ST reports sometimes only 256k

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ST reports sometimes only 256k

Post by twh »

Hi *,

sometimes after quitting programs, my Atari Mega ST4 "looses" memory. The system then assumes to have just 256KB. I had various memtest / stress tests running. The system is fine. It plays games, and intense demos / applications. It only occurs after "quit to desktop" (e.g. with games in PP's fine HDD patched library).

Should I be worried about some hw memory problems?

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Re: ST reports sometimes only 256k

Post by Arne »

How about starting SysInfo before and after that game and take a screenshot of what SysInfo reports?
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Re: ST reports sometimes only 256k

Post by simonsunnyboy »

I'd rather worry about those patched games and always use a hard reset to end one.
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