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TWEETY BOARD from Practical Solutions, Inc.

Stereo sound for the Atari ST is here! Tweety Board provides true stereo output that will blow you away! Now you can play all your favorite games and hear a whole new sound dimension with true-to-life effects. Music programs sparkle with a vividness never before realized.

The ST computers already have three channels of sound supported in their hardware. Atari combined the three together, resulting in one monophonic channel, to make it compatible with the monitor's sound. That's fine for monitors but hardly impressive when listened to with a stereo system.

Tweety Board solves the problem with it's small circuit board specially designed to access those hidden channels. It works in parallel with the ST's existing sound circuitry making it completely compatible with all ST software. You can also program your own effects or music! The sound from your monitor remains untouched and still functions in it's normal use. Simply plug Tweety Board inside your machine and the three independent RCA jacks are ready to hook up to your three amplified speakers. An adapter cable is provided for hookup to a standard two-channel sound system.

No matter which way you connect it, you've never heard such vibrant 3-D or crystal clear stereo sound from your ST. No buzz or noise and an easy, solderless installation - what more could you ask for?

Tweety Board will be available in the 1st week of December with a retail price of only $59.95.

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