Atari STFM/STE Mouse/Joystick Ports Problem

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Atari STFM/STE Mouse/Joystick Ports Problem.

The mouse and joysticks not responding properly is a problem seen often on the Atari STFM/STE. This could be due to quite a lot of things, but one of the most common is dry or bad connections.

This is more than likely due to the positioning of the ports themselves. How many times have you waggled the mouse/joystick connector in and out of the port - loads no doubt. Each time this is done the connection can become worse until they dont respond at all! Some people got around this by buying cable extenders.

Anyway, if you wish to try resoldering your joints, follow these instruction. Please note, I accept no responsibility and you under take this at your own risk!

1. Remove any disks and cables (if required) and turn the ST upside down.

2. Remove all screws with a square hole around them. (The circular holes hold the disk drive and don't need to be removed!)

3. Turn the ST the right way and remove the cover.

4. Carefully disconnect the keyboard from the ST by removing the cable from motherboard (just below the disk drive!)

5. Turn the keyboard upside down and remove ALL screws, even those under the plastic protection sheet.

6. Now carefully lift and turn over the bottom section of the keyboard revealing the insides. Some of the keyboard rubber pads may have come off - this is okay, just dont lose them!

7. Locate the joystick port solder points.

8. Re-solder, being careful NOT to solder any of the connections together. Use a volt-meter to confirm there are no connections

9. Carefully flip and place the bottom section on top of the top section.

10. Put 2-4 screws in either end and turn over to make sure no key are depressed due to the rubber pads being missing or in the wrong place.

11. Put the rest of the screws in and rebuild the ST.

12. Boot up the ST and check! :)

2004. insanity/baz

Magazine References

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