The rules!

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The rules!

Post by Mug UK »

For users old & new, we've had a bit of a chinwag within the moderators area of the forum and this the general gist of how things will be run from now on. Please note the section on bans - temporary and, if we have to resort to them, full bans.

Location, Location, Location
Say where you are, especially if you're looking for something or are trying to sell something. You just wouldn't believe how often people miss this.

Conduct Towards Others
For the most part there is no problem. You all know how to behave and how to treat others, so there's no point even writing out a list. We draw the line at outright cruelty! Other than that we're quite tolerant. Obviously if you behave like an idiot, then people will see you as an idiot, so it's entirely up to you.

We very rarely use these, if at all. The procedure has however been discussed. There are NO RULES to be broken, or ANY procedures to be followed. If you are deemed to be being cruel and deliberately unpleasant then you'll be banned. Periods are for 7-days, 14-days, 28-days, and then you'll be blocked completely.

Users and their posts are deleted immediately. IP addresses are blocked, ..which are often proxy servers anyway. Examples of spam would be, ..well you know full well what it is and the kind of crap we get inundated with.

Proxy Servers
Cue comments regarding spam. They're routinely blocked, so you may/may not be able to access the site via a proxy server.
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Re: The rules!

Post by techie_alison »

Further to the issues regarding deleted accounts.

IF you have innocently joined and not soon after have been deleted, then let us know!! And we'll reactivate the account. Or, just join again with another name and put NoSpAm in one of the profile fields, ..we'll see it and know what it means.

We have a script which runs through the accounts and flags up likely bot and spam accounts.

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