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Re: Atari Inc.: Business is Fun

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Gryzor wrote: Sat Mar 26, 2022 8:24 am Of course I know how Bushnell went on with his ventures after being ousted from Atari, but this is just off topic. 25 pages of it. CEC is not part of the Atari history, in which it's just an interesting foot note. It may be meaningful to you, but it's just page filling here.
It is actually quite relevant to Atari history, as can bee seen on the the characters are copyrights to Atari. Sure, it may seem confusing, but Atari also MADE a sit down cocktail cabinet specifically FOR the Pizza Time Theatre. It may not be completely related to Atari, but it IS part of its history.
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Re: Atari Inc.: Business is Fun

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1st1 wrote: Sat Mar 26, 2022 9:49 am Hello, I know, the author CV has passed away, but is there any plan to use his materials to make the 2nd part of the series, Business s War? I would be still very interested to read that book.
Only Marty Goldberg can replay...

They (Curt and Marty) have Atari documentation that no one else have so... I hope he will write second part of Atari history.

Howard Rheingold have great inside story from Atari Inc.:
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