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Warhead - MPH [1]

General Tips:

1) Docking: Define one of the navig markers as a target, then get as close to it as you can, using autopilot mode 4. Rotate until you're facing Solbase. Switch to tactical display mode 1 and center Solbase in the crosshairs. If the center of Solbase is completely white (and I mean completely!!), you are correctly aligned.

If you are too far to see, use the zoom feature. Fly toward Solbase, making sure the center stays white, and you'll dock perfectly every time!

2) Your weapons and how to use them effectively:

Data-gathering missiles: not a weapon. Use those to get info on any "unknown" you come across, including enemy missiles.

Mass-driver cannon: use to destroy incoming missiles, especially those big blue and white ones the Berzerker fires!! They're Pseudo-Stellar missiles, and they'll kill you on contact, guaranteed or your money back!!!

Stinger missiles: they only have an effective range of about 2,500 meters.

Mines: not terribly useful. Try to lob them in the path of incoming ships.

X-ray Laser mines: wowee!! These are neato!! If you have 3 or more ships pestering you, launch a mine at them. Usually the mine will take out all three

Pseudo-Stellar missiles: you only get thes toward the end of the game. They are nasty and you should be at least 4,000 meters away from your target when they go off!

3) Enemy ships and the best way to destroy them:

Drone: a single round from your MD cannon will pulverize this joker! Drone Squadron: a couple of Stingers will do it. A-Wing: Stingers, a couple. C-Wing: Stingers, at least 3. H-wing: X-ray Laser mines, or lots of Stingers. Berzerker: don't even think of destroying this guy! Just blow up his Pseudo-Stellar missiles with your MDC, that will annoy him for sure...

4) General stuff: Follow orders at all time. When Quad-jumping, always go straight to wherever you're supposed to go. Don't waste time. I got screwed up a couple of times when I came back to Solbase because I jumped to Solar orbit, then jumped to Solbase. I was coming back from another star system. You should select SOL G2V first then select Solbase (on the in-system map), then jump!

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