TOS Version Detection in STOS

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TOS Version Detection in STOS

Post by mlynn1974 »

I have written a small routine to detect the version of TOS. This was for a MegaST without a keyboard so I could run it from the Auto Folder.
Sysinfo would not run from the Auto folder. The attached PRG has been patched by the STOS 2.06 fixer.

Hopefully someone might find this useful. For TOS 1.62 the minor number is stored in hexadecimal not binary coded decimal.
Does this look OK?

Code: Select all

10 hide : key off : mode 0 : curs off : flash off : click off : mouseoff 
20 X=leek(4) : rem ** major, minor, ram size, hw
30 BA=X and $FFFFFF00
40 T1=peek(BA+2)
50 T2=peek(BA+3)
60 T1M$=str$(T1)
70 if T2<10 then T2M$="0"+right$(str$(T2),1) else T2M$=right$(hex$(T2),2)
80 TV$=T1M$+"."+T2M$
90 print "TOS VERSION:"+TV$
100 wait key 
110 default : mouseon : stop
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