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A.I.W is an image manipulation and conversion tool that can convert images (truecolors or colormap images) to Atari 16 colors format - it can write the result in .PI1 (degas) and .NEO (neochrome) formats. The image formats A.I.W knows are : BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, NEO, PI1, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA & TIF.

This program works on Windows platforms and is based on the GFL SDK library, written by Pierre-Étienne Gougelet, author of XnView which is a really excellent image viewer and conversion tool. However, the conversion to the Atari ST's 16 colors was not precise enough to me - that's why I decided to code some color quantization algorithms. The GFL SDK library is used in A.I.W for reading and writing images but the color conversion algorithms and scripting tools are mine.

For more information on GFL SDK and XnView, visit their [site]

Working Modes

A.I.W offers you two ways for converting images:

Direct mode - you load the image into A.I.W and then use the different menus to resize, quantize and save the resulting image - that's OK for one image, but may be laborious for many images!

Script mode - to my sense, the more interesting mode - open A.I.W's script editor, write your script, and apply it to a group of images - you can save, load and modify the script parameters and launch it on the current image, or on a sequence of images.

(c) - 2003 - florent coste - website no longer available

(proper English & grammar checking by Muguk, 10/10/2007)

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