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Atari Picture File Viewer for Windows

This program allows you to convert single (or in batch mode) almost any Atari ST picture format into standard Windows BMP format.

Current version: v4.1

  • File association. Click on an Atari picture file and the program will automatically start and display the picture.
  • Drag and drop. Just drag an Atari picture file onto the program and it will be displayed.
  • Slide show with adjustable delay time.
  • Resizable viewing window. The Atari formats are small compared to the resolution of modern PCs.
  • Picture Conversion. Save an Atari picture as a Windows bitmap picture.
  • Batch conversion of the Atari pictures into Windows bitmap format.
  • Print an Atari picture from the program. Adjustable size printing.
  • Paste into the Windows clipboard. Allows you to edit or save to other formats using your favorite Windows art package.
  • Try clicking on the Atari icons in the help section for a bit of fun!

The program can display the following formats:-

  • Neochrome. Low resolution.
  • Tiny. All resolutions.
  • Degas Uncompressed. All resolutions.
  • Degas Compressed. All resolutions.
  • Spectrum 512
  • Spectrum 512 Compressed.
  • Spectrum Smooshed (Some files. See plea for help below.)
  • Crack Art. All resolutions.
  • Quantum Paint. 4096 / 512 / 128 colour low resolution and 32 colour medium resolution
  • Mac Paint. (Not an Atari format but I was asked to include it.)

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