ST536 50mhz 030 with alt-ram booster by exxos

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The TF536 REV5 ST EDITION is a exxos port of the popular TF536 Amiga accelerator by Terriblefire which offers 50Mhz 030 CPU with 64MB fast-ram and IDE.

The firmware & hardware has been extensively revised to better suit the Atari ST range of computers. The PCB has been revised in various places to include more parts on the bottom so that they can be supplied preassembled. It's most prominent new feature is the on-board DUALTOS ROM where the decoding is built into the PLD. You can for example have TOS206 and EMUTOS in ROM without requiring a separate dual TOS board. There have been other tweaks for better compatibility with the Atari machines such as fixing the IDE port to use a standard cable.

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