H C Stamm 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 19 Stick 08/02/1990 
Model Level16 
F-40 JM Tregler 
No Border ?? Problems on STe
Daftop animation ?? 
Juggler animation RJC 
Professional Virus Killer An Cool 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 20 Bilbo 01/02/1990 
ALF Demo ?? 
Underwater Scroller SAS Problems on STe
Whittaker sound demo GHOST Problems on STe
BCE Intro 2 BCE Not STe
BCE Intro4 BCE Not STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 21 Bilbo 19/02/1990 
Flag Animation ?? 1 Meg
Echo Demo Positive X 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 22 Stick 18/02/1990 
50picture mega slideshow 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 23 
Dream Girl
Ripped-Off Demo CD 24 Bilbo 23/02/1990 
You are the One sample POV 1 Meg
Images Design Studio Images Design Studio 
The Atari World Demo NCUG 1 Meg
The Xmas '88 Demo Kenrick Productions 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 25v2 Stick 14/03/1991 
Breakfast Club AN Cool 1 Meg
Mega Musak Demo Pompey Pirates 
The No-name demo The Hitchiker/FCC 
An old screen Equinox 
Contact BBS intro 3 ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 26 Bilbo - 28/02/1990 
Dragons Lair The Bats Crew 1 Meg
Remembering Marilyn TLC Not STe
Mind Bomb preview The Lost Boys 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 27 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Unkown Ateam Intro Ateam 
Dungeon Master crack Intro Blade 
Personal Nightmare crack Intro Delight 
Orbiter crack Intro Delta Force 
Populous crack Intro DMA 
Unknown Empire crack intro Empire 
Unknown Equinox crack Intro Equinox 
Rambo crack Intro Flexible Front 
Action Service crack Intro Ghost 
Seconds Out crack Intro HOFA 
Vixen crack Intro HOFA 
Commando crack Intro Hotline 
Unknown ST Knights crack Intro ST Knights 
Andromeda crack Intro Replicants 
Streetfighter crack intro Replicants 
Arkanoid crack intro Replicants 
Unknown Replicants intro Replicants 
Warlocks Quest Intro STCS 
Unknown SYNC crack Intro SYNC 
The Games crack Intro The Carebears 
Afterburner crack intro The Carebears 
Unknown TLT crack Intro TLT 
Unknown TLT crack Intro TLT 
Unknown TLT crack Intro TLT 
Unknown TLT crack Intro TLT 
Unknown TLT crack Intro TLT 
Zombi crack Intro Trash Section 
Cybermind crack Intro Trash Section 
FOFT crack Intro The Untouchables 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 28v2 Stick 09/08/1990 
Darkstar Sample ?? 
Synth Sample 2 ACC 1 Meg
Shiny Bubbles Xanth 
Counterpoint Sample Spaz & Manikin (TLB) 
Megascroll Overlanders 
Dancing Demo Epsilon/Alliance
Ripped-Off Demo CD 29 
Japs-The sequence
Wankers Handbook
Ripped-Off Demo CD 30 Bilbo 13/03/1990 
Rick Astley Sample Demo Falcon 
Public Enemy Sample Demo Now5 
Barbarians 2nd Demo Barbarians 
Holburn Software Demo The Fingerbobs 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 31 Stick 17/03/1990 
Soundtracker Demo ST-Connexion 
The Final Cut 42 Crew 
Ripped-Off info Ripped-Off
Ripped-Off Demo CD 32 Bilbo 14/03/1990 
Rotating Balls animation QBF 
Bruce Lee animation ?? 
Golden Girls ?? 1 Meg
SHIT Demo1 Sub Humans in Turkey 
SHIT Demo2 Sub Humans in Turkey 
SHIT Demo3 Sub Humans in Turkey
Ripped-Off Demo CD 33 Bilbo 21/03/1990 
Max Headroom Sound Demo The Firm 
HySTeria Sample Davros 
Golden Greetings The Union 
Wicked Titel Screen The Maniax 
4 Musics Epsilon 
Monarch Monarch Software
Ripped-Off Demo CD 34
Swedish Erotica II
Frankie Demo 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 35 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Replay4 Microdeal 
Star Trekkin' sample BlockbuSTer 
The Pawn demo Magnetic Scrolls 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 36 
Snake slideshows 1 & 2
Ripped-Off Demo CD 37v2 Stick 12/04/1990 
The Snowman ?? 1 Meg
Quartet Microdeal 
6th Delerious Demo screen Pendragons 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 38 Bilbo 08/04/1990 
Synthetic Visions Art Machine 
French Kiss Tufty 
GFA Boink Jabba 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 39 Stick 03/05/1990 
Madonna ACN sequence ?? 
Meg-Problems on STe
Goldrunner voiceset 42 Crew 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 40v2 Bilbo 11/08/1990 Problems on STe
Slaytanic Cult1 Slaytanic Cult 
Slaytanic Cult2 Slaytanic Cult 
Bon Jovi Sample Demo The J Brothers 
F.O.F. Demo 1 Flame of Finland 
Fashion's Megablast screen Fashion 
Ripped-Off Demo Cd 41 Stick 08/05/1990 
Soundtracker ST Tim Mann & Jason Charman 
New Year Demo Fingerbobs
Ripped-Off Demo CD 42 Bilbo 06/05/1990 
Smooth Criminal ACN Sequence ?? Not STe
Raisins ?? 
Sample Synth 3 ACC 1 Meg
Onyx Intro SygmaForce/Overlanders 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 43 Stick 08/05/1990 
Oxygene sample Hypnosis 1 Meg
Meaning of Life 42 Crew 
Kiss ?? 1 Meg
Ripped-Off Demo CD 44 Bilbo 05/05/1990 
Remix1 Sub Humans in Turkey 1 Meg-Problems on STe-press Ctrl+C
Genius Starfire 
Firecracker ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 45 Stick ??/??/???? 
Zoolook sample The Lost Boys 1 Meg
Exalon music 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 46 
Farmsong II
Ripped-Off Demo CD 47 Stick 20/05/1990 
ST-Connexion Soundtracker ST-Connexion Problems on
TOS 1.09
transformer sbk.mod
Dr. Who sample Manikin & Spaz 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 48 Stick ??/??/???? 
Digi Music BBC 1
Meg-Problems on STe
Monarch Monarch Problems on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 49 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Intros Disk 3
Unknown Intro Blue Adept 
Fallen Angels Compact disk 21 Fallen Angels 
Track crack intro Bladerunners 
Day of the Viper crack intro Delight 
Emperor of the Mines cracktro Fallen Angels 
Dragons Breath crack intro The Empire 
Cosmic Pirate crack intro Equinox 
Millenium crack intro Equinox 
I.S.S crack intro Flame of Finland 
Elite crack intro Flexible Front 
Crash Garret crack intro HCC 
Bomb Jack crack intro MCA 
Unknown intro MCA 
The Last Trooper crack intro Generation 
Fire Mission crack intro Overlanders 
Unknown intro Overlanders 
Unknown intro Overlanders 
GFA Intro Overlanders 
I.S.S crack intro Overlanders 
Hawkeye crack intro Overlanders 
Unknown intro Predators 
Stryx crack intro Replicants 
Jaws crack intro Replicants 
Unknown Intro Replicants 
Unknown crack intro Replicants 
Battlechess crack intro Replicants 
Voyager crack intro Replicants 
MOT crack intro Replicants 
Gunship crack intro Replicants 
Arkanoid II crack intro STCS 
Foundations WaSTe crack intro SYNC 
Rampage crack intro TEX 
Speedball crack intro Underground 
10th Frame crack intro Blue Adept 
Tin tin on the Moon crack intro V8 
Unknown crack intro V8 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 50 Bilbo 29/05/1990 
Space Ace ?? Not STe
Replay Professional Demo Replay 1 Meg
WhattaHeck screens Flexible Front 
Nibble Scrapper XXX International
Ripped-Off Demo CD 51 Bootsector loader
Black Demo
THG Intro
Flotsam demo
Ripped-Off Demo CD 52 Bilbo 18/06/1990 
ALF Megademo ?? 
RAW Sample Sewer Software 
AN Cool Demo AN Cool 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 53 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Automation No151 Automation 
Automation No177 Automation 
Automation No178 Automation 
Automation No184 Automation 
Automation No190 Automation 
Automation No193 Automation 
Automation No197 Automation 
Automation No198 Automation 
Automation No211 Automation 
Automation No213 Automation 
Automation No216 Automation 
Automation No220 Automation 
Automation No221 Automation 
Automation No224 Automation 
Automation No225 Automation 
Automation No229 Automation 
Automation No231 Automation 
Automation No235 Automation 
Automation No239 Automation 
Automation No240A Automation 
Automation No240B Automation 
Automation No243A Automation 
Automation No243B Automation 
Automation No244 Automation
Ripped-Off Demo CD 54 28/06/90
Farmsong 1Meg
Little Ladies 1Meg
Ripped-Off Demo CD 55 Bilbo 18/07/1990 Problems on


The Charts April 1990 NEXT 
The Charts July 1990 Part1 NEXT 
The Charts July 1990 Part2 NEXT 
Thalion Sound Demo Thalion 1 Meg
Unknown coders intro Coders 
Gen4 Compo screen ULM 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 56 Stick 22/07/1990 
Lovespy TNT Crew 1 Meg
Inspector Gadget sample MPH 
Ronnie Demo 2 Zealot 
The Omen The Vision 
Gen4 Compo screen Corporation 
Gen4 Compo screen Overlanders 
8Bit Scrollerama Electronic Cafe 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 57 Stick 27/07/1990 
Module Disk 1
ST-Connexion Tracker ST-Connecion 
Ghost of Parallax.mod 
Lets be.mod 
Magic Wand.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 58 Stick ??/??/???? 
Module Disk 2
Audio Sculpture Tracker SYNC 
Cream of the Earth.mod 
Stryx Title.mod 
The Weapon Demo.mod 
HRI Wonderland.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 59 Bilbo 04/08/1990 
Holy Grail sample Spliff & Zoob 
Young Ones sample Spliff & Zoob 
Hearts Visual Effects 
Mega Bobs Axxis 
The Deformat Demo The Starks 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 60 Stick 12/08/1990 
Yello sample - 'The Race' MJS 1 Meg
Thunderbirds sample ?? 
1st Gen4 Compo screen ST Spirit 
2nd Gen4 Compo screen ST Spirit 
3rd Gen4 Compo screen ST Spirit 
4th Gen4 Compo screen ST Spirit 
5th Gen4 Compo screen ST Spirit 
3rd Delerious Demo screen Pendragons Problems on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 61 Bilbo 04/08/1990 
Alliance Demo Alliance
Problems on STe
Secret Seperation sample Rolf 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 62 Bilbo 11/08/1990 
Zuul Gen4 Demo ZUUL STe
must load from desktop
Omega's First Demo Omega 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 63 Stick 25/08/1990
Module Disk3 
Noisetracker Audio Sculpture 
Self control.mod 
Jungle tune.mod 
Smooth criminal.mod 
Watchman 25.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 64 Bald Eagle 
Guest disk1 
1081speaker buster.mod 
Bloodmoney intro.mod 
Bloodmoney game.mod 
I am back.mod 
Inca tune.mod 
Spreadpoint intro.mod 

Ripped-Off Demo CD 65 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 66 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Acid Burn AN Cool 
Nitrowave ?? 
Slaytanic Cult4 STC 
The LED Scroller AL Cool 
Feed Me Max Mad Max - Epsilon 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 67 Stick 12/09/1990
Problems on STe
Ghostbusters sample C. Wilson 1 Meg
1stEquinox 3615Gen4 Comp screen Equinox 
2ndEquinox 3615Gen4 Comp screen Equinox 
3rdEquinox 3615Gen4 Comp screen Equinox 
4thEquinox 3615Gen4 Comp screen Equinox 
5thEquinox 3615Gen4 Comp screen Equinox 
MBall The Deliverence Problems on STe
Pendragons Delerious Demo Screen The Pendragons 
TSM 'bobs' intro TSM 
Gudul 3615 Gen4 compo demo Gudul 
The Lost Boys 'bobs' The Lost Boys 
Ripped-Off Demo CD68 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Reflex Demo Flexible Front 
ACF Slideshow1 ACF 
Amiga Joke AN Cool 
The JingJang Ball(shit) Agression 
Death Comes silently The Purple Pig 
Universal Pictures Agression 
O.U.C.H Demo3 O.U.C.H 
AEC Ball Demo AEC 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 69 Stick 19/10/1990 
Pyschadelic House Overlanders 1 Meg
Fuzion Music SySTem Fuzion 
NEXT's Charts4 NEXT 
Transbeaunce Reset demo MCoder 
Vickers Replicants intro Replicants 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 70 Stick 22/10/1990
Problems on STe
Module Disk 4
FM Tracker v1.0 FM of TSM 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 71 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Intros Disk4
Afterburner crack intro Alliance 
Sorceror Lord crack intro Black Panthers 
Xevious crack intro C.S.S 
80Days around the World cracktro Delta Force 
Super cars crack intro DMA 
Voyager crack intro DMA 
Barbarian II crack intro DMA 
R-Type crack intro DMA crack intro DMA 
Skateball crack intro DMA 
Live & Let Die crack intro The Druids 
Fred crack intro The Empire 
Emlyn Hughes Int. Soccer cracktro The Empire 
Unknown crack intro Equinox 
Fire Rescue crack intro Empire 
Unknown crack intro Hooker 
Back to the Future II crack intro Ixion 
Unknown crack intro Medway Boys 
Klax crack intro The Replicants 
Wobbly sprites crack intro The Replicants 
Boxing Manager crack intro The Replicants 
Pau copy party intro MAD Vision 
Unknown crack intro The Replicants 
The Replicants Intro ST-Connexion 
Return of the Jedi crack intro The Union 
Tintin on the Moon crack intro V8 
Bombuzal crack intro Vector 
Myth crack intro The Vision
Ripped-Off Demo CD 72 
Sunday Sport
Dirty Dancing
Ripped-Off Demo CD 73 Stick 30/11/1990 
Module Disk 5
FM Tracker v1 FM of TSM 
EL First.mod 
Space scroll.mod 
Hot summer nights.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 74 Stick 31/12/1990
Bootsector loader-Problems on STe
Phalanx Demo Phalanx Loads from bootsector
Robocop2 demo Brennan & Lodder 
Slaytanic Cult 5 Slaytanic Cult 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 75 The Fingerbobs Guest Disk STe only
Bananfisk ??
Needs blitter on
Movie STe T Barker STe only
Electrocution ?? STe only
Electrocution 2 ?? STe only
World Beat Alliance STe only
Sunny Sphere STe only 
Weird Sines GamemaSTers STe only
Ripped-Off Demo CD 76 Bilbo ??/??/????
Problems on STe
Hemosound 2 HMD 
Unknown Mega Cribb demo Mega Cribb 
Unknown TEX Intro TEX 
Unknown ZZapgames intro ZZapgames
Ripped-Off Demo CD 77 Bilbo 06/01/1991 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Radster 
The TCB Tracker Demo The Carebears
Enhanced sound on STe
Kickstart my Heart sample Twins90 
Cebit '90 conversion The Lost Boys 
Megatube Digital Insanity 
MAD Demo Hardsoft
Ripped-Off Demo CD 78 Stick 14/01/1991 
The Fourth charts NEXT 
Slaytanic Cult 6 Slaytanic Cult 
The Megamix STeSoft 
MCS Delerious Demo screen MCS Problems on STe
Mr Bee's Delerious Demo screen Mr Bee 
Anti virus bootsector proggy Ripped-Off/TSM 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 79 Bilbo 12/01/1990 Problems on STe
Megafun Alliance 
Turrican Sound Demo TEX 
Brain Power ?? 
Sync Demo Sneak preview SYNC Problems on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 80 Stick 02/02/1991 Problems on STe
Module disk 6
Fusion tracker Fusion 
Fresh house.mod 
Driving Force.mod 
Scoopes theme.mod 
Peter Gunn.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 81 Bilbo 17/01/1991 
Bad Medicine Sample The Lost Boys 
Unknown DMA intro DMA 
Unknown DMA intro DMA 
French Demo DMA 
Unknown DMA intro DMA 
Move the Mouse DMA 
IMA Intro IMA 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 82 Bilbo ??/??/??? 
The Definative Demo The Lost Boys Problems on STe
Bilbo & his Super5 ZX81 
New Order sample demo The Watchmen 
3615/GEN4 compo screen HMD
Ripped-Off Demo CD 83 STC Guest Disk 
Barouque STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Bassline STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Breakout STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Demo 7 STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Funky STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Future STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Storm STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Weird STC Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Zone STC  Enhanced sound & gfx on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 84 Bilbo 05/02/1991 Problems on STe
The Number 5 TNT 
The Headbangers Ram Killer 
The second charts NEXT 
Pixel Panther Demo Pixel Panther 
3615/GEN4 compo screen HMD Not STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 85 Stick 08/02/1991 
ATG Demo 1 ATG Problems on STe
3615/GEN4 compo screen Oya Shivo 
Naff Demo The Fingerbobs 
3D World Dynamic Duo 
Ripped-Off music STC/Ripped-Off 
Crime Music STC 
IRO Intro IRO 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 86 Stick ??/??/???? 
Equninox Tracker v2.5 Equinox 
Not my day.mod 
Sound of C.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 87 Stick 05/04/1991 
Lemmings of bad luck intro The Fingerbobs/Ripped-Off 
The Iron Maiden Show Chromatic Death 
OUCH ?? 
The Magic Ball ULM 
3D Vectors ULM
Ripped-Off Demo CD 88 Bilbo 11/03/1991 Problems on STe
Les Feles' story Misfit leader of Feles 
Blood Money The Confederacy 1 Meg
Clone Compil 3 intro Clone 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 89 ST Connexion 21/03/1991 
ST-Connexion Guest disk
Empire Noisetracker 1.5 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 90 Bilbo 13/03/1991 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skunk 
Alf Rap part 3 The Confederacy 1 Meg
The Mailbox Jacky 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 91 (v1.1) Bilbo 05/04/1991 
Lazer ST Micro demo Lazer 
Full Metal Jacket sample Speedysoft 1Meg
Impact Sound1 Impact 
Unknown Aggression intro Aggression 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 92 Stick 21/04/1991 
Brain-overdrive-hyperdimensional INTRO Fingerbobs/Ripped-Off 
KLF Sample KAT Projects 1
CES '90 The Fingerbobs 
Megatridi (from European Demos) ?? 
ULM Fullscreen ULM 
Phazeout STC 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 93 Bilbo ??/??/?? 
Full giga intro Coders
Problems on STe
Unknown coders intro Coders
Problems on STe
The Soundtracker editor Intro Equinox 
Ultimate sprites Hyades 
ST 3 intro Overlanders 
Unknown Overlanders intro Overlanders 
Soundtracker Digital song teaser Overlanders 
Dealer demo City Overlanders 
Unknown TnT2 crew intro TnT 
1st ST Demo The Wizards
Ripped-Off Demo CD 94 Stick 05/05/1991 
Module Disk 8
Esion ST & STe tracker Esion 
Trained assassin.mod 
Clothes show.mod 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 95 Bilbo ??/??/??/???? 
Black Byte intro Black Byte 
Mega sinus scroller Black Byte 
Unknown Intro The Conferation 
Kubik zik Kubik/Ripped-Off 
Ghostbusters II Confederacy 
The Satanick Demo TSB 
First Demo THG 
Yazz sound sequence ??
Ripped-Off Demo CD 96 Stick ??/??/???? STe
French STe ?? STe
Electronic Images STe Electronic Images STe only
STC STe STC STe only
TCR STe TCR STe only
Ripped-Off Demo CD 97 Bilbo 21/05/1991 
House Arrest Sample I.A.N 1Meg
Unknown IKI demo TSB 
Mupp va fan ni vil Mr Fraser/Ojo 
Unknown Garlic Eaters Intro Garlic Eaters 
The Toilet Demo 2 The ST Knights 
Unknown 3D-Corp Intro 3D-Corp Problems on STe
Unknown 3D-Corp Intro 3D-Corp Problems on STe
Truble Demo 3D-Corp Problems on STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 98 Bilbo 06/06/1991 
Decade Demo Electronic Images/Inner Circle 
Quartet sound demo MoB 
FMCC Fullshow FMCC 
Unknown Funvision Intro Funvision 
Unknown Starfires Intro The Starfires 
Unknown Starfires Intro The Starfires
Ripped-Off Demo CD 99 Bilbo 29/06/1991 
So Watt The Carebears 
Unknown 1st Crew intro 1st Crew 
Revenge Newline 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 100 Stick 18/07/1991 
Swedish New Year II Omega/Sync/The Carebears 
Life's a bitch The Lost Boys 
Woman Scroll ULM 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 101 Bilbo 16/07/1991 
Demo Construction Kit Demo ?? 
Matrixx IKI/TSB 
DOT Screen Fornitz 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 102 
Hot Babes slide show
Ripped-Off Demo CD 103 STe only
Acid House II
Chacona STe
Ripped-Off Demo CD 104 
Shtroumpf Demo
The Charts 6
B.A.O.O.A.M.D 1-5
Ninja's S.O.T.A acreen
Ripped-Off Demo CD 105 Stick 01/08/1991 
Module disk 9 
Spice of Life tracker FM of TSM 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 106 Stick 17/08/1991 
Teaparty Demo Double Dutch Crew 
Insignificant screen from Decade Demo The Fingerbobs 
Rasterscroll screen from Decade Demo Count 0 
Where's Willy screen from Decade Demo Electronic Images 
Desktop ??  
Ripped-Off Demo CD 107 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Troll New Year Demo Troll 
The Constellations Demo The ConSTellations 
Megabang 2 The Lost Boys 
Gigastars Offbeat 
Megaballs Empire  
Ripped-Off Demo CD 108 Bilbo 03/09/1991 
Swedish New Year Demo The Carebears/Sync 
Energy for you The Horde 
Fuzion Music intro Fuzion 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 109 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
The Union Demo The Union 
Synth Dreams Lauren Strummers 
Eagles Nest Demo II Eagles Nest
Ripped-Off Demo CD 110 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Cuddly Demos The Carebears 
Flying Brains The Coders 
Unknown Newline intro Newline 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 111 ?? ??/??/???? 
Whattaheck The Carebears 
Synth Dreams II Sewer Hedgehog 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 112 Bilbo 13/10/1991 
Zzap Games Demo 3 Zzap Games 
Stone Action STN 
Mystical Screen The Horde
Ripped-Off Demo CD 113 Stick 13/11/1991 STe only
Fantasia ?? STe only - 1 Meg
Warpzone ?? STe only
Sync STe SYNC STe only
Ripped-Off Demo CD 114 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Hibernation Carol Demo Sewer Hedgehog 
Illumination Demo Delta Force? 
Komische Sackraten von der Hohle.. The Lost Boys 
Queen Softmetal 1 The Queen 
Queen Softmetal 2 The Queen 
Fornitz dot screen Fornitz 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 115 Bilbo 05/01/1992 
The Galtan6 Demo Galtan 6 
TOS screen Big Alec 
Death of clock cycles ?? 
Delta Force BBS Delta Force 
Illumination 3 Offbeat 
New Year Demo 1990 St-Connexion 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 116 Stick ??/??/???? 
Newstream Demo Cybernetics Load from bootsector loader
Mr Music Demoette The Phantom 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 117 Stick ??/??/????
Module Disk10 
Protracker 1.1b Griff/Electronic Images 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 118 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 119 Bilbo 22/01/1992 
Startrek TMB 
JMP Demo 1 JMP 
JMP Demo 2 JMP 
JMP Demo 3 JMP 
JMP Demo 4 JMP 
JMP Demo 5 JMP 
JMP Demo 6 JMP 
JMP Demo 7 JMP 
JMP Demo 8 JMP
Ripped-Off Demo CD 120 
What Time is it?
Ripped-Off Demo CD 121 Stick 11/03/1992 
Pandoras Box ?? 
Better than Life Clockwork Orange 
The Cunning Demos Dentrassi
Ripped-Off Demo CD 122 Stick 24/03/1992 
HMD Dentro HMD 
Batman Classic KG Electronics 1
Death Comes Silently Equinox/The Black Cats 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 123 ?? ??/??/???? 
ST Tracker Demo Sonic Projects 1Meg
Fullparts Dentro ?? 
CBit 92 White Status 1Meg
Wild Timer B St-Connexion 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 124 Bilbo 09/05/1992 
The Amiga Demo TEX 
Krapulax Demo HMD 
Crossbones Kaos screen Crossbones
Contact proggy Ripped-Off
Ripped-Off Demo CD 125 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Dragons Lair Readysoft 
Eternal Sound Demo II - Mad Max screen ?? 
Crossbones - Acid screen Crossbones
Ripped-Off Demo CD 126 Bilbo 01/08/1992
Module Disk 11 
Protracker 1.1b Griff/Electronic Images 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 127 Stick 31/08/1992 
French New Year Demo The Thunderbirds 
Beachtro HMD 
Rasters MJJ Productions 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 128 Bilbo 08/08/1992 
Prelude Demo ?? 
TRB GEN4 screen The Raider Brothers 
Crossbones movie Crossbones 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 129 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Ooh Crikey - Wot a Schorcher! The Lost Boys 
Doctor Byte Intro ?? 
Chronicle Intro Chronicle
Ripped-Off Demo CD 130 ?? 14/10/1992 
My Socks are Weapons Legacy 
Froggies over the Fence HJP 
Atari Fair Dentro Animal Mine 
Stars 'n Scrolly-Eternal Sound DemoII Lotus 
Lotsa music screen-Eternal Sound DemoII ?? 
Cuntact proggy The Wild Boys/Ripped-Off
Ripped-Off Demo CD 131 Stick 20/10/1992 
Dimensio Condemned 
Mathmatica Aura 
TFMX ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 132 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Playing with Knives Bizzarre Inc.
1 Meg
Ckaos Preview ?? 
Ripped-Off Demo CD 133 Bilbo ??/??/???? 
Cartoontro ?? 
Into the Groove Excellence in Art 
Overtrail Black Boxes 
XIA Music 1 Excellence in Art 
1984 Plasma ?? 
Chronicle Music Chronicle 
Mathblaster Demo The Brainwash Co 
Crystallics Impulse Party screen Crystallic 
New Trend unknown Screen New Trend