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Re: Sync-tricks/fullscreen discussion

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troed wrote: Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:33 pm Yesterday at Silly Venture 2022 Summer Edition, while not possible to understand from our release I think, I released a "new" update to what's possible and not possible using Shifter tricks.

Great find there.

I love it when someone picks up on a comment somewhere, tries it out and gets a result.

I hope this provides new possibilities for screen stability.

(Im also glad that you found a use for the reserved/unused ST mode; PPera almost bit my head off when I asked about the TT ones, so thank you! :lol: )

Anyway, Im looking forwards to the demo release for this technique. I have a MST ready, with several CRTs available, including a 15-31khz multisync/scan, so should be able to test the demos for any sync bending you do. :)
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