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Assemble compiler


Assemble 68xxx/CPU32 v01.00 68020 (c)1993-95 Brainstorm
 Usage: assemble [-<opt>,...] <filename>
where <opt> is:
 @<#>		\@ digits <number> (default: 3).
 b		Assemble to none (syntax check only).
 c		Labels are case significant (default).
 d		Output 8 caracters debug symbols (DRI).
 d=<exp>	Define equate.
 e		Output equates as symbols (default).
 i<path>	Include <pathname>.
 l<0|1|2|3>	Output program | Pure C object | DRI object | BSD object.
 m		Add macro expansion in listing.
 n		Use less memory.
 o[#]		Optimise [number].
 ow[#]		Warn on optimise [number].
 o=<name>	Set output name to <name>.
 p=<#>		Select processor <number>.
 r		Use system allocation.
 s		Add symbol table in listing.
 t<#>		Tab stop <number>.
 u		User instructions only.
 v		Verbose output.
 w		Display warnings.
 x		Output 22 caracters debug symbols.
 y		Output source level debug