In-line help in FORTH


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In-line help in FORTH

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I started adding a quick help for every FORTH word (it's a long work, there are 873 words..!)

You just quote a word and type help, and you get the syntax, for example you want to know how works the case/endcase structure.
Just type:

Code: Select all

'case help
And you get the explanation.
If you ask help on help, you get some informations (the HYP reader and the number of words concerned by help.)

You can replace help with guide:

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'case guide
and this time, ST-Guide or HypView is open with the correct page. This allows you to go on browsing for more informations. The viewer can be installed as an ACCessory or directly called by FORTH in Multitasking environment (if you provide the correct path in FORTH.INI).
For now, the help feature works very well (in French and in English), the guide feature has some problems as FORTH doesn't manage correctly the GEM events. I have to work on that!

This is version 0.4.1 considered as a Beta version as long as the help file is not complete.

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