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Zak McKracken - Lucasfilm [1]

You can only catch a plane to the Bermuda Triangle if you're trained by the Guru first. To enter the temple where the Guru lives, give the book on enlightenment to the guard standing outside.

When you're captured by the aliens in the Bermuda Triangle, give the king alien the membership card. You can get the card by filling out an application form in the phone company (using the yellow crayon under Zak's sink) and then mailing it.

To get past the guard at Stonehenge, give him the bottle of whisky. The bum at Miami airport only gives you his bottle when you show him the Book Of Enlightenment. Get the book by giving your cashcard to the devotee in San Fransisco (cashcard under the desk in Zak's bedroom: reach it by using the torn off wallpaper).

You can go straight to the Camponian Sekret room by lifting up the corner of the mat in Zak's bedroom. You need the monkey wrench (found in the toolbox in Lou's shop) to lift up the hatch under the mat. To go down the hole, tie the rope (also found in the toolbox) to the doorhandle in Zak's bedroom and then climb down.

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