The Pawn

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The Pawn - Rainbird, Magnetic Scrolls

A Walkthrough *STILL* under construction by RetroGamerUK.

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> E.

GRASSY WILDERNESS. Wait, (Kronos will offer you a sealed note) take note, ask about wristband (Kronos will tell you that you must kill a man riding a horse with no legs and in return Kronos will remove your wristband, he then offers you a chest) take chest.

NOTE: When you encounter the Adventurer riding the horse with no legs, give him the chest.

> E3.

PALACE GARDENS. Examine pocket, take key, look under mat, take wooden key.

> E.

GATEWAY. Give note to guards.

> W.

PALACE GARDENS. Unlock door with metal key, open door.

> SW.

IN THE SHED. Take hoe, rake and trowel, look under bench, take pot, plant plant in pot with trowel.

> NE, W3, N, W, NW2.

LARGE HILL. Remove shirt, cover wristband with shirt.

> U.

INSIDE THE HUT. The Guru will give you his bowl.

> E, SE, E, N.

FOOTHILLS. NOTE: If you have not yet encountered the Adventurer, find him and give him the chest before moving the boulder. Otherwise, untie shirt, tie rake to hoe with shirt, lever boulder with rake, untie shirt, wear shirt.


PLATEAU. Put snow in bowl.

> D4, S, NW2.

LARGE HILL. Take off shirt, cover wristband with shirt.

> U.

INSIDE THE HUT. Give bowl to Guru, take rice. He says "Some light in the forest would help you and the trees. We must live in harmony with nature you know.", this is a clue to finding a light source.

> E, S3.


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