Difference low/med res

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Difference low/med res

Post by twh »

Hi *,

question about the ST desktop modes low and res.
background is, that on my setup I experience some strange incompatibilities when running games from low-res.

Should I care about color-resolution to specific games? I suppose in color-mode it should not be relevant if launched in either resolution.

Is there any specific advantage to have GEM Desktop in Low-Res? Or in other words, should I be fine with med-res as default?

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Re: Difference low/med res

Post by simonsunnyboy »

Question 1: Many games are buggy when run from ST-MED desktop. So yes, you must care.
Question 2: No real advantage. I normally have a desktop wtih larger resolution on harddisk. I either boot games from harddisk with CTRL down or my AUTO folder menu which handles the resolution switch.
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