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			Sedt Version 3.3

		    Author: Anker Berg-Sonne


	Sedt  is  a  screen  editor  written  with  the  goal  of 
providing  a  common  editor  across  a wide range  of  operating 
systems.    For  ease-of-use  Sedt is programmed with a  keyboard 
layout similar to EDT.        
	For a  complete  description  of Sedt's features read the 
documentation in SEDTMAN.EDT.

        Sedt has been developed in my  spare  time as a hobby.  I
cannot  provide any formal support or distribution  but  will  be
happy to help on a best effort basis  if you mail your request to
me  with  a  self addressed, postage stamped envelope.   Requests
should be mailed to Anker Berg-Sonne, 8 Middlemost Way, Stow,  MA
01775,  U.S.A..  Because of a lack of income from Sedt  I  cannot
provide floppy disks or other media.

        If you have no other way to  obtain Sedt for the ATARI ST
and IBM PC and compatibles, mail $25 to  me  at the above address
and  I  will  mail  you the most recent version.

		      Distribution Policy

	Sedt binaries  are being made available for customers and
Digital internal use on the condition that the original copyright
is not violated or removed, and that no modifications are made to
the program without express permission from me.

        Current versions are maintained  on  the Digital internal
network and may be copied  and  distributed  outside  of Digital.
On a regular basis updates will be copied to the DECUS library.

        Sedt is currently available in the following versions:
                Rainbow 100: MS-DOS
                VAXmate: MS-DOS
                IBM PC and compatibles: MS-DOS
                IBM Convertible: MS-DOS
                PS/2: MS-DOS
                Microsoft Windows
                IBM PC and compatibles: OS/2 protected mode
                ATARI ST

		   Installation Instructions

                          Rainbow CP/M

        Copy the  contents  of  the  CP/M  program disk onto your 
system disk in user area 0.

        If you prefer the  Gold  keypad  layout copy all the .GLD 
files into .TXT files. E.g.

        PIP *.TXT=*.GLD

        If you want to revert to the EDT keyboard layout copy all 
.EDT files into .TXT files. E.g.

        PIP *.TXT=*.EDT

        After choosing the keyboard layout  you can conserve disk 
space by deleting all .GLD and .EDT files.

                   Installation Instructions

                Rainbow, IBM PCs and compatibles

                         MS-DOS and OS/2

        Create a  directory  for  the SEDT files using the DOS MD 
command in the format "CD <drive>:\<directory>".  E.g.

        MD C:\SEDT

        In this example  C  is the name of the drive and SEDT the 
name of the directory that is being created.

        Ensure  that  the directory  you  just  created  is  your 
default directory with the DOS  CD  command  in  the  format  "CD 
\<directory>".  E.g.

        CD \SEDT

        Copy the all files from the program disk into the current 
directory.  E.g.

        COPY A:*.*

        Copy  all .EDT files  from  the  program  disk  into  the 
current directory as .TXT files. E.g.

        COPY A:*.EDT A:*.TXT

        If you are familiar with Sedt you can use it for the next 
two steps.

        Add  the  directory that contains the SEDT files  to  the 
PATH  command  in AUTOEXEC.BAT on your boot drive in  the  format 
";<Drive>:\<directory>".     If  there  is  no  PATH  command  in
AUTOEXEC.BAT create one  that contains the root directory on your
boot drive and the SEDT directory.  E.g.

        PATH C:\;C:\SEDT

        Add a command  to  create  an environment variable called 
SEDT that points to  the  directory  containing the SEDT files to 
AUTOEXEC.BAT on your boot drive.  E.g.

        SET SEDT=C:\SEDT\

        An example of a complete installation follows:

        C>MD \SEDT
        C>CD \SEDT
        C>COPY A:*.*
        C>COPY A:*.EDT *.TXT
        CD \
        PATH C:\;C:\SEDT
        SET SEDT=C:\SEDT\^Z

        If  you  prefer the Gold keyboard layout  copy  all  .GLD 
files to .TXT files.  Note that Gold  keyboard  layouts  and help 
files are only implemented for Digital keyboards. E.g.

        COPY *.GLD *.TXT

        To revert back to the EDT keyboard layout copy  all  .EDT 
files into .TXT files. E.g.

        COPY *.EDT *.TXT

        Once you have Sedt installed refer  to  the documentation
in SEDTMAN.EDT for instructions on how to customize Sedt.

                    Installation Instructions

                            ATARI ST

        Install  Sedt  on  you  ATARI  system  by  following  the
instructions given below:

        Your first action  should be to make backup copies of the
Sedt disks.  Use  the  backup copies from now on and only use the
Sedt disks to create new backup copies.

        You can either use the  backup  copy  to run Sedt from or
copy it's contents onto another disk or into a folder.
        When you run Sedt from the  GEM desktop you should run it
from the directory containing all of the  files.   Under GEM this
is done simply by opening a window to  the  directory  and double
clicking the program.

        If you intend to run Sedt from a shell processor, such as
the  Mark Williams msh, you can install Sedt so that  it  can  be
called from any directory without copying the files.  Install the
directory  that  contains  SEDT.TTP  into  the  PATH  environment
variable and also create a new environment variable, called SEDT,
that points to the  directory containing STKEY.TXT and STHLP.TXT.
The command "setenv SEDT=C:\SEDT\" will  cause  Sedt  to pick the
files out of directory \SEDT on  drive C.  Do not forget the last

        The program SEDT.TTP is intended to be  run  from a shell
processor and given command arguments.  You can  run  it from GEM
and supply arguments, but it will not use windows,  the  mouse or
        GSEDT.PRG is intended to be run from the GEM desktop  and
uses  windows,  mouse  and  menus,  but  does  not accept command
        Sedt is distributed on two single-sided 3 1/2" disks.
        The first  disk  contains all files necessary to run Sedt
from a shell  in  command  mode.    The  program  on  this  disk,
SEDT.TTP, does not take advantage of GEM, but supports journaling
of keystrokes.
        The second disk contains all  files necessary to run Sedt
under GEM with full support of  windows,  mouse  and  menu.   The
program  on  this  disk,  GSEDT.PRG,  does  not  support  command
arguments or keystroke journaling.

        Installation disk 1 contains the following files:

        SEDT.TTP        Shell version of the Sedt program
        STKEY.TXT       Keyboard definition file  for  the  ATARI
                        ST.  This file MUST  be  resident in your
                        current directory when you call Sedt.
        STHLP.TXT       Help file for the ATARI ST.   In order to
                        use  the  interactive  help facility this
                        file must  be  resident  in  your current
                        directory when you call Sedt.
        RULER0.TXT      Default ruler file.   For Sedt to load it
                        properly  it  must be  resident  in  your
                        current directory when you call Sedt.
        SEDTMAN.EDT     Machine    readable    copy    of  Sedt's
                        documentation.    This  is  a  100   page
                        document and should be read for a  proper
                        understanding of Sedt.
        README          Distribution policy.
        SEDT.DOC        Revision    history   and    installation
        Installation disk 2 contains the following files:

        GSEDT.PRG       GEM version of the Sedt program
        SEDT.RSC        Resource file for the GEM version of Sedt
        STKEY.TXT       Keyboard definition file  for  the  ATARI
                        ST.  This file MUST  be  resident in your
                        current directory when you call Sedt.
        STHLP.TXT       Help file for the ATARI ST.   In order to
                        use  the  interactive  help facility this
                        file must  be  resident  in  your current
                        directory when you call Sedt.
        RULER0.TXT      Default ruler file.   For Sedt to load it
                        properly  it  must be  resident  in  your
                        current directory when you call Sedt.
        README          Distribution policy.
        SEDT.DOC        Revision   history    and    installation

		   Installation Instructions


	Copy Sedt.Exe,  Sedt.Com, *.Edt and *.Gld to a directory.  
Define the logical  name  Sedt$Library to point to the directory, 
the           symbol        Se*dt:==$Sedt$Library:Sedt        and 
KSe*dt:==@Sedt$Library:Sedt.  You do not  need  write  access  to 
Sedt$Library in order to use Sedt.

	If you use  the  EDT  keypad  define  the  logical  names 
                Sedt$VT1XXkeys as Sedt$Library:1XXkeys.Edt
                Sedt$VT1XXhelp as Sedt$Library:1XXhelp.Edt
                Sedt$VT2XXkeys as Sedt$Library:2XXkeys.Edt
                Sedt$VT2XXhelp as Sedt$Library:2XXhelp.Edt
                Sedt$VK100keys as Sedt$Library:VK100keys.Edt
                Sedt$VK100help as Sedt$Library:VK100help.Edt

	If  you  use  the  WPS keypad define  the  logical  names 
                Sedt$VT1XXkeys as Sedt$Library:VT1XXkeys.Gld
                Sedt$VT1XXhelp as Sedt$Library:VT1XXhelp.Gld
                Sedt$VT2XXkeys as Sedt$Library:VT2XXkeys.Gld
                Sedt$VT2XXhelp as Sedt$Library:VT2XXhelp.Gld
                Sedt$VK100keys as Sedt$Library:VK100keys.Gld
                Sedt$VK100help as Sedt$Library:VK100help.Gld

	Define the logical name Sedt$Dir to point to a  directory 
which you have write access to.  Saved rulers will  be  stored in 
this  directory.  Until you have saved ruler 0 in this  directory 
you  will  get the message "Could not find ruler file" every time 
you enter  Sedt.   Enter  ruler  mode,  define your default ruler 
settings and save them by typing Gold 0.

	Assign Sys$Disk:[Mydir] Sedt$Library
	Assign Sys$Disk:[Mydir] Sedt$Dir
        Assign Sedt$Library:1XXkeys.Edt Sedt$VT1XXkeys 
        Assign Sedt$Library:1XXhelp.Edt Sedt$VT1XXhelp 
        Assign Sedt$Library:2XXkeys.Edt Sedt$VT2XXkeys 
        Assign Sedt$Library:2XXhelp.Edt Sedt$VT2XXhelp 
        Assign Sedt$Library:VK100keys.Edt Sedt$VK100keys 
        Assign Sedt$Library:VK100help.Edt Sedt$VK100help 

			 Known Problems

	Under MS/DOS you may run  out  of files when using 3 to 4 
concurrent buffers.  You should increase the number of concurrent 
files in CONFIG.SYS to at least 12.   The  symptom  is  either  a 
fatal  message  "Error creating buffer file" or non-fatal  "Could 
not open journal file" or "Could not open input file".

        When on the MS/DOS versions the column number exceeds 64K
the display will become corrupted and  Sedt  may  not  be able to
recover.  There are no plans to correct this problem.

                                   Edit History
 1-Jun-1987 Version 3.2
        184:     1-Jun-1987
                Use CR/LF as line terminators in internal representation
                Do not use write string firmware call on ATs
                Do not set change flag when getting file into null buffer
                Ask for confirmation before recovering from journal file
                Flag modified buffers in mode line
                Append a \ to SEDT definition if necessary
                Ensure complete update of journal file by closing after each
                Use direct output to screen memory on IBM PC
                Merge Rockie Morgan's ULTRIX sources
                Fix PALETTE command
                Make 9'th entry of PALETTE background color
                -v qualifier for direct video memory routines on PC
                VIDEO=BIOS and VIDEO=DIRECT to control direct video routines

	185:	 6-JUL-1987
		Fix problems in Past_Load and Past_Sav
		Delete journal file if no recovery is desired
		Fix problems in VMS versions with new RMS file I/O
                Make scroll bars position properly
        186:     7-Jul-1987
                Fix Block cut problems
                Fix problem switching between windows in WSEDT
                Fix :PS command
                Ensure that files are deleted before opened for write on DOS
                Wait for horizontal retrace before writing to video memory
        187:    20-Jul-1987
                Eliminate potential loop in initialization
                Fix another problem with block paste in replace mode
                Fix minor problem with vertical movement
                Speed up file operations
        188:    22-Jul-1987
                Increase I/O buffer sizes
                Fix cursor movement problem at end of page
                @BM entity to match '', "", <>, [], {}, and () pairs
                Do not append ^Z if there's already one there
                Get ready to implement VT300 series support
                Extend maximum record length in key definition file
                Fix problem  with replace mode, CR/LF and end of buffer
                Check for PS/2 systems and try to set keyboards up
                Fix problem with block paste of more than 32K -
                 Ent_Count of type long
                Add IBMAT-339,  IBMXT-286,  PS/2-50,  PS/2-60,  IBMXT-II,
                 PS/2-30, PS/2-80 to SYSTEM options in SEDT.CNF
                Make Sedt work on real mode on OS/2
                Only problems with LK250!
                Minor changes to Windows font selection
                Streamline keyboard state recognition for LK250
        189:    10-Oct-1987
                Make :PR default to PRN: in DOS, PRT: on ATARI and
                LP0: on VMS
                Use initial video mode to determine video type
                @XNM for next mark in current direction
                Fix problem trying to interrogate LK250 on XT and PC models
                Fix lost cluster problem when overflowing to disk
                Fix all kinds of shift flag problems entering and exiting
                Allow screen switches with update off
                Assume screen is at correct width on ULTRIX and VMS

        190:    19-Oct-1987
                Expand number of marks to 20
                Fix line count on some system types
                Final implementation of generic system and keyboard
                Fix peekb routine to eliminate hangs on new AT type systems
        191:    22-Oct-1987
                Make word entity treat CR/LF pairs properly
                :SETB for setting block mode
                :SETD for setting default direction
                :SETR for setting replace/insert mode
                :SETT for setting tab expansion mode
                Fix problem with null execute string
                :STRP command to strip trailing spaces from entity
                :STAB command to replace multiple spaces with tabs in entity
                :RTAB command to replace tabs with spaces in entity
        192:    26-Oct-1987
                Make Gold Return insert CR and LF in prompt buffer
        193:    27-Oct-1987
                Make ATARI default to PRN: when printing
                Use Dave Mitton's PCTYPE routine to get PC model number
                Fix :SETD
                Fix WSEDT font problems
                Switch to unsaved buffer when aborting exit
                Make split screen mode switch the cursor between the windows
                Make lower window in split screen mode contain a ruler line
                Modify LK250 mode request code
                Make execution automatic when a key with learned input is
                Redefine Gold F18 as learn into any key
                Further refinements for generic keyboard
        194:     3-Nov-1987
                RULER=ON and RULER=OFF and :TR to control ruler line display
                Switch to unsaved buffer after not quit response to prompt
                Fix screen splitting to make windows same size
                Make sure learned normal keystrokes are echoed on VMS
                Ensure screen update after :STRP
                Only switch between split screens when buffer is in other
        195:     5-Nov-1987
                Fix problem with recall of responses with control characters
                Eliminate showing ruler in other window when rulers are off
                Fix several bugs in Define_Key and Get_Arg
                Allow lower case characters in key string
                Remove OS/2 kludge to check for keyboard input
                Final fixes to recognition code for PS/2 etc.
                Fix problem with quit always happening
                Fix problem making tab replacement with spaces at end of line
                If same buffer selected in split screen mode, show same buffer
                in both windows
                Mark cursor position when waiting for prompt or in other 
        196:    11-Nov-1987
                Remove KEYBOARD=GENERIC, SYSTEM=GENERIC and -gen options
                Add    MAPPING=OLD,    MAPPING=EDT,    MAPPING=WPS    and
                MAPPING=SCANCODE to SEDT.CNF options
                Add -edt, -wps and -gen to command line switches
                Use extensions .TXT  for  OLD, .EDT for EDT, .WPS for WPS
                and .GEN for Generic mapping
                :ERS to set and edit region
                :ERC to clear an edit region
                :CNS to set counter to value <Count>
                :CNI to increment or decrement counter by <Count>
                :CNP to insert value of counter in buffer
                Rebuild with MSC version 5
                Speed up B_Get_S (speeds up saving files)
                Speed up F_gets (speeds up initialization)
        197:    20-Nov-1987
                Fix wrong point addresses for edit regions
                Fix problems with replace mode undelete in edit regions
                Fix problem with block mode undelete in edit regions
                Fix palette problem with digits in palette
                Fix bug in Fill_Rest with LF terminated lines
                Make mouse movement and selection respect window range
                Make window switch possible with mouse clicks
        198:    Fix character insertion at end of edit region in replace mode
                Change scheme for insert behavior at end of edit region
                Use new firmware entry points for enhanced keyboard
                :SYQ for quiet spawn. Assumes no input or output from
                spawned process
                NUMLOCK=ENABLED or DISABLED in SEDT.CNF to control normal
                Num Lock action
                Resolve search lists when editing files under VMS
                Fix problem with no prompt line under GEM
                Fixes to scancode mapping keyboard handling
                Make sure marks get adjusted properly
        199:     1-Dec-1987
                Make :ERC work properly
                Only use fully parsed name when input and output files are the
                %P token for contents of paste buffer
        200:     3-Dec-1987
                Fix problems with select point tracking curser when typing
                Fix several problems with block and replace paste
        201:     6-Dec-1987
                Use new firmware calls for enhanced keyboard
                Fix problem with attributes of rights message
                Fix problem with files containing just linefeeds
                Test properly for empty paste string with %P
                Don't display errors when within ^E()
                :LNX key to end learning
                Fix numerous problems with adjusting marks that cause Sedt
                to get confused about end of buffer
                Fix Num lock problem with enhanced keyboard
                Fix arrow key problem with enhanced keyboard
                Set error flag properly when in ^E
                Fix stack overflow problems
                Fix problem with order of KEYBOARD= and MAPPING=
        202:    10-Dec-1987
                Make :LK require an entity
                Fix problem with edit region on file loaded into other buffers
                from command line
                Fix problem with screen shifting in ruler mode when rulers
                are not displayed
                Work around a bug in MSC version 5. Caused Sedt to hang
                trying to beep on an error
        203:    14-Dec-1987
                Ensure proper erasure when cutting text at end of line
                More workarounds for MSC V5 bugs
                Force normal attributed when aborting
                Set modified flag in :CNP
                Make sure files get removed properly under VMS (;*)
                %# token to insert value of counter
                Set highest function number to 166 in all versions
                Use model number to select INT16 extensions
        204:    22-Dec-1987
                Fix problem with Windows version Expand_Com
                Rewrite header completely when turning updates on
                Write Working... signal even when updates are off
                Working OS2 version
                Do not repaint select region when referenced
                OS/2 support for LK250 in both DEC extended and compatibility
                Work around MSC 5 optimization bug in :TAD code
                Make tables large enough for 43 line displays under DOS and 
        205:    29-Dec-1987
                Improve cut at start of file
                :SYR<Delimiter><New stdout><Delimiter><New stderr><Delimiter>
                 <Operating system command><Delimiter> to spawn a process
                 with redirected output
                Fix minor problem removing highlight from selected region
        206:     4-Jan-1988
                Fix problem in ^E()(|) constructs
                Fix problem with characters being inserted between CR and LF
                on VMS
                Fix problem with @SR being used to move cursor
                Remove all restrictions, including rights display
        207:     5-Jan-1988
                Relink without /E/PAC/F switches to eliminate bug
                Fix problem with :K when error flag is set
                Improve scrolling behavior when near top of screen
        208:     7-Jan-1988
                Fix problem with delete note moving backwards in replace mode
                Only mark cursor with cursor position
                Make :SYR work on ATARI
        209:    12-Jan-1988
                Fix problem with access violation on VMS marking cursor
                Make sure cursor moves forward when deleting in replace mode
                Make sedt look for .TXT, .EDT, .GLD and .SCN files when
                no preference is given
        210:    13-Jan-1988
                Minor syntax problem in VMS version
                -i<File Name> to select specific initialization file
                Use count for :X or :Q as exit value for Sedt
                Turn off select region in :SL
                First cut at OS/2 enhanced keyboard support
                Fix key mapping problem with Shift F4 anf F5 on enhanced
                Add missing data to help files
        211:    17-Jan-1988
                Make ATARI and CPM versions use MAPPING= option
                Make NUMLOCK= option work properly
                :CNG command to set counter from buffer contents at cursor
        212:    20-Jan-1988
                @XSR for select region without clearing it
                Look for -i file in current directory and then in sedt library
                Ring bell when syntax error is found in SEDT.CNF
                Make sure select region is highlighted in :CH
                Use MSC V5 under OS/2
                Enhanced keyboard under OS/2
                Make Sedt work on Windows version 2
                Make Sedt set shift state properly under Windows
        213:     5-Feb-1988
                Clear select region in :CE
                Make :TAB skip over characters on overstrike mode
                Make -<Count>:M clear mark <Count>
                Make cursor visible when returning from -ega
                Fix problem with long file names under VMS
        214:     9-Feb-1988
                Make Yes_No append <Y/N>:
                :YN command to prompt for a yes/no style question
                will output Yes or No depending on the response to Question
                Fix problem with replace mode tabbing
        215:    12-Feb-1988
                Enable PALETTE for OS/2
                Fix problem with keyboard monitor and spawning under OS/2
                Fix override problem with SYSTEM=
        Version 3.3
        216:    29-Feb-1988
                CONTEXT=SAVED option in  SEDT.CNF to save editing context
                (Cursor position, marks and ruler) and reload with file
                :CS to save context of current buffer
                Fix problems with using -s<Size> switch
                Make Gold W work again on VMS and ULTRIX
                COLUMN=DISPLAYED or COLUMN=OFF option to control banner line
                display of column on the banner line (this allows this
                display in the VMS version)
                Clear select range when new region is selected
        217:    16-Mar-1988
                Prevent :WD from working on systems that don't support 132
                Write context file in ascii instead of binary
                Ensure proper fill on block cut on ATARI
                Implement mouse control in OS/2 version
                Make sure select region gets cleared when new selection is
                MOUSE=ENABLED and MOUSE=DISABLED option in SEDT.CNF
        218:    20-Mar-1988
                Make mouse routines under DOS interrupt driven
        219:    23-Mar-1988
                CONTEXT=CHECK does not save context automatically, but does
                load automatically
                Fix problem with error routine not printing arguments
                MODE=<number> to set video modes. Support ATI EGA Wonder modes
                Reset original screen width when exiting
                Eliminate duplicate messages when trying to quit from 
                -m<Number> to set video mode in DOS and OS2
                Redefine F7 to save file and context
                Cancel select region when clicking mouse under Windows
        220:    30-Mar-1988
                SYSTEM=VT100/VT200/VT52/VK100 in SEDT.CNF under VMS and
                Default to PRN when printing under DOS or OS/2
                Allow #<Letter> to select counter variable after all
                :CN commands
                Have %# require a letter as in %#A to define counter variable
                Correct -m behavior
                Don't try to save context if no file
                Make MODE=<Hexadecimal Number>
        221:    17-Apr-1988
                Make small change to mouse interrupt routine
                Allow drag select with mouse
                Build Windows version with MSC version 5
                Enable toggle switching by clicking mouse on status display
		Enable window switching in split screen mode by clicking mouse
                on title bar or ruler line
                Make Windows mouse routines work exactly the same as
                DOS and OS/2 mouse routines
                Change Windows version to move About to File menu
                ^S() conditional set if select region is active
                Delete any existing context files when saving and no context 
                save is requested
                Make Delete and Rubout key delete select region if active and
                previous character if no select region
        222:    22-Apr-1988
                :EK<Key> command to execute the key given in <Key>
                Do not delete context files, but save new context if
                CONTEXT=CHECK and a context file exists
                Ensure that \ isn't needed at end of SEDT environment variable
                Allow line feeds to be inserted with :CH
                Look for Sedt's files first in current directory, then where
                the environment variable SEDTP points to and finally where
                the environment variable SEDT points to
                REMEMBER=ON option in SEDT.CNF or -o in command line makes
                Sedt load input file from last command when called without
                file argument
                Make backslash work on UK keyboards
                Enable compose key on LK250 keyboard
        223:     4-May-1988
                Convert to MSC V 5.1
                Convert to OS/2 V 1.10
                Make ATARI mouse handling consistent with DOS and OS/2
                Fix a number of problems with ATARI version
                Enable toggling of screen shift with mouse
                Fix problem with SEDT.REM reading on VMS
                Ensure that Sedt tried to write SEDT.REM and ruler files
                in SEDTP, then SEDT and then working directory
                Enable Num Lock in Windows version by default
                Enable null characters in command arguments
                Prvent selection with tiny mouse movements in Windows
                Only use extended INT16 functions when FIRMWARE=NEWINT16
                is set in SEDT.CNF. This allow Turbo Lightning and many
                strange clones to work better
        224:    16-May-1988
                Stop using DECID to enquire for terminal type and inquire
                for primary DA instead. VT52s will not be automatically 
                recognized any more
                Identify VT300 terminals correctly
                -wiXXYYHHWW to force Sedt to use a sub-window of the screen
                XX and YY is the top left corner in 0 based coordinates and
                HH and WW are the height and width in characters
                :CNA command to add value of number at cursor to counter
                Make OS/2 thread stacks 2048 bytes long
                Set priority of keyboard monitor thread
                SYSTEM=TANDY1400 for Tandy 1400 LT portables
        225:    26-May-1988
                Prevent mouse movement from crashing system after exiting Sedt
                Remember escape character when requesting terminal ID
                Make sure mouse thread doesn't hog CPU on OS/2
                Work around VMS formatting problem in :SAVK
                Try to fix wide screen problems on Rainbow
                Make Num Lock work propoerly on LK250 Windows version
        226:     3-Jun-1988
                Make :CNA and :CNG skip leading spaces and tabs
                Trap control Cs and terminate long operations when seen
        227:     6-Jun-1988
                Increase timeout loop counter for keyboard to avoind timeouts
                on 20MHZ 386 systems
                Make room in OS/2 data segment to spawn subprocesses
        228:     8-Jun-1988
                Make sure mouse clicks at the of a line leaves the cursor 
                Allow comments in SEDT.CNF with a ; at the beginning of the
                Fix a bad bug that corrupted internal database on DOS and 
                OS/2 versions
        229:    14-Jun-1988
                Fix problem with leading spaces in :CNA and :CNG
                Speed up DOS screen output
        230:    25-Jun-1988
                Automatic save of files enabled by AUTOSAVE option in SEDT.CNF
                        Automatic save of file on 200'th keystroke after buffer
                        is modified, with warning after 180 keystrokes. If
                        buffer is saved before the 200'th keystroke the buffer
                        isn't autosaved
                        t and w are integers. t specifies the number of
                        keystrokes allowed after a modification before an
                        autosave is executed. w is the number of keystrokes
                        before the autosave that the warning is displayed
                        Disables autosaves
                Make AUTOSAVE=ON and JOURNALING=OFF the default for editing
        231:    27-Jun-1988
                Get :CNG and :CNA to work properly again
                Ensure that a .BAK file is only created after the first
                autosave in order to ensure that the original file can be
                Several improvements to autosave
        232:     1-Jul-1988
                More improvements to autosave. Make quit revert properly
                Finish support for TANDY 1400 LT
                Make -j always turn journaling on
                -a to turn autosaves off
                Make max record size under VMS 32K
                :CK to checkpoint buffer manually
        233:    13-Jul-1988
                Make default journaling and no autosaves
                -j turns journaling off
                -a turns autosaves on
                Eliminate strange cursor movements on VMS when echoing

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