Atari VCF-West Exhibits Needed !

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Atari VCF-West Exhibits Needed !

Post by KLund1 »

Vintage Computer Festival 2022 West has been Announced. It would be really cool if the Atari Community could do a 'Take Over' of this show.

Similar to the Apple 1 exhibit of 20+ systems the VCF were able to to a couple years ago.

It would be really cool if the Atari Community could surreptitiously take over this show with a huge number of unique Atari exhibits! Anything from Pong to Jaguar. Pick your machine or timeline, all great!

The West coast, Bay Area, is where it all stated. So this show is the best place to show off what our systems can really do.

I'd Like to invite any Amiga exhibits also, as they are a close relative to the Atari 8-bit line!

Sign up for your table(s) below. The more the better!! ... -exhibits/
UPDATED: Falcon 030(FX-1)(CF int & removable SD), MSTE 4+PS3000 4160STE 2.06+HDFD STacy4-internal-USD 1040STFM+I.B.Driver-5.25"FDD 1040STF 1040ST 520ST-AdSpeed 400-48k 800+810x2+820+822+825+830+835+850, 800XL+IndusGT 600XL 130XE+XF551x2 Portfolio 1200XL APE(Warp+32in1 OS SuperVideo 2.1 256k RAMBO)+1050x2 USD'd+SIO2PC, PC1+PCH204+PCM124+PCF554x2
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Re: Atari VCF-West Exhibits Needed !

Post by lp »

Hope to make it to VCF-East this year.
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