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Soundworks by Steinberg was first introduced in 1987. These were a series of individually tailored MIDI Sample Editors. The Soundworks series were the sister products to the Synthworks series which catered for various Synthesizers. The Soundworks products included Soundworks Mirage, Soundworks S900, Soundworks Prophet 2000, Soundworks Emax, Soundworks ADS and Soundoworks FZ-1. At the top end, Soundworks is capable of handling the Dynacord ADS' 16-bit samples, up to it's Sample Rate of 44.1 kHz. A breakdown of each Soundoworks Sample Editor, and the respective Sampler details are represented below.

Name Sampler Sample Format Max. Sample Rate
Soundworks Mirage Ensoniq Mirage 8 bits 32 kHz
Soundworks S900 Akai S900 12 bits 40 kHz
Soundworks Prophet 2000 Prophet 2000 12 bits 42 kHz
Soundworks Emax Emu Emax 12 bits 42 kHz
Soundworks FZ-1 Casio FZ-1 16 bits 36 kHz
Soundworks ADS Dynacord ADS 16 bits 44.1 kHz

Soundworks.jpg Soundworks Ad.png


  • Name: Soundworks
  • Type: MIDI Sample Editors
  • Sample Format: N/A
  • Sample Rate: N/A
  • Sound Quality: N/A
  • Hardware ADC: N/A
  • ADC Connection Type: N/A

--Atari74user 16:53, 12 March 2016 (CET)

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