Happy Birthday Atari

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Atari freak
Atari freak
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Happy Birthday Atari

Post by niki »

Hello i love all my ATARI Machines-

I Started in 1982 with Atari!!

1 Atari 800XL 320KB Floppy 1050 with dual Happy/Speedy Menue
2 2600 Konsole
3 1200XL
4 130XE And XE Gamesystem
5 Many 8-Bit Machines
6 Atari 520ST 1040STF 1040 STE 4MB TOS 2.06 HD Floppydrive And Megafile 44
7 Jaguar with CD Drive
8 Lynx II
9 Atari Falcon 030 14MB 4GB HD Drive CD Writer TOS 4.04

Thats All My 800XL/STE/Falcon on my Table and Working evry Day
Forever Atari
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Atari freak
Atari freak
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Re: Happy Birthday Atari

Post by NonToXIC »

Nice collection niki!

I started quite late, in about 2004-2005 with a 260 ST (yes!) and a non-functioning floppy drive (the belt had snapped, I think). I did have a color monitor though. I just sat there and looked at the desktop for hours!

Then I got a 520 STFM with lots of floppies from my uncle. What amazing joy. I made the mistake of letting an acquaintance borrow the computer and I never saw it again.

Years later, in about 2010-2011, I got myself a 520 STFM with 1 MB RAM. And then a 1040 STFM in 2020. Currently enjoying games and applications on my Samsung Hitron Black CRT TV through the RF modulator and with a perfectly working floppy disk drive. For me, loading programs via the FDD is essential to the Atari experience. That's why I also got the SuperCard Pro in 2021 so I can enjoy preserving and restoring original disks too.
520 STFM w/ 1 MB RAM and tons of floppies with Automation menus on them. What joy!
1040 STFM
SuperCard Pro
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