Hints on installing EasyMint

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How to get English language?

There is a sub-folder called ENGLISH in the archive.
Just copy all the file in sub-folder ENGLISH over to the main folder and overwrite the files. This will replaces all the German text and resource files, to give you English.

Why can't it find Basic.tar?

Unfortunately the current web distribution of EasyMint comes in several packages and not in a single big archive. When you expand the archive on your hard disk, you will get an EM.170 sub-folder. This is not the desired folder structure but still can be used. You will also see a sub-folder called PAKETE. It contains only a few files here. The *.TAR files are also suppose to be living in this sub-folder.
If you have downloaded the various TAR files but left it in the EM.170 folder, EasyMint will complain that BASIC.TAR is missing. So just move all your TAR files into the sub-folder PAKETE.

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