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Following obtained from

The goal was to develop a computer hardware with a Motorola 68040 processor, which could be equipped with low priced standard PC components and is fully software compatible with existing Atari computers.

The tecnial details

  • Motorola main processor 68040 with 25-33MHz, integrated cache and math co-processor.
  • programmable Logic-Chip ispLSI1032. Address decoding.
  • 4 x PCI-Slots, usable for PC-compatible 32-Bit hardware expansion cards, as i.e. Grafic, SCSI, Sound, Video, 3D.
  • 3 x ISA-Slots for expansions like ISDN-card, Modem, Sound card, Networking card etc.
  • 2 x IDE-Bus, capable of busmastering. Allows the connection of IDE-pheripherals like hard disks, CD-ROM, DVD etc.
  • 4 Simm banks for the RAM expansion with 72 pin EDO-RAMs - maximal 512MB RAM.
  • Memory-Controller Lattice ispLSI1024, as memory controller for the 4 RAM slots and the PCI Bus arbitration.
  • 512 kB Flash-EPROM for the operating system, booted after power up. Software-Updates are possible.
  • MFP-Chip, implements a Atari compatible serial port, Atari compatible timers etc.
  • Super I/O, complete I/O port management with integrated battery buffered RAM and Real Time Clock.
  • Keyboard connector for standard PC-Keyboards.
  • Floppy-Port for standard 3.5" Floppys with 1.44MB / 720kB.
  • Parallel-Port for the connection of printers and other parallel port devices like removable disk media, Scanner etc.
  • 2x Serial-Port for Modem and other serial devices.

As alternative to the Milan 040 with a baby AT motherboard we developed the Milan 060 with an ATX motherboard. In this bord the MC68040 and the MC68060 coud be used alternatively. Unfortunately they never produced the Milan 060 in series.

Milan II video on youTube.

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