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MPACK(1)                 USER COMMANDS                   MPACK(1)

     mpack - pack a file in MIME format

     mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ] [
     -c content-type ] file address ...
     mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ] [
     -c content-type ] -o outputfile file
     mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ] [
     -c content-type ] -n newsgroups file

     The mpack program encodes the the named file in one or  more
     MIME  messages.  The resulting messages are mailed to one or
     more recipients, written to a named file or set of files, or
     posted to a set of newsgroups.

     -s subject
          Set the Subject header field to Subject.   By  default,
          mpack  will  prompt  for  the  contents  of the subject

     -d descriptionfile
          Include the contents of the file descriptionfile in  an
          introductory section at the beginning of the first gen-
          erated message.

     -m maxsize
          Split the message (if necessary) into partial messages,
          each  not  exceeding  maxsize  characters.  The default
          limit is the value of the SPLITSIZE  environment  vari-
          able,  or no limit if the environment variable does not
          exist.  Specifying a maxsize of 0  means  there  is  no
          limit to the size of the generated message.

     -c content-type
          Label the included file as being of MIME type  content-
          type,  which  must  be a subtype of application, audio,
          image, or video.  If this switch is  not  given,  mpack
          examines the file to determine its type.

     -o outputfile
          Write the generated message to the file outputfile.  If
          the  message has to be split, the partial messages will
          instead be written to the files outputfile.01,  output-
          file.02, etc.

     -n newsgroups
          Post the generated message(s)  to  the  comma-separated
          netnews newsgroups.

Sun Release 4.1           Last change:                          1

MPACK(1)                 USER COMMANDS                   MPACK(1)

     file Encode the named file.

     address ...
          Mail the generated messages to the specified addresses.

          Directory to store temporary files.  Default is /tmp.

          Default value of the -m switch.

Sun Release 4.1           Last change:                          2


MUNPACK(1)               USER COMMANDS                 MUNPACK(1)

     munpack - unpack messages in MIME or split-uuencode format

     munpack [ -f ] [ -q ] [ -t ] [ -C directory ] [ filename ...

     The munpack program reads each RFC-822 message filename  and
     writes  all  non-text MIME parts or split-uuencoded files as
     files.  If no filename argument is given, munpack reads from
     standard input.

     If the message suggests a file name to use for the  imbedded
     part,  that  name is cleaned of potential problem characters
     and used for the output file.   If  the  suggested  filename
     includes  subdirectories, they will be created as necessary.
     If the message does not  suggest  a  file  name,  the  names
     "part01", "part02", etc are used in sequence.

     If the imbedded part was preceded with textual  information,
     that  information  is  also  written to a file.  The file is
     named the same as  the  imbedded  part,  with  any  filename
     extension replaced with ".desc".

     -f   Force overwriting of existing files.  If a message sug-
          gests a file name of an existing file, the file will be
          overwritten.  Without this flag, munpack appends  ".1",
          ".2", etc to find a nonexistent file.

     -q   Be quiet.  Supresses messages about saving partial mes-
          sages  and  about messages with no interesting informa-

     -t   Also write the text MIME parts of multipart messages as
          files.   This  option  effectively disables the ".desc"
          file feature for MIME messages.

     -C directory
          Change the current directory to directory before  read-
          ing  any  files.   This is useful when invoking munpack
          from a mail or news reader.

          Directory to store temporary files.  Default is /tmp.

          Directory  used  to  store  partial  messages  awaiting

Sun Release 4.1           Last change:                          1

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