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                        Dieter Fiebelkorn
                        Grner Weg 29a
                        45768 Marl
                        == GERMANY ==

       !!!!! GEM-View version 3.10 is on this Disk !!!!!

This version runs with HighColor and TrueColor cards and has been tested
on the Falcon 030, Spektrum1TC, Crazy Dots, Matrix true-color card, Nova 16M
and the CyReL M16-1280 (Cybercube Canada).

Please note that problems can occur if you use Chameleon to load GEM-View!
SEE ALSO: 'GraphicMode' in CHANGES, if you experience problems with
HighColor or TrueColor.

The authors make NO WARRANTY or representation, either express or implied,
with respect to this software, its quality, accuracy, merchantability, or
fitness for a particular purpose.

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG
Group, which is copyright (C) 1991, 1992, Thomas G. Lane. All Rights Reserved.
The authors accept NO LIABILITY for damages of any kind.

Run 'GVW_INS2.APP' to install GEM-View >=3.00 and type in your registration-
number, your name and your code/key. Take care to type your name precisely,
observing capital/non-capital letters, spaces and special characters.
The program will then be automatically registered in your name.

During this process you may, if you wish, instal the programs in
a directory other than the source directory. To do this, click on the empty
box below the word "Pfad:" and choose the destination directory from the
resulting selection box.

The contents of the archives (GVW_V???.PAX, GVW_DOC?.PAX, GVW_TOL?.PAX and
GVW_PIC?.PAX) can be seen below together with details of the subdirectories
which will be created.

Some special notes:
  o A once-and-for-all depacking and installation process, which is not
    dependent on your computer type, is all that is required.
    After installation you can use all the files normally.
  o You can start the installation from Floppy Disk, RAM-Disk or Hard-Disk.
    It is, however, essential that the archives ( the .PAX files ) are in
    the same directory as 'GVW_INST.APP'.
  o Before an existing file is overwritten, you will be asked for confirmation
    to proceed.
  o Using 'GVW_INST.APP' doesn't modify the archives so you can copy this
    disk after installation and send it to a friend! ;-)

  If you registered an earlier version of GEM-View, and do not know your
  code/key, you can obtain it as follows:-

  o Send me a letter with two CRI (international reply coupons), which
    you can get at your post-office, saying that you want to know
    your code/key. In this case your full name will be enough but please
    write clearly and legibly!

Use the registration-number '000000' in the installation process to get
an unregistered version of GEMVIEW.
This version can then be tested for the next 30 days!

The Archives:

GemView\Dokument\:   Changes files and general agreements.

GemView\GemView.App: An unregistered version of the principal program.

GemView\GemView.Inf: A simple INF-file for GEM-View.

SnapShot.Acc:       A tool to snap and save all or part of the screen
                    or windows

OdiePack.Tif:       A test-picture in TIFF format

GemView\DeskIcon\:  Icons to install as Desktop Icons (mono/color)

GemView\Dither\:    Files with special dither matrices for the
                    "Ordered Dithering" which can be set in the
                    "Preset" dialog or by using <ALT>"LOAD".
!!!!!! NEW !!!!!!   New matrices created by Alexander Clauss!

GemView\Dokument\:  Documents(!) The German and English can be found
                    in the folder 'German' or 'English'. It need some
                    updating. Your attention is drawn to 'CHANGES' for
                    information on important  innovations.
!!!!!! NEW !!!!!!   New are the document extentions for GEM-View 3 and
                    programing modules for GEM-View 3 (only in german).

Gem_Show\:          Install GEM-View as a FILE viewer for Multi-Tasking

Gem_XAcc\:          Material for sending and receiving XAcc-Messages

Gem_View\:          Material for sending VIEW-Messages

Dither.150\:        A program to create dithermatrices for GEMVIEW from
                        Alexander Clauss
                        Stresemannstr. 44
                        64297 Darmstadt
                        == GERMANY ==

MultiDia.103\:      !!!!! No in this package !!!!! (Show at V 2.48)
                    Get it from: Helmut Neukirchen
                        by ftp:
                        by maus:  KR2
                        by email:
                        by snail: Helmut Neukirchen, B”nnersdyk 63,
                                  D-47803 Krefeld, Germany
                                  ---- with Disk and 2 CRIs ----

1StGuide\:          !!!!! No in this package !!!!! (Show at V 2.48)

WinxV22\:           WinX. Copyright by Martin Osieka (+ GEMRAM 1.6)
                        Martin Osieka
                        Erbacherstr. 2
                        64283 Darmstadt
                        == GERMANY ==

VdiFix.110\:        VDI-Fix. Copyright by Karsten Isakovic
                        Karsten Isakovic
                        Wilmersdorfer Str. 82
                        10629 Berlin
                        == GERMANY ==

Contains sources as examples for programing modules for GEM-View3.

   Dieter Fiebelkorn

======= Genaral agreements for GEM-View outside of GERMANY =======
*                                                                *
*  Provided that all the files                                   *
*                                                                *
*    (GVW_PIC?.PAX can be outmitted if no enough mem. on disc)   *
*                                                                *
* are included  without any change, 'GEM-View'  may  be  freely  *
* copied and given away.                                         *
* GEM-View is a complex product,so it is published as shareware. *
* This means that this package may be freely copied, but that if *
* use is made of the shareware a fee must be paid.               *
*  Please send, as that fee, US$30.                              *
* Other agreements need a written and signed contract.           *
*                                                                *
* All Copyright and other rights in GEM-View up to and including *
* the actually Version are the property of the Author            *
* ( Dieter Fiebelkorn. )                                         *
*                                                                *
* Commercial use is NOT PERMITTED  (this includes distribution   *
* on a Public-Domain-Disk or as part of any package ).           *
*                                                                *
* The inclusion of a  free copy with  Tool-packages ( e.g with   *
* graphic-cards ) must be the subject of specific permission by  *
* the author.                                                    *
*                                                                *
* The latest version can be obtained from the author,at the MAUS *
* mailboxes, GEnie or from some ftp-accounts.                    *
*                                                                *
*                                                                *
* Other agreements can made in writing (contract). By example:   *
* The distibution agreement with Cybercube Research Ltd.         *
*                                                                *

Many many thanks to Charles D. Edwars for the translation of many part of
the followed document!

- [3.17]
    o extern "iconified" Windows will now open if GEM-View is uniconified!
      (Workaroud for MagiC)
    o You can 'Quit' GEM-View while scaning its modules (MiNT/N.AES)
    o Saving of Targa now also uncompressed

- [3.16]: (14. Feb 1996)
    o Endless Slideshow (<ALTERNATE>+"SLIDESHOW") Abort with F9.
    o Error in menu of text window
    o Display Metafile corrected
      - init text-alignment
      - grow/shrink vektor fonts
    o Saving TARGA uncompressed added
    o some internal corrections

- [3.15]:
    o Only Copyright and date correction!

- [3.13]:
    o LZW reintegrated
    o minor bugfixes

- [3.12]:
    o LZW outmitted

- [3.11]:
    o minor corrections
    o some new modules

 - [3.10]:
    o Some minor bugfixes
    o German and english resources included
    o New TOOL package:
      - VDIFIX deleted
      - WINX deleted
      - AVI-Player included
    o GVW_MDL?.PAX deleted from standard disk
      Can get directly from me or can found on the HD-Disc version
      of GEM-View

 - [3.09d]:
    o External resource will excepted. It overwrites the internal
      one. National resource file are possible!
    o Changes in "Summary" function
      - rotate an image to 90 degrees before merging it

 - [3.09]:
    o Changes in "Summary" function
      - recursive Summaries
      - Font doubling, 8x16 or 16x32
      - Titels "outside top" the images
    o Bugfixes in some loading modules:
        Appple II, C64, Calamus Rastergraphik, Apple Imagewriter,
        Mac Startup Screen, Megapaint (gepackt, ungepackt),
        MGF gepackt, Monostar, Printfox, Pagefox, Thunderscan

 - [3.08]:
    o Minor changes

 - [3.07]:
    o Bug in selecting more then 150 Files fixed.
    o Correction at Color-Summary in low resolutions.
    o F9 to "user break" at actually action after request.
    o Some bug fixes.

 - [3.06]:
   o Bug in display RSC files fixes.
   o Some updates in external modules.

 - [3.05]:
   o Slideshow with selectable time delay
   o Summary: Place automaticly your selected images to a greater
     image, with original size or in same size. If too many images
     are choosen the first summary will saved and the work will
     continued with the next images.
   o New modules (½ Guido Vollbeding)
     - JPEG.GVS : Saves/Converts true colour images to JPEG.
                  JPEG is a pure true colour format and it is not
                  a good idea to save palette images as JPEG without

 - [3.04]:
   o New version of GDOS printer driver:
     - Free choosen device
     - Better position possible
     - Tested on color-GDOS-driver (HP Deskjet 500C & 500C)

 - [3.03]:
   o Neue Module
     - TIFF 1.01 (4. M„rz `94) LOAD (Freeware ½ Dieter Fiebelkorn)
     - Some modules of Dirk Meyer (½ Dirk Meyer)
       LOAD: Apple II, C64, Calamus Rastergraphik, Apple Imagewriter,
             Mac Startup Screen, Megapaint (gepackt, ungepackt),
             MGF gepackt, Monostar, Printfox, Pagefox, Thunderscan,
             Signum II Zeichens„tze
       SAVE: MGF gepackt (monochrome)

 - [3.02]:
   o GEM-View runs as Accessory, again
   o HP DeskJet driver version 1.08 for Mono/Color(YMC/YMCK)
   o Convertationmodule nach Hints of H. Neukirchen
   o New Modules for LOAD and SAVE:
     - INSHAPE      LOAD/SAVE ½ Cybercube Research Ltd.
     - STraight-FAX LOAD/SAVE ½ NewSTar Technology
     - ARROW R24    LOAD      ½ Ton von Overbeck
     - QFAX/COMA-Fax LOAD/PRINT ½ John McLoud
     - GDOS Printer (21) SAVE/PRINT (Freeware ½ Dieter Fiebelkorn)
       Tested on Screen (Mono/Color) and HP 500C (Mono).
       DJ5.SYS (60600 Bytes FontGDOS) works.
       DJ5.SYS (60539 Bytes FSM-GDOS) works.
       DJ5.SYS (62287 Bytes SPD-GDOS) DO NOT work.

 - [3.01]: Minor changes

 - [3.00]: (22nd October 1993 [Happy Birthday!])
    New release of GEM-View! Praise, criticism (preferably constructive),
    suggestions for improvement to my address. The future holds the
    development on an interesting series of ideas, which I hope will meet
    with general approval. I hope also that the "Trararis" will stand with
    us. Questions about the modular programming by telephone. (Only Satur-
    days 14-16 o'clock, i do not speak english well!) And i hope to get hold
    of produced modules so that they can be added immediatly to GEM-View!
    (Better bit by bit ;-)
    !!! ATTENTION: Choose the right folder for your modules using
                   "Install path... ^Z" and save the configuration!
    !!! ATTENTION: The structures for the modul-interface are changed!
    It is advisable to use the program WinX2.1 with the Falcon, because
    there's an unpleasant flaw in TOS which has affect that the operating
    system hangs when one has more than 15 windows open. This certainly
    happens with TOS 4.04. It doesn't seem to me to be sensible to limit
    GEM-View, so please be on your guard against this or instal WinX2.2.
    The operating system flaw is going to be eliminated in the new TOS
    release an no longer occurs under MultiTOS.

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