The Guild of Thieves

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The Guild of Thieves - Rainbird, Magnetic Scrolls

A Walkthrough by RetroGamerUK.

This is a long one!

IN THE BOAT. Pull rope, the boat glides to the Jetty.

> W.


> W.

SCRUB. You see a frail old man with a white sash, help man.


> N, W.

LOUNGE. Break coal, take fossil.

> S.

GALLERY. Take the oil painting.

> S.

DRAWING ROOM. Open cushion, take note.

> N, N, E, E, S.

KITCHEN. Open cupboard, take the rat poison and jam jar.

> S.

QUARTERS. Open the cabinet and take the key.

> S.

BEDROOM. Look under the bed, take the tub.

> N, N, E.

GLOOMY PASSAGE. Open bag and light lamp. Open door.

> N.

FLIGHT OF STEPS. Open stopcock, pull pipes, take pipe, close stopcock.

> D.

WINE CELLAR. Open red bottle, take ruby, take champagne bottle (Any time now you should hear the gatekeeper shouting that the rat race is about to start).

> U, S, W, N.

DINING HALL. Drop rat poison, turn off lamp.

> W, S.

COURTYARD - (RAT RACE). Examine rats. Bet on grey rat with note, which wins, you now have a cheque.

> N, E, S, E. Turn on lamp.

JUNK ROOM. Take cube, move junk.

> S.

BY THE MOAT. Open safe, put ruby, fossil and oil painting in safe, close safe.

> N, N, W,

KITCHEN. Turn off lamp.

> N, W, N, E.

STABLE. Open jar, close jar.

> W, S, S.

COURTYARD. Drop jam jar and tub.

> N, U, S, S.

MAIN BEDROOM. Drop cube and pipe, take mirror.

> N, N, E, N.

BILLIARD ROOM. Take cue, open ball, get ring.

> E.

MUSIC ROOM. Open stool, take plastic bag.

> S, S.

SPARE BEDROOM. Get sewing box, look under bed, get pot, put ring in pot, open wardrobe, take dress.

> N, W, W, D, S.

COURTYARD – (FISHING). Drop sewing box, open it, take cotton, open tub, put maggot on needle, tie cotton to cue, put needle in moat. If you did it correctly you will now have the Fish. Drop cue.

> N, E.

DINING HALL. Rub poison on fish. Give fish to bear (the bear should fall asleep). Unlock cage with key, open cage, take chalice, close cage, lock cage with key, drop key.

> S, E, S, S.

BY THE MOAT. Open safe, put chalice and pot in safe, close safe. Open safe, put dress in safe, close safe. Open safe, put plastic bag in safe, close safe.

> N, N, W, N, W, S, S, S, SE.

GOLDEN WHEATFIELD. Shout to miller to stop vanes, the miller should say “ok, hang on a minute”.

> S.

INSIDE THE MILL. The Miller gives you some Gum. Buy lute with cheque, you now have the Lute, take plectrum, put lute in bag.

> N, NW, W, W, W. Light Lamp.


> SW

CIRCULAR CHAMBER. Take finger bone.

> NE, NW, SW.

MUDDY ROOM. Hold mirror in beam, turn mirror. Take gem, put gem in swag bag, drop mirror.

> NE, SE, SW, S, W.


> E, N, NE, SE, S, W.

BANK OF KEROVNIA. Open safe, put gem and plectrum in safe, close safe. Drop Lute.

> E, N, NW, E.


> E, S, S, S, S, S.

TEMPLE GARDEN. Take gloves, wear them.

> N.

TEMPLE. Take statue. (The floor collapses).

WELL. Swim, drop statue.

> N, N, N.

SANDY BANK. Take brooch, dig sand, wear boots.

> D. Turn on lamp.


> D.


> S, E.

CRAGGY CAVE. Take pick.

> W, W.

ROCK FACE. Hit vein with pick. Take chips, drop pick.

> E, S, U, E, N, NE, E.


> E, S, S, S, S, SW, U, E.

ORGAN ROOM. Take keys.

> W, D, NE, NW, D, SE.

BLACK SQUARE. To complete this puzzle, move in the following directions:

> SE, N, E, E, SE, S, SW, E, SE. Light lamp.

CRYPT. Unlock sarcophagus with finger bone, drop finger bone. Open sarcophagus, take eye.

> E.

SHRINE. Take statuette. Unlock door with ebony key, open door, drop ebony key. Read pamphlet.

> W, W, NW, NW, N, NW, E, SW, SW, NW, N, NW, U, SE, SE, U.

TOP OF STAIRWAY. Turn off lamp. Get rhino.

> D, NW.

TEMPLE. Get burner.

> N.

ANTECHAMBER. Open safe, put rhino, brooch and burner in it, close safe. Repeat with the statuette and the chips of mineral.

> N, N, N, W, Turn on lamp,

> W, SE, S.

OUTSIDE THE SHOP. Break window.

> S.

SHOP FRONT. Open flap.

> S.

BEHIND THE COUNTER. Press button, take coin.

> N, N, N, NW, E, Turn off lamp,

> E, E, N, N.

COURTYARD. Take cage and jam jar.

> S, S, W, W, Turn on lamp,

> W, NE.

PASSAGE. Put coin in slot.

> E, S.

T-JUNCTION. Unlock door with ivory key, open door, drop ivory key.

> E.

ZOO OFFICE. Open drawer, take spade, and key, open door.

> NE.

WHITE PASSAGE. Unlock door with grotty key, open door.

> NW.

IN THE CAGE. Close door, open cage, put bird in cage, close cage, open door.

> SE, SW, W, N, N, W.

HOT HOUSE. Open jar and drop it, shake tree, take coconut and succulents.

> E, E.

AVIARY. Break coconut with spade, give coconut to macaw, drop spade.

> W, S, S, W.

INSECT HOUSE. Take skin.

> E (the ice snake drops on you), N, N, W.

HOT HOUSE. The ice snake falls off you and dies.

> E, S, W, SW, SW.

CIRCULAR CHAMBER. Drop the cage and box, open the chest and take the heart.

> NE, SE.

FORK IN THE ROAD. Open gate.

> SE.

CEMETARY. Get berries.

> NW, NW, E. Turn off lamp. > E, E, N, N, N, U, S, S.

MAIN BEDROOM. Take cube, move painting, open cabinet, go bed (you are now sitting on the bed), press top button with pipe.

SECRET LABORATORY. Examine cauldron, take sachet. Put skin, berries, heart, eye and cube in cauldron. Open sachet, put powder in cauldron. (Whiz! bang! pop!). Take anticube.

> W.

MAIN BEDROOM. Drop pipe,

> N, N, D, N.

ON THE PATH. Take horseshoe.

> S, S, S, S, W, W. Turn on lamp. > W, SW.

CIRCULAR CHAMBER. Take cage. Say to mynah bird “hooray”, repeat until the mynah bird stars to squawk “hooray”.

> NE, SE, S, S, W.


> S.

IN THE BANK. Get in the longer line.

AT THE TILL. Chew gum, show card to teller.

OFFICE. Drop cage, shake bottle, drop bottle, wait, put gum in keyhole. (Explosion).

> N, E, N, NW, NW, NW.

ROOM OF HOT COALS. Put succulents on feet.

> U, U, SE.

YELLOW ROOM. Take yellow die.

> SE, NE.

BLUE ROOM. Take blue die.

> SW, SE.

RED ROOM. Take red die.

> NW, SW.

GREEN ROOM. Take green die.

> NE.

WHITE ROOM. Rub horseshoe. Roll red die, select five, put red die in red slot. Roll green die, select five, put green die in green slot. Roll blue die, select five, put blue die in blue slot. Roll yellow die, select five, put yellow die in yellow slot. Take plastic die.

> NW, NW, D. Put succulents on feet. > D, SE, SE, SE, S, W.

BANK OF KEROVNIA. Open safe, put horseshoe and succulents in safe, close safe, take lute.

> S.

IN THE BANK. Take card, put anticube and die in pocket. Play lute and sing urfanore pendra.

> S.


> E.

CUBICAL ROOM. Roll die, select “six”.

> D.

CUBICAL ROOM. Roll die, select “five”.

> E.

CUBICAL ROOM. Roll die, select “two”.

> D.

CUBICAL ROOM. Roll die, select “one”.

> NW.

CUBICAL ROOM. Roll die, select “four”

> D.

CUBICAL ROOM. Put anticube and die on machine, take cube and anticube, take white, take all.

> NW, NW, NW, D.

FLIGHT OF STEPS. Put succulents on feet.

> D, SE, SE, E, E, E, E, E.

JETTY. Pull rope.

> E.

The End.

--RetroGamerUK 13:34, 25 Jun 2006 (EDT)

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