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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a demo? Always wanted to create a neat scroller on your ST, but never found any decent info on how to do it? You wanna learn more on how some of the best ST games come to life?

Hi, my name is Andreas Wahlin. Just imagine me swinging towards you, smile flashing, like some American lawyer trying to sell you soap. I’m not trying to sell you soap though, I’m simply introducing my programming tutorials to you. I had an Atari when I was very young, I’m 22 now, and most I did was play on it. Later on, it was sold and a PC bought, I guess many of you have gone through that. Then, about three years ago, I found "The Little Green Desktop" and my Atari interest sparkled once again.

With that interest also came an ambition to learn how to do all that cool stuff I see, demos, games and making cracked game menus. I was fascinated at the skill the programmers who did all this. So, I looked around for some programming tutorials to learn. I borrowed some M68K books. The only tutorial I found that had some span, was the demo tutorial from James Ingram, that one was really to hard. The M68K books were designed with only the M68K processor in mind, and didn’t tell me anything about how to use this on an Atari. All in all, I found that the stuff was good, but I wanted a guiding hand.

After many tears and much sweat, I’ve managed to get myself somewhere, and now I want to guide you through the beginning stages and beyond. I’m still a beginner myself, so in order to sort out what I know and don’t know, I decided to write beginners tutorials in Atari assembly programming. Since I’m a beginner to, feedback is very welcome; I will update the tutorials if anything is unclear or bad. So far, Maarten Martens have proved invaluable in giving me feedback and now he’s made me a member of his team, hosting my stuff.

Andreas 12/04/2002