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Archive-name: csas-faq/part1


  1. Some layout differ from original text version due to wiki formatting limitation.
  2. The hardware and software vendors mentioned in this FAQ may no longer be selling Atari products. The vendor information are outdated.

Welcome to! Please read this FAQ before posting a question to, since a lot of common questions are answered here.

Thanks to David Paschall-Zimbel ( for compiling most of this FAQ.

Entries are dated by the last change. ??.??.?? means they were last changed before the dates were added.

Welcome to (93.06.11)

This newsgroup is devoted to discussion about 16 and 32 bit Atari micros. At present that includes the Atari 520ST, 1040ST, Mega ST, STe, STacy, Mega STe, TT, and Falcon. There are also emulators for the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC/XT/AT available.

Most of the people who read this newsgroup are technically oriented. The newsgroup serves as a resource for Atari users ... feel free to contribute to the discussions.

Associated newsgroups include:

  • ! uuencoded binary programs
  •  ! technical programming/hardware topics
  •  ! uuencoded/shar sources

Hints from Emily Postnews

(Thanks to John Henders ( for this bit of _humor_.)

Emily Postnews Visits ( Due to popular demand, (well at least one persone asked anyways), Emily has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer a few commonly asked questions specific to )

Dear Emily.
Some Amiga user is raving on about how wonderful his computer is, and how awful mine is. What should I do?
signed My Computer is NOT a Toy.

Dear My Computer, etc,etc.
Many people's egos are so tied to their possessions, they have to affirm their existance by raving about the superiority of their machine to anyone who will listen. You should immediately flame these people into cinders, using every rumour or misconception you've ever heard about their brand of computer, as this will cause lots of posts, and develop into a massive flame war, which is one of the main reasons most people read If this didn't happen every six months, everybody would unsubscibe to this newsgroups from boredom.

Or, you could put comp.sys.amiga.advocacy in the Followup to: line, and any article replying to yours would go to the newsgroup designed for this discussion.

Or, if your newsreader supports it, you could build a KILL FILE, which eliminates any post that has the word Amiga in it.

Kill files can be created in rn and trn by hitting the 'K' key. This will make a kill file based on the article you were reading at the time. Then control K will put that file in the editor for you to play with. You use the same regexp commands here that are in rn. For example. /[Ff]oo/h:j would search all headers of unread articles for both Foo and foo, and junk them. Check the docs for your newsreader for further details.

Dear Emily.
I like flame wars, and want to start one of my own, so my name will be as famous as Richard Covert's.
Signed, Too much Time on My Hands.

Dear Too much time.
Sorry it took so long to reply, but Richard's in my kill file and someone had to forward your post to me, or I'd never have seen it.

Flame wars are fun. They're the main reason people creted Usenet, and should be encouraged at every opertunity.

Some of the most common tricks for starting flame wars are as follows.

  1. Post a note in another newsgroup telling all the users there that they own a piece of junk, and if they had a half a brain, they'd have the same computer you do, as it's obviously the best.
  2. Toss a bit of slander against another computer in a totally unrelated post. This guarantees a follow up, even if your original post wasn't of any interest.
  3. Create a signature file that has a put down of another computer in it. This will get flame wars going in threads that have completely unrelated Subject: lines, thus slipping through all but he most exacting kill files.

I hope you find these tips handy in creating your next flame war. And just remember, your computer MUST be the best, after all, it's yours.

What books are available for the Atari ST? (93.06.11)

The (Almost) Complete Guide to Atari Reference Books

Atari Coropration
1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

  • Atari TOS Developer's Kit - Atari has now make the developer's documentation public (meaning you don't have to be 'a developer' to buy it). See DEV above for more information.

Atari UK Software Support
Atari, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough, BERKS, United Kingdom, SL2 5BZ
Tel 0753 53344
"A few people have asked for more info on the release by Atari UK of the programming docs. They have been released as 5 books."

  1. Programming Guides GEMDOS/BIOS & general programming. 238 pages. #29.99.
    (# = the British pound). Still Another Line A Doc (SALAD), Intelligent keyboard protocol, chkdsk3 docs, midi assoc address sheet.
  2. Programming Guides New machines. 184 pages. #29.99.
    Rainbow TOS release notes, STE developers addendum, STE TOS release notes, TT030 TOS release notes, TT030 hardware ref manual, VMS expansion for TT & MegaSTe. Includes 2 disks of utilities, examples, xcontrol & docs.
  3. Programming Guides - GEM VDI
  4. Programming Guides - GEM AES - combined books. 514 pages. #49.99
    All the above together #99.99
  5. Hardware and Chip Specs. 228 pages. #29.99
    Engineering hardware spec, ACSI, MC6850, 68901, ay3-8910, wd1770, blitter Monitor & cartridge port. Also schematics.

[Info from a posting by Iain Laskey dated 30 Nov 1991]

Compute! Publications,Inc.
PO Box 5406,Greensboro NC, 27403(919-275-9809)

  1. Computes Technical Refence Guide Volume One. VDI
    Sheldon Leeman
    ISBN 0-87455-093-9
  2. Computes Technical Refence Guide Volume Two. AES
    Sheldon Leeman
    ISBN 0-87455-114-5
  3. Computes Technical Refence Guide Volume Three. TOS
    Sheldon Leeman
    ISBN 0-87455-149-8
  4. Learning C. Programming Graphics on the Amiga and Atari ST.
    Marc B. Sugiyama and Christopher D. Metcalf
    ISBN 0-87455-064-5
  5. Compute's ST Applications Guide. Programming in C
    Simon Feild,Kathleen Mandis and Dave Myers
    ISBN 0-87455-078-5

Scott,Foresman and Company.
Professional Publishing Group, 1900 East Lake Avenue,Glenville IL, 600025

  1. Learning C on the Atari ST
    Joseph Boyle Wikert
    ISBN 0-673-18738-1

Sybex Inc.
2344 Sixth St., Berkely,CA, 94710

  1. Programmers Guide To GEM
    Phillip Balma and William Fitler
    ISBN 0-553-34397-1

Taylor Ridge Books
PO Box 48, Manchester, Connecticut (no zip listed) usa, 203)643-9673

  1. C-manship Complete, $19.95
    Calyton Walnum
    No ISBN

"a decent book on programming your st gem/aes/vdi plus other stuff that is based on the 31 articles that Clayton Walnum wrote for Analog. It was written on a mega 4 with Calamus."

Addison-Wesley Pub.

  1. 68000 Assembly Language
    Donal Kantz & James Stanley
    ISBN 0-201-11659-6

"An interesting book on 68000 for the Atari (and amiga too, but both in the abstract)"

  1. Assembly Language Programming
    Robert Arp
    Disk archives, not published in paper at this time.

"It is an excellent guide to assembly languuage programming. It is very large and takes quite a while to make a hard copy if you desire to do so. The file names are arp68k-book.tar (the text) and arp68k-pix.Z.tar (.img files to go along with the text)."


Abacus Software,Inc.
5370 52nd Street,S.E. Grand Rapids,MI 49508

  1. Atari ST Internals
    K Gerits,L. Englisch and R. Bruckmann
    ISBN 0-916439-46-1
  2. Atari ST GEM Programmers Reference
    Norbert Szczepanowski and Bernt Gunther
    ISBN 0-916439-52-6
  3. Atari ST 3d Graphics Programming
    Uwe Braun
    ISBN 0-916439-69-0
  4. Atari ST Disk Drives Inside and Out
    Uwe Brawn,Stephan Dittrich and Axel Schramm
    ISBN 0-916439-84
  5. Atari ST Machine Language
    B.Grohmann,P.eidler and H.Slibar
    ISBN 0-916439-48-8
  6. Atari ST Introduction to MIDI Programming
    Len Dorfman and Dennis Young
    ISBN 0-916439-77-1

Bantam Books,Inc.
666 5th Avenue New York,New York 10103

  1. Atari ST Application Programming
    Lawrence J. Pollack and Eric J.T.Weber
    ISBN 0-553-34397-1

This List can be freely distributed and added to All I ask is that people identify the added information as their own John Henders

  • On Usenet uunet!ubc-cs!van-bc!jhenders
  • On ForumST John henders@448
  • On GEnie c/o D.LEMAY2

C-Manship & 68000 Assembley Language suggested by Joe Gaudreau [DPZ]
Robert Arp's Assembley Language book suggested by David P. Forrai [DPZ]

How do I become a developer for the Atari ST? (93.06.11)

Contact Bill Rehbok, (408)745-2022


Bill can explain the program to you, and send an information packet if you desire.

Atari has gone to a 2-tier developer membership. The 'higher quality' developer support goes to commercial developers, and costs $250. The 'no-hand-holding, no announcement of company future products, no access to discounted hardware' goes to noncommercial developers, at an initial cost of $125, plus $50 renewal fee each year.

Both tiers receive the ST/TT Developer Kit and all developers have to fill in an application form and a non-disclosure agreement. Contact Bill for more information.

Atari is now selling the developer's kit (or parts of it) seperately. No project-in-development or non-disclosure agreement is necessary.

What do the bombs on my screen mean?

What does TOS ERROR nn mean?

The information below was written, in part, by Darryl May, and posted on GEnie in January (of ????) by John Townsend. The original also appeared in the June 1988 issue of _Current Notes_ (122 N. Johnson Rd., Sterling, VA 22170). It has since found its way to me, and is being posted to as a service to readers.

Alan Pratt wrote to tell me that the basic information may be correct, but that it cannot be dubbed "official" unless it originates, on paper, from Atari. This makes sense, as electronic communications are easily modified, even accidentally.

Roland Waldi provided information regarding the difference between TOS and GEM return codes which appears to be correct. The tables have been modified to reflect his information.

The following is an unofficial list of the errors that can appear while you are operating your ST computer.

Error description         return code      alert box #
OK (no error)....................0
Fundamental error...............-1
Drive not ready.................-2
Unknown command.................-3
CRC error.......................-4
Bad request.....................-5
Seek error......................-6
Unknown media...................-7
Sector not found................-8
No paper........................-9
Write fault....................-10
Read fault.....................-11
General error..................-12
Write protect..................-13
Media change...................-14
Unknown device.................-15
Bad sectors on format..........-16
Insert other disk..............-17
Invalid function number........-32............1
File not found.................-33............2
Path not found.................-34............3
No handles left................-35............4
Access denied..................-36............5
Invalid handle.................-37............6
Insufficient memory............-39............8
Invalid memory block address...-40............9
Invalid drive specified........-46...........15
No more files..................-49...........18
Range error....................-64...........33
Internal error.................-65...........34
Invalid program load format....-66...........35

The last code is the infamous "TOS error 35"!

Also, some unofficial information via Alan Pratt:

Notably, you should add -48: ENSAME (not the same drive, occurs when you call Frename and the two names you give aren't on the same drive), and -67: EGSBF: you can't use Mshrink to GROW a block of memory.

Those bombs that appear on your screen are error messages from the 68000 micro-processor.

         Description                     of bombs
            Reset: Initial PC2...............1
            Bus Error........................2
            Address Error....................3
            Illegal Instruction..............4
            Zero Divide......................5
            CHK Instruction..................6
            TRAPV Instruction................7
            Privilege Violation..............8
            Line 1010 Emulator..............10
            Line 1111 Emulator..............11
            [unassigned, reserved]..........12
            [unassigned, reserved]..........13
            Format Error....................14
            Uninitialized Interrupt Vector..15
            [unassigned, reserved].......16-23
            Spurious Interrupt..............24
            Level 1 Interrupt Autovector....25
            Level 2 Interrupt Autovector....26
            Level 3 Interrupt Autovector....27
            Level 4 Interrupt Autovector....28
            Level 5 Interrupt Autovector....29
            Level 6 Interrupt Autovector....30
            Level 7 Interrupt Autovector....31
            Trap Instruction Vectors.....32-47
            [unassigned, reserved].......48-63
            User Interrupt Vectors......64-255

What is Free-Net and how can I get access?

A "Remodeled" Atari S.I.G. Opens

By now many of you have heard of the Cleveland Freenet, or more specifically the Atari S.I.G. on the Cleveland Freenet. For those who haven't, the Cleveland Freenet is an experimental computer system providing free public community telecomputing. Basically, it's a lot like a public library of the future. Many of these systems are popping up all over the country. Don't be surprised if one pops up in your neighborhood in the future.

Recently the Atari SIG has undergone a significant face-lift. All the regular areas are intact including its news sections, user group newsletter, online magazine sections, general as well as specific computer discussion boards (8 bit, 16/32 bit, Lynx, Portfolio), and our weekly Sunday night multi-chat conference.

The conference starts at 8pm EST sharp and is on channel "+Ataricon". What the staff at the Atari SIG has added, has given the Atari SIG the potential to cover all grounds of Atari and its related products.

The most noticeable addition to the Atari SIG is the Programming and Development Forum. This forum is intended to be used by developers, professional programmers, and Atari hackers (the old definition of "hacker") as a means to share ideas, help each other out, and find out the latest technical information on Atari's products. This board is ran by newly acquired SIG Operator, Peter Haller, a professional programmer who is running developer sections on hardware and software development, programming, MIDI applications development, Graphics Design, plus many other sections that can definitely become a programmer and developer's dream come true!

Last, but definitely not least, the Atari SIG has a restructured Product Info and Support Board and a new Special Applications Board. The Support Board includes a vast library of support lists. These lists range anywhere from phone numbers of Atari dealers and producers, to software reviews for 8 bit, 16/32 bit, Lynx, and Portfolio software. To sum it all up this area covers what's out there, who makes it, and how to get it for all Atari products. The Special Applications Board is just starting out. Currently there is an area for users of MIDI on the ST. MIDI users are encouraged to use this as a means to discuss MIDI related topics. This section is expected to expand in the future.

Accessing the Atari SIG has never been easier. One can access it via Internet by telenet'ing to or "" or by calling (216) 368-3888 300/1200/2400 bps. Once on the system, a user can apply for an account application and logon as a visitor. Once here, simply type "Go Atari" to get to the Atari SIG. A visitor can go anywhere on the Freenet and can read anything. They can't post messages until they get their permanent accounts, however.

For additional information on obtaining access to Freenet write to myself via the e-mail addresses above or by writing the SIG at its US mail address:

              The Atari SIG
              P.O. Box 21815
              Cleveland, OH 44121 USA

Lastly, a freenet application is available in the mail by writing a request to the above address if you rather not download it from Freenet.

The Atari SIG is ready to serve the thousands of Atarians throughout the world. We look forward to seeing you all real soon! Remember the staff of the Atari SIG are volunteering their time for no pay and the Cleveland Freenet, as well as the Atari S.I.G., is a non-profit organization existing for the free exchange of information.

Mark Leair
Atari SIG Public Relations

Internet e-mail:
CIS e-mail  : internet>

What magazines are available for the Atari ST? (93.09.04)

If you've got updates, mini-reviews, or more information on other magazines, please send them to me via e-mail. As always, WRITE to a company before sending them money for a subscription.

US mags:

  1. AtariUser, published by Quill Publishing Company
    • Cover Price: US $1.00 Canada $1.45 UK 1.50 (AtariUser is available for free [$6.00/50 magazine shipping charge] from participating computer dealers, bookstores & user groups!)
    • Subcription Rate: $21.30 US Bulkrate, $41.30 US First Class.
    • Address: AtariUser, 113 W. College Street, Covina, CA 91723 USA
  2. Current Notes, published by Current Notes Inc.
    • Cover Price: US $3.95
    • Subscription Rate: $27.00/year (Atari clubs registered with Current Notes may subscribe at $23.00/year) US, $35.00/year (Canadian club members at $31/year) Canadian, Foreign rate $44/year.
    • Address: Current Notes Inc., 122 N. Johnson Rd., Sterling, VA 22170 USA
  3. Atari Interface:
    • Write for a free sample copy of the Atari Interface magazine
      (Unicorn Publications, 3487 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108)
    • AIM is soon to be available in Canada, Europe and Mexico, and should be in all local WaldenSoftware stores and many bookstores. If your "local" Atari dealer doesn't have it, he should be able to get it for you...

UK Mags:
(Thanks to Sam Marshall <> and Kevin Busby <> for some of the info here.)

  1. ST Applications:
    • formerly the ST Club Newsletter, this is now the only non-games mag in the UK (although see ST World below). Approx. 4,500 copies per issue sold. News, reviews, interviews, tech tips, general forum, programmers' forum, PD catalogue. DTP'd on an ST. Retains a 'user-driven' feel. Recommended. The associated ST Club runs a PD distribution service and distributes a couple of commercial programs too (Fontkit Plus, UIS III, Molgraph, CRL Virus Killer, etc.).
    • Address: ST Club, 2 Broadway, Nottingham, NG7 1PS, UK.
    • 12 issue Subscription now:
      • UK: #26.50 (With Disk 6 Mags) #18.00 (Without Disk Mags)
      • Europe (air) #30.50 (With Disk 6 Mags) #21.00 (Without Disk Mags)
      • World (air) #38.50 (With Disk 6 Mags) #31.00 (Without Disk Mags)
  2. ST World:
    • formerly the leading UK non-games mag. Became a quarterly 'buyer's guide' in Autumn 90.
  3. ST Format
    • all-purpose 150-page monthly, mainly aimed at young people. Lively, but of uneven quality. Big leisure section, but other areas covered too. Includes cover disk - mix of games demos and (usually out of date) PD utilities. Probably the biggest-selling UK ST mag. Has had several public rows with Atari UK.
    • Future Publishing, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6TB Tel. 0458 74011 Fax 0458 74378
  4. Atari ST User:
    • like ST Format. Generally (amongst online users) thought to be not quite as good.
  5. ST Action:
    • games, games and more games. And games.
  6. Atari ST Review:
    • Lots of info, more mature editorial style than Format, but not so polished. 1 cover disk per issue.
    • Subscriptions: PO Box 500, Leicester, LE99 0AA. Tel: 0858 410510.

There are also, I think, some MIDI mags with strong ST content. I don't have their names.

German Mags:
ST-Magazin, TOS, and ST-Computer united in August 1993 to the "ST Computer", which is the only remaining magazine in Germany.
(I don't know if the following info still holds, then. --Steven)

  1. ST Computer:
    • 11 issues/year, typical around 180 pages
    • Subscription: DM 80 (domestic), DM 100 (normal mail), DM 130 (air mail)
    • Address: Heim Verlag, Heidelberger Landstr. 194, D-6100 Darmstadt 13 GERMANY

French Mags:

  1. ST Magazine
    • Monthly in French. Oriented towards developers, professional users. Comes with a disk each month.
    • ST Magazine - 10, rue Hegesippe Moreau - 75018 Paris - France (French Teletel users: 3615 Teletel access, code STMAG)
  2. STart Micro
    • Monthly, includes a cover disk. 11 issues per year. 64 + 16 (separated) pages.
    • Price: FF38 per issue, subscription: FF360. Subjects: Desktop publishing, graphics, initiations to C and GFA Basic, survey of outcoming software, music, folders. Minitel access: 3615 code ATARI.
    • Address: FC Press, 57 rue Danton, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

Dutch Mags

  1. ST
    • published by Stichting ST , postbus 11129 2301 EC Leiden the Netherlands
    • cover price: fl 6,95
    • Independent magazine by and for atari ST users. covers all different topics from applications to games and hardware. 60 pages.
    • 6 times a year. One year subscription fl 35,- black and white pages.
  2. Atacom
    • by Atari Club Groningen.
    • Never seen this one. I suppose you have to be a member of the club or so.
    • price is fl 4,95.
    • Adress of the club: Atari Club Groningen, Postbus 9164, 9703 LD Groningen, the Netherlands.
  3. Atari Nieuws
    • by Atari ST computer club Nederland
    • News paper sized publication. Lots of colour on newspaper pages. Not too many pages though.
    • price is fl 3,95 (cheap cheap) monthly publication.
    • adress: ACN, Postbus 5011, 2000 CA Haarlem, the Netherlands.
  4. GFA-info,
    • by GFA gg (usergroup)
    • Publication of the GFA-basic usergroup. This group has a lot of mainly educational software available.
    • price is fl 5,00
    • adress: GFA gg, Frankrijklaan 14, 2034 BA Haarlem, the Netherlands
  5. ST News,
    • by Stichting Computers Eindhoven
    • This is an electronic magazine. It has been around for about 6 years now and is completely in English!!! The first issues were in Wordplus format back in 1986 but from the 6th issue on it included a reader program both for color and monochrome. Even with music.
    • price is fl 10,00
    • adress: S.C.E., Kornoeljelaan 22, 5552 RC Valkenswaard

Swiss mags:

  1. Atari ST News Schweiz
    • Dutch Atari ST Nieuws translated into German for the Swiss :-)

TIPS AND HINTS from other users (93.06.11)

  1. Any 'multisync' monitor which handles 70 video fields a second can be used with the ST; the custom cable involves no tricks, or commercial ones are available. The original NEC multisync does NOT handle 70 fields a sec.
  2. More than 3 bombs often means more than 1 error, so interpretations are tricky.
  3. An ST-formatted disk which is not readable by a PC can be made readable by putting the 3 bytes EB 34 90 (those were 3 bytes of hex) at the beginning of the boot sector (sector 1 of track 0). This can be done with either an ST or PC absolute sector editor. The Desktop of TOS 1.4 and higher does this automatically.
  4. Some (older) PC-3.5"-drives cannot deal with the short track-header produced by ST formatters. On those drives, ST-formatted disks are not readable, independent of their boot sector contents. The other way, however, does always work: format on the PC.
  5. When using disks formatted on a PC in an ST, make sure to insert and access a disk with a different serial number in between disk changes.
  6. For those with the 'inaccessible' mouse and joystick ports, a joystick extender cable will make life easier. The Y-cable joystick extenders make it extremely easy to keep mouse and joystick connected to port 0, and a joystick extender cable in port 1 makes for easy hookup after you've moved the machine.
  7. BARREL is a program which can redirect printer-data to a file. It comes in handy when your printer is unavailable, and the program does not already have an option to 'print-to-a-file'. (It is available on the atari.archive server.)
  8. DBLEFEAT is a program which can redirect disk access from, say, drive A to drive B. Handy when a program 'hard-codes' the data drive, and you wish to use your hard drive instead. (It is available on the atari.archive server.)
  9. On the Desktop, holding the right mouse button allows you to manipulate files in other windows. This is useful for a number of reasons. An example is this: say D:\BLAH.ARC is a file you would like to extract to D:\, but ARC.TTP is on C:\. Top D:\'s window, then hold the right button while double-clicking ARC.TTP in an inactive window.

Where can I get copies of ZNET?

ZNET is now Atari Explorer Online. Please see EXPLOR for more info.

Where can I get copies of Atari Explorer Online?

Atari Explorer Online magazine is available on CompuServe and GEnie. You can also get copies mailed to you by sending an e-mail message to

indicating you wish to subscribe.

They won't get to you on Friday (which is when they're posted), but Greg Lindahl provides an excellent service to the networking community by sending these out.

Atari Explorer Online and some information from the Current Notes user magazine are also available from the atari.archive server under /atari/magazines.

Where can I get Public Domain/Shareware software? (93.06.11)

There are FTP sources and a mail server. You can also try the commercial on-line services such as GEnie, CompuServe, Delphi and Bix.

Using FTP, most files should be retrieved in BINARY format (at least those ending with the suffix of .ZIP, .ARC, .LZH, .ZOO, .PRG, .TTP, .TOS)

Mail servers encode files. You will need a program called 'uudecode' in order to change files ending with the suffix .UUE (or .UAB, .UAC, etc.) into their original form.

E-Mail file servers
Spud holds all of the / postings. If you aren't reading these two newsgroups, you should consider doing so. You may obtain uuencoded files as e-mail. You can obtain a help file by mailing a message to, with the main body of the message being the word 'help'.
The atari.archive server is mentioned many times in this article. It contains a multitude of Atari ST PD and shareware programs. If you don't have access via FTP you can obtain many of the files via e-mail. You should first obtain a help file by mailing a message to, with the main body of the message being the word 'help.'. If you are from a uucp site, please enclose this statement also 'path host1!host2!....', where host1!host2!... is your path. Please read the help file completely before you ask questions, and then send any you may have to Any questions about the archive or specific files go to (or,,, or :-)
This is a UK public domain archive, available to sites within the UK via via JANET.
This is a german public domain archive. This only has and
Same place as above, but this one carries other software than just and (or uunet!mcsun!hp4nl!ruuinf!mail-server):
send the following message

   send ATARI-ST/index


The path command can be deleted if we receive a valid from address in your message. If this is the first time you use our mail server, we suggest you first issue the request:

   send HELP

Mail messages with the contents HELP will bring you some usage information and GET PROG-A16 FILELIST will provide you with a list of files. Subscriptions to INFO-A16 are also available on this server. INFO-A16 is a digest of messages from

Anonymous FTP servers (93.05.05)

Note: The generally accepted practice for FTP use is as follows:

  1. Limit access times to non-working hours. This is usually 6-8 pm to 8-9 am LOCAL time. LOCAL time means local to the computer you are accessing! For example, 4 P.M. in Minneapolis, Minnesota is 10 P.M. in England, and 10 A.M. in Germany is 4 A.M. in New York.
  2. Once you connect, issue the following commands at your FTP prompt:
    • user anonymous
    • <YOUR e-mail address should be entered at the Password: prompt)
    • ls
    • cd <to the appropriate directory>
  3. Limit downloads, especially across the ocean. Remember, there are other people who are using the same lines as you.

Atari FTP sites (the list is -not- exhaustive)

  • []
  • (available to UK users via JANET)
    • Note: Access is a bit different for this archive site, use the following:

user pdsoft
pdsoft (at the Password prompt)

  • []
  • []

This site has a mirror of in /computing/systems/atari/umich.

Atari-related companies (93.10.02)

This is a (still under construction) list of companies and addresses that might be of use to Atari ST users. Please send me addresses for the blank ones on this list. See also IAAD, it lists many more companies that are not on this list.

Berkeley MicroSystems
P.O. Box 20119,Oakland, CA 94620
(510) 547 - 2191

E.A. Brown
3404 Pawnee Drive, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308
Info: 612-762-8847
Orders: 800-322-4405
Product: Software and Hardware distributor



Marvin AG

Matrix Datensystem
Talstrasse 16,7155 Oppenweiler, Germany
tel. 07191-4088
fax. 07191-4089

7101 Supra Drive, Tangent, Oregon 97389
(503) 967-9075

TKR GmbH & Co. KG
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Wittich Computer

Independent Atari Developers (93.09.04)

Each entry has the following format (when applicable):

    Company Name
    Member Name
    Mailing Address
    Product Names

The listing is provided below in ASCII format. An additional file is available in CardFile format. Please note that the product listing is not comprehensive nor detailed, and new products are continually released. Please feel free to contact individual members for information about their listed products. For more information about the IAAD, contact any Board Member.

IAAD Board Members:

    D.A. Brumleve, President
    James C Allen
    Nathan Potechin
    Nevin Shalit

Member Listing:

   Anthill Industries
   Judith Baumgardner
   P.O. Box 361
   Mt. Vernon OH 43050-9998 USA
   614 393 1524
   Apprentice Software
   James D Yegerlehner
   22205 Swan Road
   South Lyon MI 48178 USA
   313 437 0526
   Neural-network Construction Set
   Albert Baggetta
   P.O. Box 759
   Agawam MA 01001 USA
   Eliemouse Complimentary Coloring Book/The Comic Book Collector/
   The Mis-Adventures of Eliemouse/Shakespeare: The Sonnets
   Barefoot Software
   Brad Cox
   19865 Covellow Street
   Canoga Park CA 91306 USA
   818 727 0632 (fax)
   818 727 7143
   SMPTETrack/EditTrack/GenEdit/EZ Score+/Hybriswitch
   Beckemeyer Development Tools
   David Beckemeyer
   P.O. Box 21575
   Oakland CA 94620 USA
   510 530 0451 (fax)
   510 530 9637
   Hard Disk Sentry/Hard Disk Toolkit/SCSI Tape Kit
   Robert M Birmingham
   13630 SW 101 Lane
   Miami FL 33186-2814 USA
   305 385 1942
   Cali-Co. Superior Software
   Josh Snyder
   P.O. Box 9873
   Madison WI 53715 USA
   608 255 6523
   Mah-Jong Solitaire
   Canoe Computers
   Tony Ridley
   11006 150 Street
   Edmonton AB T5P 1S1 Canada
   403 487 6838
   FrankenSTein/Warp 16 Accelerator/Tiny Ram
   chro_MAGIC Software Innovations
   Jim Collins
   516 North Jackson
   Joplin MO 64801 USA
   417 623 7393
   Guitaristics/Pianistics/Pianistics Encyclopedia/Pianistics
   Clear Thinking
   Craig Harvey
   2753 Plymouth Road Suite 137
   Ann Arbor MI 48105 USA
   313 971 6035 (bbs)
   313 971 8671
   EdHak/Metapsychology Primer
   CodeHead Technologies
   John Eidsvoog, Charles Johnson
   P.O. Box 74090
   Los Angeles CA 90004 USA
   213 386 5789 (fax)
   213 461 2095 (bbs)
   213 386 5735
   G+Plus/MultiDesk Deluxe/HotWire/CodeKeys/CodeHead Utilities/
   Warp 9/Calligrapher/MaxiFile/Lookit & Popit/MIDIMax/MIDI Spy/
   Avant Vector/MegaPaint/Cherry Fonts/Genus Font Editor/
   TOS Extension Card
   Robert Engberson
   104 Esplanade Avenue Suite 121
   Pacifica CA 94044 USA
   415 355 0869 (fax)
   415 355 0862
   That's Write/Write On/C-Font/CompoScript/That's Address/Musicom/
   PC Speed/AT Speed/AT Speed C16
   Cybercube Research Ltd.
   Manfred Doewich
   126 Grenadier Crescent
   Thornhill ON L4J 7V7 Canada
   416 886 3261 (fax)
   416 882 0294
   CyReL SUNRISE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/
   CyReL SERENADE M16-1280 True Color High Resolution Graphics Card/
   CyReL VidiMix8 Desktop Video Module/CyReL Serial Mouse Manager/
   CyRel Palette Master
   D.A. Brumleve
   Dorothy A Brumleve
   P.O. Box 4195
   Urbana IL 61801-8820 USA
   217 367 9084 (fax)
   217 337 1937
   Kidpublisher Professional/Super Kidgrid/Kidpainter/Multiplay/
   Telegram/Creative Discovery Packet/Learning Games Packet
   DMC Publishing
   Nathan Potechin
   2800 John Street Unit 10
   Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada
   416 479 1882 (fax)
   416 479 1880
   Calamus 1.09N/Calamus SL & modules/Calamus Font Editor/
   The Guide to Calamus Desktop Publishing/Outline Art/
   Ditek International
   David Fletcher
   2800 John Street Unit 15
   Markham ON L3R 0E2 Canada
   416 479 1882 (fax)
   416 479 1990
   Dr. Bobware
   W. David Parks
   180 N. Hazeltine Avenue
   Campbell OH 44405-1024 USA
   216 743 4712
   ScanLite/MVG: MultiViewer Graphica/MVG Modules Disks 1, 2, & 3
   Elan Software
   Paul Dube
   550 Boul. Charest Est P.O. Box 30232
   Quebec G1K 8Y2 Canada
   418 683 9189 (fax)
   418 692 0565
   eSTeem, inc.
   Tom Nielsen
   72 Shades Crest Road
   Hoover AL 35226-1014 USA
   205 987 9208
   eSTeem PILOT
   Fair Dinkum Technologies
   John 'Hutch' Hutchinson
   P.O. Box 2
   Los Alamos NM 87544 USA
   505 662 7236
   CrossWord Creator II/Word Search Creator/Cryptographer/InfoDisk/
   Cyberdrome: The Hoverjet Simulator/Puzzle Pack
   FAST Technology
   James C Allen
   14 Lovejoy Road
   Andover MA 01810 USA
   508 475 3810 (fax)
   508 475 3810
   GT Software
   Tyson T Gill
   12114 Kirton Avenue
   Cleveland OH 44135-3612 USA
   216 252 4272
   CardFile (distr. by Gribnif)
   Gadgets by Small, Inc.
   David M Small
   40 West Littleton Blvd. #210-211
   Littleton CO 80120 USA
   303 791 0253 (fax)
   303 791 6098
   Spectre GCR
   Goldleaf Publishing Inc.
   Lauren Flanagan-Sellers
   700 Larkspur Landing Circle Suite 199
   Larkspur CA 94939 USA
   415 257 3515
   WordFlair II
   Gribnif Software
   Dan Wilga, Rick Flashman
   P.O. Box 779
   Northampton MA 01061 USA
   413 247 5622 (fax)
   413 247 5620
   NeoDesk 3/NeoDesk CLI/STalker 3/STeno/XBoot/CardFile 4/
   Convector Professional/Arabesque Professional/XBoot III/
   Crazy Dots 8/Crazy Dots 15
   Doug Harrison
   P.O. Box 66236
   Baton Rouge LA 70806-6236 USA
   Opus (shareware)/Lookit & Popit (distr. by CodeHead)
   Alex Kiernan, David Link, Dave Nutkins
   The Old School
   Greenfield Bedford MK45 5DE England
   +44 525 713716 (fax)
   +44 525 718181
   Devpac 3/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C/HighSpeed Pascal/FTL Modula-2/
   WERCS/Harlekin 2/HiSoft C/ProFlight/K-Spread/K-Comm/K-Word/K-Data
   (HiSoft products distr. by Oregon Research Associates)
   ICD, Inc.
   Tom Harker
   1220 Rock Street
   Rockford IL 61101 USA
   815 968 6888 (fax)
   815 968 2228
   The Link/AdSCSI Micro ST/AdSCSI ST/AdSCSI Plus ST/AdSpeed ST/
   AdSpeed STe/FA-ST Hard Drive Kit/FA-ST Tape Backup/Cleanup ST/
   ICD Professional Hard Drive Utilities/ICD Tape Backup Software/
   Advantage Micro ST/Advantage ST/Advantage Plus ST/STHA/
   Personal Pascal
   It's All Relative
   Gregory J Kopchak
   2233 Keevan Lane
   Florisant MO 63031 USA
   314 831 9482
   It's All Relative/BookMaker/Forecaster3/AbbreviatorST/
   Photo CD Conversion/Photo Show/View and Script/Kodak Photo CD
   JMG Software International, Inc.
   George Geczy, David Thompson
   892 Upper James Street
   Hamilton ON L9C 3A5 Canada
   416 575 0283 (fax)
   416 575 3201
   M.P. Graphics Systems
   Mario Perdue
   P.O. Box 501289
   Indianapolis IN 46250-6289 USA
   317 335 3775
   MS Design
   Henry Murphy, Carl Stanford
   611 West Illinois Street
   Urbana IL 61801 USA
   217 351 6412 (fax)
   217 384 8469
   FontPak 1 & 2/Wheeler Quick Art CD-ROM/
   Wheeler Quick Art Image Disks
   Medical Designs Software
   William Penner
   3235 Wright Avenue
   Bremerton WA 98310 USA
   206 479 2157 (bbs)
   206 373 4840
   Merlin Group, Inc.
   George Richardson
   96 Hoyt Street
   Kearny NJ 07032-3311 USA
   201 998 0932 (fax)
   201 998 4441
   Missionware Software
   John Trautschold
   354 N. Winston Drive
   Palatine IL 60067-4132 USA
   708 359 9565
   lottODDS/Printer Initializer/Flash II
   MUSICODE Software
   Melinda Turcsanyi
   P.O. Box 1109
   Oakhurst CA 93644 USA
   209 642 2380
   NewSTar Technology Management
   Charles Smeton
   P.O. Box 122
   Columbia MD 21045-0122 USA
   410 544 1329 (fax)
   410 544 6943
   The STraight FAX!
   Oregon Research Associates
   Bob Luneski
   16200 S.W. Pacific Highway Suite 162
   Tigard OR 97224 USA
   503 624 2940 (fax)
   503 620 4919
   Diamond Back II/Diamond Edge/Knife ST/Ultimate Virus Killer/
   DevPacST 3/DevPacTT/HiSoft BASIC 2/Lattice C 5.5/HiSoft C/
   HighSpeed Pascal/FTL Modula-2/Tempus 2/WERCS/Harlekin 2/
   True Paint/ProFlight
   Paradigm Software Products
   Mark T O'Bryan
   1369 Concord Place Suite 3-B
   Kalamazoo MI 49009-2201 USA
   616 372 5972
   Omni-Banker ST
   Power Thought Software
   Harlan Hugh
   116 Sumach Street
   Toronto ON M5A 3J9 Canada
   416 594 9355 (fax)
   416 594 9355
   INVISION Elite (distr. by DMC)
   SKWare One
   Sterling K Webb
   P.O. Box 277
   Bunker Hill IL 62014 USA
   618 462 2171 (evenings)
   Soft-Logik Publishing
   Deron Kazmaier, Mark Wetzel
   P.O. Box 510589
   St. Louis MO 63151-0589 USA
   314 894 8608 or 800 892 8608
   PageStream/ImageClub Clip Art/ImageClub Fonts/Business Forms
   Sothan Software
   Gene F Sothan
   9395 North Wall
   Portland OR 97203 USA
   503 283 4566
   IB Harddisk Backup and Restore/Autosort/Writeboot
   Step Ahead Software, Inc.
   Nevin Shalit
   496-A Hudson Street Suite F39
   New York City NY 10014 USA
   718 858 4164
   TrackerST/Tracker For Windows
   Straight Edge Software
   Frank Pawlowski
   P.O. Box 6407
   Nashua NH 03061 USA
   603 672 8150
   Strata Software
   Eric Rosenquist
   94 Rowe Drive
   Kanata ON K2L 3Y9 Canada
   613 591 1922 (fax)
   613 591 1922
   STalker & STeno (distr. by Gribnif)
   John Buckner
   731 North Clinton
   Grand Ledge MI 48837 USA
   517 627 6965
   TeleView Tele/TeleView BBS/D.A.M.I./The Fisherman
   Synergy Resources
   Roger Richards
   754 N. Bolten Avenue
   Indianapolis IN 46219 USA
   317 231 4158 (fax)
   317 356 6946
   GEMvelope!/SynthView DW-8000/SynthView K1
   Taylor Ridge Books
   Clayton Walnum
   P.O. Box 78
   Manchester CT 06045 USA
   203 643 9673
   C-manship Complete/ST Assembly Language Workshop/
   GFA Basic Toolkit/VDI Quick Reference/AES Quick Reference/
   TRB Shareware Companion
   TEAM Software
   Marshall Lake
   P.O. Box 7332
   Washington DC 20044-7332 USA
   703 538 4598 (fax)
   703 533 2132
   A Day at the Races/A Day at the Races Companion/
   3 Days at Gettysburg
   Weinress Consulting
   Norm Weinress
   3236 Velma Drive
   Los Angeles CA 90068 USA
   213 876 7704
   Wintertree Software Inc.
   Phil Comeau
   43 Rueter Street
   Nepean ON K2J 3Z9 Canada
   613 596 1575 (fax Attn)
   613 825 6721
   The GramSlam Grammar and Style Checker/Grammar Expert/
   Spelling Sentry
   Chet Walters
   P.O. Box 45
   Girard OH 44420 USA
   216 539 5623
   Image Cat/Mug Shot!/Coalesce Image Merger/Ma Hubbard's Cupboard/
   Mug Shot Data
   Xerox Corp
   Robert L. White
   101 Continental Blvd. M/S ESC1-257
   El Segundo CA 90245 USA
   310 333 3497
   Printer Drivers For Xerox Printers
   Zocra Technologies
   Craig Buchanan
   4-319 Mackay Street
   Ottawa ON K1M 2B7 Canada
   613 741 5817

Who has contributed to the FAQ? (93.10.02)

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  • Steven Ourada ( is the current maintainer.
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  • Kevin Busby (
  • Michael Clark (clarkmi@prism.CS.ORST.EDU)
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  • Jean-Etienne Doucet (
  • Ben Gilbert
  • Edgar Greuter (
  • John Henders (
  • Chris Herborth (
  • Graham Higgins
  • John Hutchinson (
  • Stephen Jacobs (
  • Michal Jaegermann (
  • Eric S Johansson (
  • Martin Kite (
  • Ed Krimen (
  • Mark Lavi (
  • Mark Leair (
  • John Langner
  • J.J. Lehett (
  • Jari Lehto
  • Sam Marshall (
  • Don Maple
  • Darryl May
  • Frederic Mora (
  • Erlend Nagel <>
  • Michael Niermann (
  • Helmut Neukirchen (
  • Thomas Omerzu (
  • Piet van Oostrum (
  • Brian Peterson (
  • Alan Pratt
  • Laurenz Pruessner (
  • James Reno (
  • Eric Smith (
  • Andy Tanenbaum (
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  • Oddvar Tveito FTO (
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  • John Townsend
  • Joachim Vance (
  • Roland Waldi

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