Steem.SSE.3.9.2.Win32.D3D crashes

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Steven Seagal
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Re: Steem.SSE.3.9.2.Win32.D3D crashes

Post by Steven Seagal »

Forum management should really change those labels.
Some feedback on the bug:

We disabled Multimedia joystick support because joyGetDevCaps (or joyGetPos
and joyGetPosEx for that matter) returns unexpected value JOYERR_PARMS or
crashes on recent systems, reason unknown.

On my system, it doesn't crash but it returns a bad value. WinUAE doesn't use those functions. I couldn't find on the internet if that's a general problem.
This was the original joystick handling way in Steem but then Steem authors added optional DirectInput support.
So now it's DirectInput (better) or nothing, spares some code too.

Thx for all your tests.
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Re: Steem.SSE.3.9.2.Win32.D3D crashes

Post by MartinVogel »

I have the same problem with Steem SSE 3.9.4 (all versions). Every time I activate Midi In Steem SSE crashes. Is there a fix? that would be nice because I want to use Steem SSE because of the ASCII drives.
Thank You für your help

Martin Vogel
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