030 DMA / DSP test

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Description: 030 DMA / DSP test
Version: ?
Resolutions: Medium / High / Low
Format: PRG
Language: English
Link: File:DMA2DSP.zip

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High Resolution

Medium Resolution

Low Resolution

This information consists of six files, one of which is this one README.GER file. The others are REALFFT.PRG, REALFFT.LOD, DMA2DSP.PRG and DMA2DSP.LOD. The .PRG files and the .LOD files of each (REALFFT and DMA2DSP) belong together in pairs and must be in same directory. Simply call up the .PRG file and this calls the .LOD if it is available in the current directory.

DMA2DSP is a program that puts zero bytes into the SSI port of the DSP sends. A DSP program receives the data and counts them all received data that is not null. All 4096 bytes received will be this number is communicated to the main program and in a bar chart Shown with vertical green lines in which the number is erroneous transmissions is represented by red at the bottom of the bar.

A problem-free computer becomes one that grows from left to right Show green screen, completely without red, until the screen is full. Then the run begins again. All incorrectly received values are counted and are displayed as a red vertical line with a length which is proportional to the number of errors, from the bottom of the Image displayed. If any error occurs, an additional the color of the screen border is red until the program completes a keystroke is terminated. The DMA transfer runs in handshake Mode.

REALFFT is a small entertainment program that shows you how the DSP calculates Fast Fourier Transforms in real time. Connect a microphone to the Falcon030 microphone input and take a look at the spectral analysis of your voice!