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Wiki back online in 2024!

Exxos acquired the original wiki database, albeit with certain conditions, to revive its online presence. This proved to be a remarkable endeavor due to the millions of spam posts, links, and users that plagued the original wiki. The process of filtering out legitimate content while eradicating spam necessitated a significant investment of time, ingenuity, and creativity. Specialized scripts were developed, and a thorough understanding of the Mediawiki database structure was essential for the reverse engineering required to implement these scripts. Exxos is currently hosting the wiki and has implemented superior anti-spam protection measures.

This wiki is in no way affiliated with Atari Interactive.

Before 2023

Myself & Silver Surfer started this a while ago and were joined in the task by Daeghano and her in-depth knowledge of all things font-related and Linux-based.

Please note that myself (Mug U.K - AF Id: muguk) and Silver Surfer will be the only super users on this Wiki.

I hope to be able to take a back seat and let this loose amongst you all to see what (if anything) happens. But I'll be waving my big red pen on any pages which aren't Atari-related but I hope you'll all police these pages properly yourself.

Now it's your turn! We want this to become the main point of information for all Atarians.