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A Multitasking TOS Replacement

MagiCDesk of magiC

MagiC runs on all ST, TT, and Falcon computers with 512K of memory, but 2MB is recommended.

MagiC Fast Facts:

  • Runs on ST, TT, or Falcon
  • Font Selector for Choosing Your Primary System Fonts
  • MagiCDesk Handles Long File Names and Color Icons
  • Up to 16 Programs (or 10 programs with 6 Accessories) May Be Preemptively Multitasked
  • Up to 64 Windows May Be Open Simultaneously
  • Comfortable Operation with Completely New Graphical User Interface which Allows Rapid Switching Between Different Program Menus
  • "Freeze" or Remove Deadlocked Programs in Memory
  • Faster Printer, Serial, and MIDI Port Operation
  • Programs Run Dramatically Faster than they do under TOS
  • Up to 57,600 Baud on SCC-based Serial Ports (or on any ST with High Speed Serial Port Modification on Page 37 of our new catalog)
  • Extended Dialog Functions: flying dialogs, keyboard equivalents within dialogs, pop-up menus, etc.
  • Compatible with All Hardware Accelerators and Graphics Cards
  • Improved Memory Management Prevents One Misbehaving Program from taking the Whole System Down!

Versions of MagiC

  1. Atari Mag!X 1.0, 2.0
  2. Atari MagiC 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 6.x
  3. PC MagiCPC
  4. Mac MagiCMac

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